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A Newsletter on Scholarships and Resources 
Beyond Barriers, Hardship, and Borders
About twice a month the Undocumented Student Program will send you a newsletter. This week's newsletter focus is on scholarship and resources. Through the content of this newsletter, you will have an opportunity to learn about wellness and community resources. We will highlight some scholarships, COVID-19 resources specific to undocumented/immigrant community members, DACA renewal information and virtual programs available for students, staff, and faculty. We hope you enjoy the resources and that you can feel the resilience found within the immigrant community and that you stay connected to the campus and larger community. Please take a look at and share the following resources and encourage others to sign up for our newsletter.

You will find the information in this newsletter in the following order:

  • Resources Spotlight
  • Events and Programs (Students)
  • Events and Programs (Staff and Faculty)
  • Self-Care Practices
  • Financial Wellness and Scholarships
  • Food Security
  • Know Your Rights
  • Immigration Legal Aid
  • DACA Renewals
  • COVID-19 Resources Friendly for Undocumented Immigrants
  • Essential UMD Campus Resources

Please take a look at and share the following resources and encourage others to sign up for our newsletter.
Resources Spotlight  

COVID-19 Relief Funds Open to Undocumented Immigrants

UMD's Pass  / Fail Grading Policy

Due to increased risks of the COVID-19 pandemic, the undergraduate grading policy for the spring 2020 semester will implement the pass/fail policy. Any grade above an F will count as passing (P), furthermore, a P will not contribute to a student's GPA. For more information, click on the links below to fully understand the new policy as well as to prepare for online learning while at home

Online Contracting Opportunities are in High Demand


With the COVID-19 pandemic making it difficult for people to generate income, there has been a rise in freelancing and other online opportunities such as note-takers, translators, web designers, etc. Immigrants Rising has created a list of job opportunities as well as tips on how to gain revenue while at home. Visit their website for more information.  
Events and Programs 

Join some of the virtual events hosted by UMD, the larger DMV community, and across the Country! 

Events and Programs
(Staff and Faculty)

There are a lot of virtual opportunities and job openings coming up take a look at the flyers below and click on them for more information! 


We also recommend signing up for the following organization's newsletters to get information about webinars available to you for free to continue to learn about the issues affecting undocumented and immigrant students and the larger community. 
  •  Immigrants Rising-
  • UndocuBlack Network-
  • Informed Immigrant-
  • Presidents Alliance on Immigration and Higher Education-
Self-Care Practices 
During this time of transition, we hope that you and your community are well. We acknowledge that there are a lot of changes, anxiety, fear, and also community, love, and courage. We acknowledge that for undocumented immigrants and many people with marginalized identities this current reality may bring up additional or heightened trauma, triggers, fears, and uncertainty because discrimination and the lack of access to basic needs, family separation, and more was never normal, this is not the new normal. Communities want justice and the redistribution of wealth and access to basic resources. This is what they want. 
We also wanted to share the following resources in the hope that they provide opportunities for reflection and to engage in wellness. We acknowledge that we are all coping and moving daily in different ways. 
For more guidance on taking care of yourself and loved ones during this time take a look at Informed Immigrants website. 
Financial Wellness and Scholarships 
Opportunities to prepare for Fall 2020 and beyond! 
Given the current political climate, students find themselves in constant financial need. Many of our students have asked for support and opportunities to stay financially stable. Scholarships are one way to help. Please share the following scholarship lists with your network. We recommend that staff and faculty help students where possible with the application process. 

Scholarship Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

  • The Ted Rollins Eco Scholarship is open to business, marketing, sustainability or related field majors and is due on April 30. Learn more and apply for this scholarship here
  • The Hedding Law Student Scholarship is open to every field of study and is due on June 1. For more information click here.

Scholarship Opportunities for Graduate Students

  • Rizio Liberty Lipinsky Lawyer Scholarship: A $10,000 award for law graduate students. The scholarship is due in May, for more information click here
  • AORN Foundation Academic Scholarship: Awards range from $500-$2,500 in the field of nursing, the due date is  June 14. Learn more and apply for the scholarship here

Scholarships Opportunities for UMD Students
  •  The Alumni Association Scholarship is due on April 19 and is open for both undergraduate and graduate students. This scholarship awards $2,000, $1,000 per semester (Fall 2020 and Spring 2021). Learn more and apply for this scholarship here
  • The Smith School Scholarship is due on May 24. For more information visit their website.
  • Reilly Fellowship (School of Public Policy) is dedicated to students interested in public service, government involvement, or political leadership. Applications are due on May 10. For more info, contact Maria Lopez at

      For more scholarships, available at UMD visit our google spreadsheet 
Below find additional scholarships lists for undocumented students
Food Security 
UMD Campus Food Pantry
The Food Pantry Services are still available during COVID-19. For information on the hours and the latest updates on services visit
Emergency Meal Fund
If you find yourself skipping meals due to financial limitations or a limited housing situation, you can email the Undocumented Student Program coordinator to arrange an emergency meal card at
Know Your Rights
Regardless of your immigration status, everyone has constitutional rights!
In this current political climate, it is important that as a community we rise together. One way of doing that is by staying engaged and protecting yourself, your peers, family, and community by knowing your rights!
Note: The University of Maryland Police Department (UMPD) does not have a relationship with Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you see any ICE officials on/near campus, please contact UMPD at 301-405-3555.
You can download Know Your Rights cards here and you can also download the flyers below in case of an emergency. 
  Immigration Legal Aid 
UMD Spring 2020 Immigration Attorney Appointment Schedule
Appointments are available for graduate and undergraduate students virtually
10 AM - 1:45 PM on the following dates:

April 8, 2020

May 13, 2020

Make your free appointment as soon as you can! For more information check out the flyer below and the Graduate Student Legal Aid Office website.
        DACA Renewals
You can still renew your DACA and you should if it expires during this year.

Regardless of USCIS offices being closed during COVID-19, USCIS will still be processing DACA applications by using previous renewal application biometrics. If you need help in regards to information or need help paying for your renewal - $495, please click on the images below.   
 COVID-19 Undocumented/Immigrant Friendly Resources
"As an undocumented student, I think that it is important to recognize the resources that are available for me during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Informed Immigrants organization along with many others created a guide with resources and general information for our undocumented families to stay aware of what is happening in the State and in our University."  

To view the guide click on the link: 
Resources for Immigrants during the coronavirus crisis.

COVID-19 Relief Funds Open to Undocumented Immigrants

 Essential UMD 
Campus Resources
  • Students can view online versions of their textbooks during the Spring 2020 semester:  Access Free E-Books 
IT RESOURCES for students in need of access to the internet, laptop rentals, or specific software 
With the campus being closed and the State engaging in a stay at home order, there have been many changes implemented for internships.
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