Get Sizzling Summer Tips for Outdoor Adventures, Grilling, Crafts, and More
Get Sizzling Summer Tips for Outdoor Adventures, Grilling, Crafts, and More
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  June 2023  
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Toddler Teamwork
These kids are on a mission to climb up into the bed, and they don't give up despite the flaw in their master plan.
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Power of Pollinators
Did you know June is Pollinators Month? You'll "bee" more informed after watching this fascinating PBS video.
City of Hills Receives Grants From STC and Aureon

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STC and Aureon were happy to present checks to the City of Hills this morning through the Aureon Charity Grant. Funds will be used for the purchase and installation of a new bike rack and bike service station which be located at City Park. Pictured here are Scott Havel, STC General Manager; Kelley Schlitz, Hills City Administrator; and Todd Van Epps, Aureon Director of Shareholder and Public Relations.
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Guide to Adventure  
Guide to Adventure
It's a great month to enjoy the great outdoors. Get ready with this site's content on gear, hikes, trails, skills, and more.
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Garage Sale Pointers  
Garage Sale Pointers
If you're decluttering and want to sell your old stuff, check out these garage sale tips from Better Homes and Garden.
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Summer Crafts for Kids  
Summer Crafts for Kids
Discover lots of fun crafts that your children or grandchildren will love to make — all easy to do using low-cost supplies.
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4 Lemon Desserts
When life gives you lemons, make dessert — lemon cake, lemon cheesecake, lemon tart, and lemon cookies.
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8 Unique BBQ Ideas
No boring burgers here! Try Grilled Egg Shish Kabobs, Smoked Watermelon Steak, or Grilled BBQ Swineapple.
Picture Insect  
Picture Insect
Does it bug you not to know what insects are in your garden? Take a photo and this app will identify the mystery insect.
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Nobody's perfect. But AirBrush makes it easy to look that way by removing imperfections and enhancing your photos.
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Truist Long Game  
Truist Long Game
Work toward your savings goals while you learn and have fun. This app lets you play games for chances to win cash.
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Allium Garden Sculpture
Turn a foam golf ball, nails, and spray paint into a faux allium flower to add real beauty to your garden this year.
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Flip for Flip Flop Crafts
Flip flops can be so much more than footwear. Use them to create items including a wreath, banner, or coasters.
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