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Leading HC attorney addresses telemedicine on MAG ‘Top Docs’ 
The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses telemedicine from some key legal perspectives, and it features Dan Huff, Esq., who is a partner at Huff, Powell & Bailey, LLC.  
Huff discusses…
– How telemedicine differs from a telephone call
– How a physician should establish a telemedicine relationship
– His advice for physicians who use telemedicine
– Telemedicine privacy and HIPAA concerns 
– Whether telemedicine decreases the need for documentation
– How physician/patient communications differ with telemedicine
– If physicians should use a disclaimer/patient’s consent when they use telemedicine
– Whether telemedicine is covered under one’s professional insurance policies
– Telemedicine’s legal risks, and how physicians can protect themselves
– Telemedicine litigation trends 
– Whether physicians should record their telemedicine sessions
Huff has defended high-damage lawsuits in Georgia for nearly 30 years, mostly involving medical malpractice and claims. He represents physicians, hospitals, and other medical professionals throughout Georgia – and he has defended his clients in more than 100 jury trials. Huff has made the ‘Georgia Super Lawyer’ and ‘Top 100 Lawyers in Georgia’ lists on a regular basis. Contact Huff at or 404.892.4022.
This is Huff’s fourth appearance on the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.
The MAG Insurance Agency sponsors the ‘Top Docs’ show. MAG and MedPro Group – the nation’s largest and highest-rated health care liability insurance carrier – offer an industry-leading medical malpractice solution for physicians in Georgia. Click here for details and to get a quote on a MedPro policy, keeping in mind that MAG members qualify for a MAG premium credit. Contact Ryan Larosa at with questions.
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