🎥 "ANYBODY" Movie Premiere January 20
January 4, 2023
 Dramatic New Movie ANYBODY By Tennessee Film-makers Ricky Burchell and Brittany Goodwin Premieres January 20, Murfreesboro, TN
Murfreesboro, TN --  Ricky Burchell is the creative visionary behind an impressive catalog of independent films, music videos, major live events, and audio productions.  His production company, Ricky Burchell Studios, is a full-service production and creative entity based in Middle Tennessee with over 25 years of experience creating dynamic visuals and ad campaigns.  Burchell's move recent films include ONE MORE DREAM (2022), starring David Rand, Emma Duchesneau, and Sam Brooks), AM RADIO (2021), starring Omar Gooding, and Trap City starring Brandon T. Jackson, Clifton Powell, and Erica Pinkett.
Burchell has teamed up with actress, writer, and director Brittany Goodwin for a dramatic new film, ANYBODY.  ANYBODY is the gripping love story of  firefighter Luke Parker (Cody Keech), who dies while saving a family from a house fire.  His young widow Erin (Brittany Goodwin), falls into a downward spiral of alcoholism and depression. But when David (Keshawn Pettigrew), the teen Luke lost his life while saving, has a chance encounter with Erin and sees how the loss affects her, he hatches a plan to resurrect Luke for three days using a spell from his little sister's favorite comic book.
“I wrote this movie a few years ago for the Quibi platform, and they went out of business, so I put it on the shelf,"  Burchell says.  “But, I had a script I really liked and loved this story, so I rewrote the script for feature film and began pre-production.  Within about a month, we began filming. ANYBODY is one of the best films I’ve done from a cinematography standpoint.”

Burchell continues, “It was such an amazing opportunity to work with these local actors and actors from the Atlanta area – they are extremely talented.  Even though this is a small movie, it has a lot of heart.  I’m excited for people to see this movie.”  

Burchell and Goodwin will host the ANYBODY Movie Premiere on Friday, January 20 at 7:00pm.  The premiere and red carpet event will take place at the Premiere 6 Theatre, 810 NW Broad Street, Suite 200, Murfreesboro, TN 37129.  Purchase ANYBODY movie premiere tickets here.
Brittany Goodwin is an actor, director, and screenwriter known for If You're Gone (2019), a feature film based on Goodwin's best-selling novel of the same name. Brittany's credits include The Wedding Arrangement (2022), Cream of the Crop (2022), Most Wonderful Time (2021), A Jealous Friendship (2022), and Epic Games (Fortnite, Gears of War 3). 
Find out more about ANYBODY movie and Ricky Burchell Studios at RickyBurchellStudios.com.
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