It’s Not Too Late to Join the New Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses!
It’s Not Too Late to Join the New Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses!
Chellie Campbell, Financial Stress Reduction Speaker, Author, Coach

August 9, 2017                     News from Chellie Campbell                 080917

Dear Dolphins,
I’m starting my new Financial Stress Reduction teleclasses this week! It’s always so much fun to gather a new Team of Dolphins who want to explore new horizons, change their perspective, change their money, have more fun and challenge the “its” in their lives.
Teams are so important. We will form many during our journey on Planet Earth. One of my favorite stories from “The Wealthy Spirit” is about teams in “The Star Trek Experience”. (I blog these stories daily at along with additional notes. Click on the link and join us!)
219-August 7
The Star Trek Experience – from “The Wealthy Spirit”
“A snowflake is one of Nature’s most fragile things, but look what they can do if they stick together.”—Unknown
My friend, Beca Lewis, in her workshop, The Shift, told a story about Star Trek. She said that in this television series, every week a team of people on a space ship goes exploring. They know their mission: “To go where no one has gone before.” They know how they are going: “Boldly.” Every week, they encounter an “it.” This is something that appears to be a threat or at least a dangerous mystery.
But there is a difference in the behavior of the crew on Star Trek and most people. They have a solid team and support one another. No one ever says, “How did you make this happen, you idiot?” And no one ever says, “How did I make this happen? I’m such an idiot!”
There is only rational discussion of how to handle the threat. They engage in the process of looking for solutions instead of searching for someone to blame. The solutions are found each week by the group acting as a team, and the decisions are all based on a personal code of ethics and morality.
And no one ever says, “We better not explore any more. Remember what happened last week!”
I quite enjoyed this story. Maybe that’s what I like so much about the Star Trek series—the friendship and support of the team players. Whatever challenges they face each week, you know that they will stand and face them together. They are all dolphins.
Life is like a Star Trek mission. We are all exploring and we are all traveling with a team. We have a choice whether to be critical or supportive. What would you like to receive from your team? Be the first to give them that.
Today’s Affirmation: “I am courageous, strong, and victorious and so is my team!”
my niece Marissa, nephew Robert, and niece Lindsey at Edwards Air Force Base on Family Day
This photo is of my niece Marissa, nephew Robert, and niece Lindsey at Edwards Air Force Base on Family Day. We got to explore the Endeavor being built (my dad was an aerospace scientist who worked on the navigational systems).
What are the important teams in your life?
First of all, I think my family is like a Star Trek team, who gathered together from time and space to explore our universe "boldly" with the friendship and support of the other team members. We have encountered many "its" along the way, overcome challenges, celebrated victories, and expanded the team with new crew members through marriages and births. We cried together when some of our team like Mama Nell moved on to other realms of existence, and welcomed the wee ones just starting their voyage to the stars.
This is the team I was born into, and its influence is powerful in my life. Another team was the Skagway Street gang in Whittier where I grew up. Teams abounded as I explored my Universe: school teams, drama club, leadership, circles of friends, college, musical productions, jobs, companies, professional associations, networking groups, my Dolphin Club, workshop participants, affiliates, poker aficionados, my city, my state, my country, and this Earth.
But through all the teams that ebb and flow in my life, my original family team remains my rock and support, whose depths of love and shared experience can never be matched. 
Through time and space, the Starship Campbell voyages on.  
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