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This is a story about Tate's Hell.  This dog is Tate and he has been through hell. Before you turn away, the ending of the story is miraculous so don't despair.
Tate showed up in a neighborhood and was noticed by a kind gentleman who tried to catch him but was unsuccessful.  The man fed Tate but couldn't get his hands on him so he came to us and we suggested asking Animal Control to set a trap.  A few days later the man came back, explained he was leaving town but had last seen the dog in front of the Sheriff's Dept.  We called the Sheriff's Dept and requested the next time they see the dog to call Animal Control.
The next day we received a phone call from a woman who was traveling up HWY 65 on her way back to New Orleans.  She called to report having seen a small dog in bad condition just sitting in the middle of the highway.  She and her husband stopped and tried to get him but he wouldn't allow it.  I told her we were aware of the situation and that we would call Animal Control to set a trap.
We went to the Sheriffs office to get a look at the dog and see if we could get a leash on him.  No luck, so the trap was set.  The dog was in the trap the next morning and taken to Animal Control.  We were in contact with Animal Control about the dog and were told when they first got Tate, he tried to bite.  We knew he was terrified and they agreed to bring him to our shelter the following Monday.  
Over the weekend we received several phone calls from the woman who had seen the dog.  She wanted an update.  We told her he had been trapped and would be coming to us that day and would be evaluated, vaccinated, tested and treated.  She said she wanted the dog and would drive back from New Orleans as soon as possible.  We advised her to wait until she had the full picture before jumping in the car.
When Tate arrived on Monday he was fearful but not a bit aggressive.  He allowed us to handle him, vaccinate, test, treat and bathe him, all without incident.  We called the couple from New Orleans and informed them of our findings.  Tate's front legs are deformed due to malnutrition, he has a severe case of mange and skin infection, he is heartworm positive, full of intestinal parasites and ear mites.  But the good news is....he is sweet!!
We sent pictures and his medical record to her so she could consult with her Veterinarian.  Her Vet assured her that although his conditions will take time to resolve, it's nothing that can't be taken care of.  This all took place on Monday. Today is Wednesday, only two days later, and Tate is on his way home.  His angel drove all the way from New Orleans to rescue this poor, neglected soul. Our hearts are full and a little bit of faith in human nature has been restored.
Below is a picture of Tate in the arms of his angel.

Gabe was found in Tate's Hell Forest by a couple from Michigan two weeks ago. They were camping in the forest when they found an emaciated hound wandering around their camp sight and began feeding him.  He was young and social and they just could not leave him there at the end of the trip so they took him to animal control and called us.
After his 5 day stray hold was up they requested that he be transferred to us because they wanted to adopt him.  Again, we suggested that they wait for a health report before driving down from Michigan to get the dog.  Gabe, just like Tate, is heartworm positive, full of intestinal parasites and ear mites and as you can see, rail thin.  We talked to the adopters, gave them a full report and suggested they consult with their Veterinarian before making a decision.
We received a phone call the next day telling us that they had met with their Vet and they did indeed want the dog.  We were told they would be driving down from Michigan to get him that weekend.  We were overjoyed!  How often do dogs in this condition find people willing to take on long term care AND drive hundreds of miles to do it?  Rarely and we had two in one week!
People often ask us how we can do our job.  Isn't it heartbreaking and sad and don't we get angry at the people who treat animals cruelly?  The answer to all of the above is YES!  But when good things happen, and they do almost every day, it makes the heartache worth it.  There are angels out there.  We met two of them last week.
Below is a picture of Gabe as he was about to leave for Michigan with his new mom and her sister.  Good luck sweet boy.  Have a wonderful life!

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