Plus, Faculty Look to Biden Goals, Bringing Ghosts Forests to Life and More
Plus, Faculty Look to Biden Goals, Bringing Ghosts Forests to Life and More
Columbian College

November 2020

Ghost Forest
Biology’s Keryn Gedan and her student researchers joined artists and scientists on Virginia’s Eastern Shore to draw attention to “ghost forests,” standing dead trees and stark indicators of climate change along the Chesapeake Bay.
Professors Gate
A $15 million gift from the estates of CCAS alumni Mary H. Shepard, BA ’64, and Josephine R. Shepard, BA ’65, topped the list of more than $22.5 million in philanthropic donations toward need-based student scholarships. The Shepard gift is the largest one-time alumni donation in GW’s history.
Canaanite palace archaeology site
CCAS physicists are leading an international research team that is expanding technological capabilities at a Virginia lab in an effort to explain how particles were formed in the microseconds after the Big Bang.
Anna Laurie Joseph Headshot
Student “vloggers,” including English and music major Anne Laurie Joseph (above), are sharing video blogs that offer snapshots of life on the physical campus and inside the virtual learning environment.
Mourning Unity gathering
From Zoom funerals to socially-distanced memorials, COVID-19 has transformed end-of-life rituals. In an NSF-funded study, Anthropology professors and students are examining the new ways we say goodbye.
Amy Zanne Headshot
A “safety net” of interlinked goals is needed to tackle nature’s alarming decline, warned Biology’s Amy Zanne (above) and international researchers gathered by the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity to address decade-long environmental targets that have fallen short.
Photo of Joe Biden
From battling COVID-19 to negotiating foreign affairs, the incoming Biden administration will face challenges and opportunities. GW experts including CCAS faculty discuss how U.S. policies will change in a Biden White House.
Paul Rucker headshot
Political science major Gaetano Pellicce Sebelen (right) realized a lifelong dream when he introduced Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader (left) at an online GW seminar. Sebelen is interning in the Dominican Senate.


Amy Heller, MFA ’12, (Photography), co-authored the book Lost and Found: Time, Tide & Treasures.
Nakeya Brown, MFA ’17, (Fine Arts) was featured in the Vogue article “How Photographer Nakeya Brown Celebrates Black Hair Care Through Her Work.” 
Oleg Kargaltsev (Physics) received a $72,788 grant from the NASA-Stennis Space Center to research the high gamma-ray energies of the Vela pulsar and x-rays from its pulsar wind nebula.
Weiqun Peng (Physics) received a $337,624 grant from the Hackensack Center for Discovery and Innovation to study differentiation among human T-cells. 
Junior Lucas Vining (Biology) won a $20,000 award in an innovation contest sponsored by the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber to fund his start-up company Ichosia Biotechnology. 

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