The first Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses begin in February!
The first Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclasses begin in February!
Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Speaker, Author, Coach

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Dear Dolphins,
“I don’t care how many degrees you have on the wall, if you don’t know how to sell, you’re probably going to starve.””  —George Forman
Selling is Serving Because Somebody Needs Your Help!
The first step in sales is marketing. The second step is selling. You need both steps and they are completely different. Don't confuse the two. And don't leave either step out.
The distinction is this: marketing is getting the word out and sales is getting the money in. Many women have trouble with one or another or both of these steps, largely because it falls under the category of "tooting your own horn." And that makes women uncomfortable, because we don't want to be seen as arrogant or boastful, cocky or brazen. Society reinforces the idea that women who are too forward are unfeminine, and both men and women harbor these opinions.
But every dollar in your bank account is a testimonial from the people you helped. You believe your product or service really helps people, don't you? Don't lots of people thank you for it? Aren't they richer, happier, prettier, healthier, less tired, more productive, or otherwise better off because of it? Then it stands to reason that if you withhold it from people by not promoting it, not talking about it, then you are doing them a disservice!
Another reason we don't make sales calls is because we're not good at it. Who likes to do things they're not good at? It's much less threatening to write another blog post than call someone. It's much easier to post something on Facebook than to suggest you find a time to talk with one of your Facebook friends and get to know them better.
Instead of "Selling", Call it "Convincing" or "Persuading"
Everyone is in sales. When you convince your significant other to go with you to the movie you want to see, that’s a sale. When you convince your child to stay in school, that’s a sale. When you convince a friend to stop drinking, that’s a sale.
I’m reminded of a conversation I had one day with a boyfriend named Bobby.  I was trying to convince him to go with me to a movie.  Well, Bobby was a salesperson too, and all of a sudden noticed all the sales techniques I was using on him. 
He said, “Chellie, you are closing all the time and you don’t even know you’re doing it!” 
When I said, “Well, you know you want to see me,” he said, “That’s the Assumptive Close!”
I continued, “And we could either go see that romantic comedy or the spy movie” and he said, “That’s the Alternative of Choice Close!” 
I said, “We would have fun, get to laugh, eat popcorn, have some balance in our lives, and the only down side is taking some time away from work.”  “Benjamin Franklin Close!” Bobby hooted. 
“So what do you think?” I said, and stopped talking. Bobby didn’t say anything either.
After a long silence, Bobby said, “Final Close, and The Next One Who Speaks Loses.  I guess that’s me.” 
And so we went to the movies!
We’re all making sales every day. Use your powers of persuasion to convince others to contribute to your charity, organize political action, improve the schools in your community, or help you turn a hobby into a money-making home business. Help your company to make more money—and then convince the powers that be to give you a raise. The raise will not come automatically—you have to ask for it and show the reasons why you deserve it. It’s a sale.
You are a marvelous, creative human being and endless opportunities await you. Look for them. Then sell your way into them.

Could you use a little help with sales? Raising your prices? Closing the deal?
Would you like help making more money? And having more time off for fun, too?
One of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business is to take the Financial Stress Reduction® Teleclass. As the past owner of a bookkeeping service with 13 employees and half a million in sales for 12 years, I saw first-hand the problems people had with money. I invented the 8-week program in 1990 have been coaching people to achieve their financial dreams ever since.
Financial Stress Reduction® – an 8-week Teleclass Designed to Change Your Money and Change Your Life!

If you are ready to do the work to make your life extraordinary, if you would like stop worrying, love your money, and put the “fun” back in “funds” - join me in the next Financial Stress Reduction® teleclass!

You can learn how to:

  • Have Faith in Your Ability to Create a Consistent Income!
  • Develop the Formula to Make it Happen!
  • Overcome the Obstacles That Get In Your Way!
  • Live the Rich Life of Your Dreams Now and put the “Fun” back in “Funds”!

Here’s how it works: 
My teleclasses are very different from most – they aren’t about information, but transformation. Therefore:

  • I don’t have hundreds of people on the line – just 6-8 so everyone gets to share, ask questions, and receive personal attention
  • I don’t play a recording and just show up for questions during the last 15 minutes. Every minute of every session is delivered live by me personally.
  • Every participant gets private access to and personal coaching from me throughout the course.
  • You take the entire course and get all the materials with satisfaction guaranteed at the end of it or you get a complete refund.

