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During these uncertain times it is important to remember all the pets living in homes that are and will continue to be facing financial difficulties.  Our concern is that people facing this may not be able to afford to feed their pets and choose to owner surrender them thus overwhelming the shelter.
In order to help prevent this, we put out a plea to the community to donate food for distribution to people in need.  The response was swift and generous.  We have received over a thousand pounds of dog and cat food and have been distributing it to a very grateful public.
Our food drive continues and though we have plenty of cat food, our dog food stores have quickly diminished.  If you would like to donate food, you may order on line and have it sent to: 244 State Rd 65, Eastpoint Florida 32328 or drop it by the shelter at your convenience Thanks in advance!
Kitten season is upon us and we are trying to make room for the dozens we will be intaking in the next months.  To that end, we have reduced the adoption fee to only $50.00 for our purrfectly beautiful cats.  We have many under a year old and several that are a few years old.
With all of us spending so much time at home, this is the perfect time to adopt a kitty.  Pets help reduce stress and they provide great comfort during trying times.
If you are interested, please call 850-670-8417 to make an appointment.
It's not only kitten season, the puppies are rolling in as well.  These puppies were brought to us while mama was giving birth.  She had had 3 when she arrived and went on to deliver 6 more.  We were thankful she was brought to us as she needed assistance delivering them.  She's a young mother and didn't seem to understand what was going on or what she was supposed to do.
As cute as puppies are, we continue to have way too many litters born in this county.  Even though we provide low cost vouchers, people still don't spay and neuter their pets the way they should.  All we can do is  continue to educate and continue offering this service.
We have donation jars placed in many of our area businesses but due to covid-19 people aren't able to donate at this time.  If you would like to help in our efforts to decrease the numbers of unwanted pet pregnancies, please go to our web page: and donate.  Send a note that you would like your donation to go to our voucher program or put a check in the mail to: 244 hwy 65, Eastpoint, FL  32328 and make a notation that it is for the voucher program.  With your help, we can widdle away at the number of unwanted pets in our community.
Lil Girl was brought to us as a stray in November.  She had been running the streets of Carrabelle with another dog and had never experienced the gentle touch of a human hand.  Although basically feral, she did not have a mean bone in her body but was extremely fearful and pretty much shutdown.
Staff and volunteers spent a lot of time with her eventually coaxing her out of her shell  She learned to walk on a leash and to enjoy being gently stroked.  However, whenever anyone new would approach, she would crouch and hide in a corner.
One day a young lady came to the shelter looking to adopt a dog and she saw Lil Girl.  We invited her to go into her run and she sat quietly waiting for Lil Girl to approach.  Once she came forward we put a leash on her and she followed us into the office.  After sitting on the floor with her and petting her, she looked up and said "she needs me".  We couldn't have agreed more.
Lil girl is now home with her new family and thriving.  Certain things still scare her but she loves to go on walks and play fetch in the back yard.  She also has a new best friend who was adopted by the other person living in the home.  Life is good.
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