In the Wilderness
In the Wilderness
We are Still in the Wilderness
I am getting absolutely worn out by all of this Coronavirus stuff. I am tired of having my routine upended, having my existential dread dialed up to ten, losing my confidence in our country’s ability to effectively respond to crises, and I really miss Church with communion and a full choir. I feel like we were in such a good place when we had to start worshipping online. Lent was ramping up and, for once, I actually had a plan and did not have to resort to flying by the seat of my pants. We had a lot of newcomers, and our nursery was getting more populated on Sunday mornings. I was excited, and I loved living into our sacred season of Lent, and I could not wait for our joyous Easter services.
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It seems to be a strange statement, but it is very true.  Without silence, without rests (a musical term), what we think of as music becomes merely noise.  The silence, the rest, serves to highlight and accent the notes around it.  Silence gives structure to music.  In this time of isolation we should listen to the silence in music and in our lives and use it to mitigate the noise of daily life in order to find structure and peace.
Lynn H. Gardner,
Virtual Bible Study and Worship, Daily Office Continues, In-Person Services Resume in the Gathering Place!
Please join us on Sunday Mornings for Coffee and Bible study, Genesis now, at 9:30, followed by a worship service at 10:30.  Both offerings are via the Zoom app and the links are available on the homepage of the website.  Facebook LIVE offers the perfect platform for the Daily Office which is said at 9, 12, and 5 and can be accessed through Facebook or the webpage.
Finally, we are hosting in person worship at 5 o'clock on Sundays in the Gathering Place. There will be a few responsible steps that we are taking to ensure that everyone is safe. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer communion, there will be no singing, and we will not hand out prayer books or bulletins.  We are also requiring everyone to wear masks, and to maintain social distance with others of at least six feet. We are also going to record everyone that is present, so if anyone comes down with symptoms later we can let the rest of the group know. This sounds like a lot, but this is how we respect each other’s health and make sure our Church does not become an epicenter for the disease.

Archives Work, Your Help is Wanted!

On Friday mornings at 10, we gather in the Archives Room of the Parish House to review and organize the church's extensive history. We are wearing masks and practicing social distance, but continue to meet through this time of pandemic. Questions and comments may be directed to Sue Rosser, or 276-226-5530.  Please join us for this fun and interesting project.

Loaves and Fishes

David Cole and his small team of volunteers continues to serve free weekly to-go meals on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:15.  Meals are served from the Parish House parking lot and have averaged 90 to 100 per week, many thanks.

Give to the Church

Your donations are always accepted and put to good use.  Click here for details on giving.
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