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Still time to register for our ATM Security Event next week!
Still time to register for our ATM Security Event next week!
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Dear Members,
There is still time to attend the next ATMIA Security Event, which will be staged on 12 & 13 June in London. Don't miss it! We have brilliant speakers coming from around the globe, giving unique insights into all aspects of ATM & Payments Security. You will pick up practical advice that will enable you to help thwart crime and reduce losses to criminals.
To register to attend, please contact Mary Lawrence at Don’t delay! This event is next week!
Moving on, there are threats to the ATM Industry - and the Public Interest - beyond the realm of criminal activity. Freedom to use cash, transparent economic interchange levels and ability to set Dynamic Currency Conversion pricing in a free market, are just three of the issues impacting our industry in which the ATMIA is heavily engaged currently.
With so much going on, I really need you to contribute to the European Advocacy Fund to support our 2018 efforts. Please click here to give generously NOW! If you don’t our advocacy work will be curtailed or have to cease altogether.
I am delighted to introduce BlockGuard Ltd to the European family of the ATMIA. You can read more about this new member in future issues of this Newsletter.
Finally, if you would like a story about your company to feature in an edition of our European newsletter, please send the material to myself at and Jo Ryan, my co-editor, at An ideal package is 250 words, plus either a photograph or logo (supplied as a separate .jpg or .png file), along with your website address.
More next month!
Best wishes,
Ron Delnevo, Executive Director, ATMIA Europe
+44 (0) 7973210154
Twitter: @Europe
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Consortium for Next Gen ATMs

In the 2017 member survey the future of ATMs was the number 1 issue for our members. The next gen ATM project managed by ATMIA is gathering steam and has completed 5 of its 10 step plan to implement a blueprint for a new API App model for ATMs of the future. Have you seen the architectural diagram? Are you part of this critical future-proofing exercise for the industry which is designed to keep ATMs even more relevant for the next generation of customers?
Please check out this video and then access the material to help you fill out an anonymous survey here by 30 June, so ATMIA can take into account your views on the future of ATMs.
Email Mike Lee at if you wish to join over 145 companies around the world in the Consortium for Next Gen ATMs – there is no fee for getting involved, it’s free!


Market Intelligence Library

The MIL contains some strong overviews of the payment and regulation landscapes in a number of different countries, including Finland, Slovakia and others. It includes recently issued articles and document on ATMs and payments, plus key items from the press.
The following links will take you to some listings of current interest:

      The Cash Repository

      The Cash Repository is your source for a wide range of current data and information about the global role of cash in society, from a variety of sources.
      Recent Articles & Resources:
      Find more resources including reports, articles, white papers, position papers, infographics, videos, links and presentations at

      ATM Tube

      Featuring videos about all things ATM. Be sure to check out the latest video on our ATM tube as well as upload your own company videos.


      The Universal Cash Deposits at UK ATMs - And Other Innovation Issues

      We at ATMIA always support more innovation in our industry. For example, in the UK currently we are asking all Card Issuing LINK Members to sign up for the Universal Cash Deposit Transaction. This wonderful yet practical innovation will allow cardholders with bank accounts to deposit cash at ANY enabled ATM in the UK, rather than having to search for a branch or ATM of their own bank. With only 8000 bank branches in the UK but 70,000 ATMs, this innovation makes perfect sense.
      For more on innovation at UK ATMs, please read Ron Delnevo’s article from a recent edition of Fintech Finance Magazine.

      Dynamic Currency Conversion at ATMs

      The European Commission has now announced new transparency proposals for DCC, along with proposing a cap on margins until further transparency is achieved. Full details can be read here
      The ATMIA will be heavily involved in this issue. Contact Ron Delnevo at if you would like to lend your support.

      On June 27, 2017, Ron Delnevo appeared on the BBC, both TV & radio 

      Watch the BBC interview, which includes significant coverage from ATM & Cash Innovation 2017 and a wide-ranging interview about ATM Innovation.  
      Ron Delnevo on BBC World News
      Ron Delnevo on BBC World News

      Supporting LINK in the UK

      Potential changes to LINK interchange are the big threat in 2018. If they are allowed to happen, it could be the beginning of the end for convenient ATM services - and access to cash - in the UK.
      LINK is now proposing a 20% arbitrary reduction in interchange payments over a 4 year period, starting on 1 July 2018. 
      This dramatic reduction in interchange, if implemented, would render many thousands of ATMs uneconomic. Many may well disappear completely. Others might switch to directly charging for cash withdrawals.
      The UK Treasury Select Committee, Which?, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Association of Convenience Stores and the ATMIA have ALL called for an Independent Inquiry into all the issues surrounding LINK.
      In May, the ATMIA hosted a meeting of retail organisations, consumer interest groups and charities, all of whom are against the arbitrary cuts in LINK interchange because of the potential impact on the UK ATM estate and convenient public and commercial access to cash. Which?, the Federation of Small Businesses and the Association of Convenience Stores were just three of the organisations which participated.
      In May the ATMIA hosted a meeting of retail organisations
      In May the ATMIA hosted a meeting of retail organisations 
      Also in May, Ron Delnevo, our European Executive Director appeared before the Scottish Affairs Committee, in the UK Parliament. Ron outlined the strong arguments for maintaining and improving ATM services in the UK, as bank branches disappear.
      Ron Delnevo Speaking to the Scottish Affairs Committee, in the UK Parliament
      Ron Delnevo Speaking to the Scottish Affairs Committee, in the UK Parliament

