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October 9, 2018 - Weekly Coach Newsletter
October 9, 2018 - Weekly Coach Newsletter

Dear Coach,

Below we share how to apply to present at the NSDA National Conference, details on the State Educator of the Year award, and background on the district tournament series pilot options. Jump in! 

District Tournament Series Pilots 

Districts have the opportunity to pilot a new qualification system and/or a new set of internet usage rules in the 2018-2019 district tournament series.  
To learn more about the rationale for piloting alternative options and the pilot procedures that have been designed, please visit the Pilot District Qualification Manual and read an overview of the pilot process.
To learn more about new pilot internet usage rules in debate, Congress, and/or Extemp, please visit the High School Unified Manual and read the Pilot Internet Rules description.   
Final Round DVDs » Relive the magic! 2018 High School and Middle School National Tournament DVDs are available for purchase on the NSDA Store

Seeking State Educators of the Year

Nominations for the State Educator of the Year awards will be accepted from fellow educators, administrators, school board members, or parents. Each State Educator of the Year will be considered for the national award. Click here to learn more about requirements or to submit a nomination by October 29

Apply to Present at the 2019 NSDA National Conference

Hosted in Colorado Springs, the 2019 NSDA National Conference is an excellent networking opportunity for hundreds of coaches and educators from across the country! We will accept proposals from educators representing all facets of our community through November 2
Learn More

Hispanic Heritage Month Resources

National Hispanic Heritage Month ends Monday, October 15. If you haven't used our resources for the month at your practice or in your classroom, there's still time! 
Congress Bills » Your students can debate census reform, comprehensive immigration reform, eliminating Columbus Day, and seven other bills centered on issues impacting Hispanic communities. 
U.S. Extemp Practice Questions » What should the Democratic Party do to mobilize Hispanic voters this November? What should K-12 schools do to help English language learners excel? How should the United States deal with those seeking asylum from troubled Latin American nations? Your students can practice for their next Extemp round with these and more questions. Plus, if you have a Resource Package subscription, you can also access Advanced Extemp Questions and Resources for both IX and USX!  
Impromptu Prompts » Check out our collection of Impromptu Prompts, created in partnership with the Sam Donaldson Center for Communication Studies, which includes quotations, Latinx Literature, and more. 
While National Hispanic Heritage Month is ending, we hope you'll continue to incorporate these resources into your classroom throughout the year! 

ProTip: Transferring Schools

Did you know your NSDA login should follow you from school to school? Keep your same username, password, and point accumulations by simply having your account transferred to your new school! If you’re an Advisor, this also holds true for students transferring to your school or entering high school from middle school. If you need step by step instructions, they are available on our Account and Roster Management FAQ page!
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