The Extension Administration Team continues to work with the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension System (CES) unit heads, e.g. County Extension Directors (CEDs), regarding weekly assessments and phase transition decisions based on public health data and an interpretation of the local conditions.
In this process, we are utilizing the following criteria for phase transition evaluation:
2.   Rt values using U.S. county resolution (if available):
3.  % positive PCR values in the county in question:
5.  CED assessment of social and behavioral conditions in the unit and county.
We are making some phase changes and an updated status of transition phases for all county Extension units can be reviewed at the following site:
To advance CES units forward in the organizational transition process, the complete and consistent compliance of all CES personnel utilizing best public health practices of social distancing, use of face covers, and frequent hand washing is critical.
We appreciate the good work of the CEDs and the cooperation of all CES personnel as we work together to manage this process. 

Jeffrey C. Silvertooth
Associate Dean 
Director for Extension and Economic Development
18 September 2020

“The Extension Parking Lot”

Arizona Cooperative Extension maintains regular lines of communication with unit leaders, including all County Extension Directors.  We’re collecting questions from all sources and those that do not have an immediate response or require further clarification or investigation are being documented to communicate.  We are placing this information in the “Extension Parking Lot” for access and review.

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