Think about it - how could you lose?

The first Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses of 2018 start in February!

8 Mondays starting February 4 - March 26 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm PT

8 Wednesdays starting February 6 - March 28 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm PT

Early Bird Pricing - Limited time offer!
The investment in this class – and yourself! – is $3,500. Enroll by December 31st and get the special price of $2,997! Reserve your space today
Call me at 310-476-1622 and I will be delighted to find out more about you and your goals and answer any questions you have about this program. (I always have just the right people in my classes so I have no need to hard-sell anyone. My goal is to get acquainted and find out whether or not this course would benefit you.)
Join us today and be on the road to Financial & Personal Success Tomorrow!
You could get results like this:
“I had amazing results.”
"Chellie is the real deal.  I took her class a few years back and had amazing results.  My mindset and business improved drastically.  If you even have an inkling it’s time to work with Chellie, do it!  You’ll be happy you did!!”  JuliAnn Stitick, Speaker, Author, Personal Brand Strategist, 818-653-2101
“Thank you for the magic and miracles…”
“Chellie. there are not enough words to express my gratitude for what your course has done for me. You have transformed my life in so many ways with more peace and understanding around money. This peace and understanding has bought more harmony in my marriage and more business opportunities. The 'walls of lack and delay have finally come crumbling down' thanks to all those wonderful affirmations. I have finally given up on people pleasing because they are 'not my people!' Thank you for the magic and miracles you have bought to my life. Love you to bits xxooo”—Tanya Pluckrose, Customer Service Demystified,, 310-779-9277
“You will have completely transformed…”
Chellie Campbell's Financial Stress Reduction® Workshop is life-transforming. The workshop is not only about making more money -- it's about learning how to live your life in a way that will bring you more of everything you want. At the beginning of the workshop you tell Chellie what you want your life to look like and her role is to stand in that possibility for you at all times, so that whenever you are struggling she can remind you of what you want, show you how to get out of your own way, and help you return to a more empowered state of being. It really is such a privilege to work with someone at Chellie’s level of experience and expertise. At the very least you will be “better off financially” after the course, but at the very best you will have completely transformed your quality of life to where you can easily reach your life goals, make more money, and truly enjoy your time here swimming with dolphins!—Jaime Geffner, Online Video Producer,
“3 clients signed up for a total of $48,000…”
“Chellie’s affirmations are a magic wand for my business. I have found, over and over again, that when my money and client flow starts to slow down, it is precisely when I have let Chellie’s affirmations slip away from my morning routine. The great thing is that since they work quite magically, all I have to do bring them back in. In one instance, within eight days of bringing back Chellie’s affirmations, 3 clients signed up for a total of $48,000 worth of services. Thank you, thank you, thank you Chellie!”—Sakada,, 310-371-3789
“Right in the middle of the course, all of a sudden I started making an income that I could support myself on.”
“Before I attended Chellie’s course, I had a craft but no income.  Right in the middle of the course, all of a sudden I started making an income that I could support myself on.  It works like magic if you do the homework.  I still carry around my affirmations and read in her book every day.  As I read, I hear her voice reminding me of truths not things I formerly believed.  If you are financially stressed in any way, get yourself signed up for a delightful ride and a paradigm shifting experience.”—Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, Creator of the Diamond Healing Method, 310-692-4036,

Join our next fabulous group of people committed to living a rich life—inside and out. You can begin now to accomplish your goals in just 8 weeks. The course promises
results—not just information—many people have doubled and tripled their income in this workshop!
Business Opportunity:
Now you can become a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach!
I’ve been teaching this 8-week workshop for 27 years and I love every minute of it! Now I am licensing others to use my name, books, materials, systems and branding – it’s a complete business-in-a-box with everything you need to be successful. If you love teaching, helping others succeed, and would like to make a six-figure income doing it, this program is for you! Click here for more info!
*If you take the Financial Stress Reduction® telecourse and within one year decide to become a Certified Financial Stress Reduction® Coach, your entire course fee will be applied to the cost of the certification program.

Here’s to your fabulous success!

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