Plus, Chemistry's King Retires, Documenting D.C. Protests and More
Plus, Chemistry's King Retires, Documenting D.C. Protests and More
Columbian College

June 2020

A Message From the Dean

In a message to the Columbian College community, Dean Paul Wahlbeck addressed recent racist incidents involving African Americans. “At Columbian College, we pledge not only to support everyone’s rights and freedom,” he writes, “but to listen, learn and try our best to understand the challenges before us, to foster honest conversations that bridge our divides and address deeply embedded biases.”
Tara Sinclair
COVID-19 has decimated the global economy. Is there a blueprint for restoring fiscal sanity? Economics’ Tara Sinclair discussed where the economy goes from here—and how to prepare for a new normal.
Michael Mann
Two CCAS projects are charting social distancing. Geography’s Michael Mann is constructing a distancing data map while Psychology’s Gabriela Rosenblau is linking COVID beliefs and behavior.
Illustration of books stacked on a shelf
A good book can offer insight, comfort or a welcome escape—never more so than in times of crisis. These CCAS faculty book recommendations have your reading needs covered.
Alumni Chris Kiple (l) and Chris Brooks signed the box for the first shipment of VOCSN ventilators from the Ventec Life Systems/GM facility in Kokomo, Ind.
CCAS alumni working at Ventec Life Systems are partnering with General Motors to produce ventilators amid the COVID pandemic. Inspired by company staffers who were personally affected by the virus, they are creating devices that improve everyday mobility for patients and caregivers.
Michael King in regalia
For nearly a half century, Chemistry’s Michael King—who retires this month—made his mark at GW. The beloved professor, college marshal and long-time department chair was also instrumental in the creation of Science & Engineering Hall.
Wood decay measurements
Biology’s Amy Zanne and a team of researchers are linking wood decomposition rates among fungi to a better understanding of the global carbon cycle and its effect on climate change.
Protestors raising fists in front of the Capitol building
Photojournalism master’s student Eric Lee is chronicling the Black Lives Matter movement against police brutality, capturing “raw, intimate and painful” images in the streets of D.C.
Richard Weitz and his daughter
Hollywood super-agent and CCAS alumnus Richard Weitz, BA ’91, turned his daughter’s virtual 17th birthday into the hottest pandemic party on the Internet—and raised more than $100,000 for charity. His quarantine Zoom concerts have featured stars like John Mayer and Rick Springfield.


Matt Eich (Arts & Design) published the book The Seven Cities.
J. Houston Miller (Chemistry) was awarded a grant for $501,785 from Mesa Photonics and the U.S. Department of Energy to record concentrations of greenhouse gases throughout the atmosphere.
Linda S. Miller, BA ’99 (History), MPP ’05, was appointed deputy executive director of the federal Pandemic Response Accountability Committee.

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