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Thursday, April 1, 2021

Dear students,

We are writing to you today as you have not yet signed up for your COVID-19 vaccine appointment at Duke. Duke wants to vaccinate students as soon as possible. Please sign up for a vaccine appointment by Monday, April 5.

We want to make sure you have the chance to receive your vaccine at Duke if you want it. This is time-sensitive, so please read the information below to find out how to sign up and get help if you need it. 

An email invitation to schedule your COVID-19 vaccine appointment was sent to your Duke email account on Monday, March 29. In case you missed it or just have not signed up yet, we are providing a few easy steps to register to receive your vaccine at Duke:
  1. Check your Duke email account for a message from Duke Employee Health and Wellness (EOHWCovidVac@duke.edu), subject line: “Duke COVID-19 Vaccine: Follow These Steps to Receive Your Vaccine.” If you have your Duke account forwarded to your Gmail or another account, triple-check your Promotions, Social, or spam/junk folders.
  2. If you happened to miss the email, don’t worry! Just visit https://sites.duke.edu/covid19/ to register to receive your vaccine. All students should use the link above; please do not try to sign up through the public Duke vaccine sites.
  3. If you are having trouble registering, please contact the Keep Learning team at keeplearning@duke.edu

We know many of you have already been vaccinated, whether through Duke or elsewhere. If you have already been vaccinated outside of Duke Health, please email a photo of your vaccination card—even if you’ve only received your first of two doses—to covidlabresults@duke.edu so your records can be updated accordingly.   

Regardless of your vaccine status, everyone must continue wearing a mask, maintain social distance, report your symptoms, report for your surveillance tests and wash hands often to keep yourself and our community safe.

Thank you for all you continue to do to keep yourselves and each other safe so we can finish out the semester strong.

Thank you, and go Duke.

John Vaughn, M.D.
Director of Student Health Services

Tommy Hessel
President, Duke Student Government

Jay Lusk
President, Graduate and Professional Student Government
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