Bra Fitting Advice + Tips You Need to Know!
Bra Fitting Advice + Tips You Need to Know!
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National Underwear Day ... it's a real thing!
Yep, last week you may have missed celebrating "National Underwear Day" but I was interviewed by a local tv station on the importance of the right underwear. Watch my interview here!
So, it's time to talk bra fitting, tips and tricks!
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Let's Hear it for "Our Girls!"
Making sure you are wearing the proper fitting bra is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you!  Everyone should have a proper bra-fitting once a year.  Yes, our bodies are constantly changing and that means “the girls” are changing too! You can go to the major department stores lingerie department and they will usually have trained bra fitters that will help you discover your proper bra size.  
SOMA intimates is another great place I send most of my clients so you might check to see if there is one near you.  Remember, in a proper fitting bra “the girls” need to be their perkiest right smack in the middle between your shoulder and elbow.
  • Care Tips
    I recently read a great article on taking care of your bras in an issue of Spry Living written by a Cleveland Clinic expert and thought I would share some of the tips to boost the life span of your bra.

  • The general rule on washing your bras is after every two or three wears.

  • It is important to rotate your bras so that the cups and straps can “relax” between wearings and it allows them to retain their shape and elasticity. 

  • Fasten the strap before washing so it won’t get tangled or snag other clothes

  • Place the bra in a mesh laundry bag so it won’t get twisted around other clothes.

  • Use your washing machines most gentle cycle with the coolest water to prevent pilling and preserve elasticity

  • Lay your bra flat on a towel to dry, making sure the cups are positioned in their natural shape

  • Avoid the dryer at all cost.  The heat and vibration will ruin the fit and reduce your bra’s stretchy properties.

  • Store bras flat.  Rolling, twisting and putting one cup inside the other can permanently change the shape of the bra.
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