      Supporting Payment Choice in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

      We still await the decision of the Swedish Government as to how it will act to ensure convenient access to cash is improved, across the nation. It seems likely that off-branch cash deposit and recycling ATMs will be a big part of the solution.
      Denmark is also a country in which the ATMIA is taking a keen interest. The good news is that it remains obligatory for retailers to accept cash during normal opening hours. Long may this financially inclusive obligation continue!
      From Norway, some great news! The Yes To Cash movement, officially founded in 2016, is making great progress by urging members and their families and friends to support businesses which accept cash payments. Read more of this exciting development here.
      In Finland, some vested interests are trying to rush the country towards the choice-poor "cashless society" status. You can read more here. Also in Finland, attempts are being made to reintroduce “ disloyalty fees”, imposed when bank customers use non-bank ATMs. Since non-bank ATMs are serving the Finish public well and, in doing so, supporting Financial Inclusion, the ATMIA is working with Finish members to ensure such onerous fees are not reintroduced. You can read the ATMIA’s letter to the Finish Financial Services Authority here.
      The GREAT news is that the Finnish Financial Services Regulator has now agreed with the ATMIA and our members! You can read the full ruling by the Regulator here.
      Returning to Sweden, the ATMIA will be working with the pro cash movement throughout 2018. 
      Ron Delnevo appeared at the Nordic Finance Forum in Stockholm on 9 November. His presentation emphasised the need for Community Financial Services Hubs to be introduced in Sweden. These Hubs will incorporate SmartATMs, to allow the Deposit, Recycling and Withdrawal of both notes and coins. Such machines, situated in every Community, are vital to the smooth and convenient use of cash by citizens and businesses.
      Ron will be back in Sweden during 2018 to return again and again to this vital subject.
      If you are interested in this important subject, please contact Ron Delnevo at Ron will be delighted to welcome you to the Payment Choice 2020 Committee.
      Interesting reading on this topic:
      An article from ‘Security User Sverige’ on the fight to maintain cash, written by Anders Ellqvist, 15 March 2016. Also, an English translation of 'Cards on the Table', a hugely insightful pamphlet produced by supporters of cash and payment choice in Sweden.


      Brand Building Opportunity

      Sponsoring ATMIA's Europe newsletter can help your company build brand awareness, stay top of mind, increase customer loyalty and drive new sales.
      Member Rate = $500 for 1 Issue, or $1000 for 3 Issues
      Sponsorship includes:
      • Logo and website link in newsletter top box, right column
      • 500 word company backgrounder article with two photos placed in media library on ATMIA website for two years with distribution to global and regional members. If taking up 3 issue offer, same article can be shared via link in each of the following two newsletters.
      Email Erika Navarrete, Membership Manager, Europe and Emerging Markets at for more information.

          News From ATMIA Members Worldwide

          French Customers Voice Strong Support for ATMs Despite Rise of Cashless Payments and Mobile Banking

          Major consumer survey reveals ATMs annoy a quarter of French people and especially Millennials as outdated but 95% say they rely on and want new services on their ATMs.
          Auriga, a leading European software solutions supplier for the banking and payments industry, today revealed new research into the attitudes of French bank customers towards ATMs.

              Compass Plus announces the extension of TranzAxis to include comprehensive interchange functionality

              Nottingham, UK - 21 May 2018 - Compass Plus, an international provider of retail banking and electronic payments software to processors and financial institutions, has announced the implementation of interchange functionality as part of the many features of  its open development payments platform, TranzAxis.
              Instead of needing a separate module for the automation of interchange processes, TranzAxis now supports clearing and settlement with card schemes, dispute management and interchange fee calculations. The extended functionality of the payments platform also includes facilities for controlling the risks associated with interchange (such as suspicious transactions, etc.), the ability to charge various fees and commissions and extensive reporting capabilities, in addition to currency conversion. The introduction of interchange functionality within TranzAxis greatly reduces the time and cost of processing interchange fees between merchants and FIs as everything is on a single platform.
              TranzAxis is a payments platform that we are continuously developing and enhancing to support our customer requirements, those of the industry and those we see imperative to future-proofing payments systems,” said Anatoly Kaptsan, Chief Software Architect, Compass Plus. “By offering interchange capabilities within TranzAxis, we are demonstrating our commitment to our software development roadmap and to making the platform one of the most comprehensive and functionally-rich in the market.”  

                  Patronus Systems - Driving Change Through Innovation!

                  ReiseBank, one of Germany's premier ATM deployers, have chosen the Patronus Systems CSD-ARCIS solution to combat the ever-growing threat of ATM physical crime. Working with Anton Debatin, the approved Patronus partner for Germany, ReiseBank are leading the way in introducing the next level of ATM protection.
                  Want to know more about CSD-ARCIS? Visit or call our sales team on +44 (0)1372 371049
                  Remove the Prize, Remove the Crime


                  Member to Member Introductions

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                  Sign into your account on the ATMIA website home page. Then go to the Member Directory and search for new contacts by keyword, company type, country or region. Full contact and other pertinent information is displayed for each ATMIA member.
                  Simply click the Request Introduction button to email a personalised message with your contact information. Recipients will know that ATMIA sanctioned your outreach. Try it Now...
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                  Our European Member of the Month for June 2018 is SPC International.
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