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Having worked in Nicaragua since 1992 and united in concern for the Nicaraguan people, Corner of Love, a global charity with respective boards of directors in numerous countries, wishes to communicate the following:  
The coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) is a pandemic that affects the entire world, including Central America and people living in Nicaragua and those who have been displaced due to the socio-political crisis and currently living in Costa Rica and other Central American countries must take steps to prepare for the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak in their community.  
Throughout the world, numerous governments are temporarily closing borders, banning flights from international destinations, and / or quarantining those with symptoms or connection to affected areas.  
The Nicaraguan government has ignored these recommendations and has called marches and other meetings in support of the FSLN's improper positions in the face of the crisis. This is dangerous for the Nicaraguan people and is contrary to the strong recommendations of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control to stop the spread of COVID-19.  
In the absence of correct measures by the Nicaraguan government, and mindful to those who died in the last 24 months due to the lack of medical attention caused by orders to not tend to injured opposition individuals, we hereby raise a collective voice of concern for the unprotected population from Nicaragua and vulnerable refugees in neighboring countries.  
We ask the world to refocus its eyes on the suffering nation of Nicaragua while alerting the citizens of Nicaragua to the real danger facing the country.  
We include at the end of this communication practical recommendations for Nicaraguans during these difficult times.  
March 17, 2020
Peñas Blancas, Costa Rica
Tanya Mroczek-Amador, CEO & Founder, Corner of Love, Washington DC
Nelson Amador, Director of Operations & Founder, Corner of Love, Maple Valley, WA 
Dr. Diane Bradley, Board President, Corner of Love, Kirkland, WA
Steve Smiley, Treasurer, Corner of Love, Colorado Springs, CO
Scott Holt, Secretary, Corner of Love, Brier, WA 
Dr. Nikkita Georges, Miami, FL
Dr. Robert Stoecker, Tacoma, WA
Dr. Sara Zagroba, Miami, FL
Dr. Michael Stutzman, DDS, Berlin, OH
Dr. Lindsay Stutzman, DDS, Berlin, OH
Dr. Lucrecia Mack, Former Minister of Health - Guatemala, Current Congresswoman, Guatemala City, GUATEMALA
Dr. Rian Fisher, Maple Valley, WA
Dr. Spenser Cammack DDS, Olympia, WA
Dr. Shaina Kelly, MD, Hamilton, BERMUDA
Dr. Kirby Lautman, MD, ENT, Federal Way, WA
Dr. Philip Hodge, DDS, Renton, WA  
Dr. Duane Anderson, Duvall, WA 
Dr. Alice Chen, DDS, Issaquah, WA
Dr. Paul Shepherd, OD, Optometric Physician, Enumclaw, WA
Dr. Valori Slane, MD, Emergency Medicine, Miami, FL, Kendall Regional Medical Center
Dr. Matthew Slane, DO, FACEP, Emergency Medicine, Miami, FL, Kendall Regional Hospital
Dr. Kurt Eby D.C.  Director, Seattle Neck and Back Pain Clinic, Kent, WA
Dr. Patricia Caudell, Associate Pathologist, Augusta, GA
Dr. Mario Carcamo, OD, Miami, FL
Dr. Gregory Gosch DDS, Marysville, WA
Dr. Joe Pizzimenti, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Michael Campbell, DDS, Kent, WA 
Dr. Elizabeth Mack, MD, MS, Charleston, SC
Dr. Peter S. Gunther, MD, South Burlington, VT
Paulette Thabault, DNP, ANP-BC, JD, FAANP,  Northfield, VT
Dr. Erin Marckel, MD, MS, PA, PA-C, Issaquah, WA
Dr. Ben Mendoza, MD, Hospitalist, Internal medicine, Denver, CO 
Dr. Alissa Diehl, MD, Wenatchee, WA
Matthew Hentzel, DPM, Ormond Beach, FL 
Kinga Olson, DNP, FNP-C, San José, CA
Dr. Virgilio Mongalo, DDS, Miami, FL
Dr. Richard Quinn, DDS, Renton, WA
Dr. Heather Varnell, MD, Denver, CO
Dr. Adriana R. Carcamo, OP, Miami, FL
Dr. Robert Hart, MD, Millersburg, OH
Crista Langston, ARNP, Snohomish, WA
Dr. Magda McKearin, MD, North Miami, FL
Dr. Benjamin Carcamo, MD, El Paso, TX
Dr. Gerardo Carcamo, MD, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Andrea R. Carcamo Pitsch, DO, Princeton, NJ

Dr. Peter Clothier, DO, Colorado Springs, CO
Dr. Chistopher Pitsch, DO, HMDC, Philadelphia, PA
Marcia Ellis, MSN, APRN, Monument, CO
Alma Hentzel, RN, Ormond Beach, FL 
Christa Sondag, RN, Pekin, Illinois
Wendy Brunner, RN, BSN, Everett, WA
Sheri Holt, RN, Brier, WA
Samuel Coffing, RN, Daytona Beach, FL
Janel Coffing, ARNP, Daytona Beach, FL
Janel King-Miller, BSN, RN. Millersburg, OH
Lindsay Mullen, BSN, RN, Fort Worth, TX
Lynelle Rief, RN, West Point, Nebraska
JoAnne Purvis, RN, Everett, WA
Stacie Fleming-Marler, RN, BSN, Renton, WA
Lauren Urie, RN, Boston, MA
Greta Levinson, RN, Seattle, WA 
Jill Byrd, RN, Renton, WA 
Mary Jo Sievers, BSN, RN, Phoenix, AZ
Madalyn Katz, RN, Dallas, TX
Melissa Hastings, RN, Wooster, OH
Susan Haggerty, Nurse, Dover, OH
Cindy Justus, RN, Pekin, IL
Cynthia Dorr-Harthan, Registered Pharmacist, Ayrshire, IA
Beverly Fair, Pharmacist, Columbus, OH
Shelby Smiley, BSN, RN, Palo Alto, CA
Haley Chirico, RN, Dallas, TX 
Dr. James Johnson, DDS, Enumclaw, WA
Every household is encouraged to prepare their home and families by taking these steps:  
1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
2. If available use hand sanitizer often.
3. Clean frequently touched surfaces and objects with disinfectant often.
4. Cough into your elbow (not your hand).
5. Avoid touching your face.
6. Avoid handshaking.
7. Identify high-risk individuals, such as elderly (over 60 years of age or with a history of diseases like diabetes or heart or lung diseases or immunocompromised persons)  who should limit exposure to the public.
8. Stay home if you do not feel well or if you are in a high risk group.
9. Have a supply of clean water and non-perishable foods.
10. Have a supply of your medications.
11. Access health information in the country you are taking refuge (if outside of Nicaragua) or the World Health Organization (WHO).
12. Avoid gatherings of more than 10 people.
13. Decline unnecessary travel by land, air, and sea
14. Limit close contact – keep a safe distance of at least 2 meters.
15. Creating a plan for possible school or business closures.
16. Voluntary self-quarantine in the event of no announcements or if appropriate precautions are not taken by Nicaraguan authorities.
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