This month we celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month. 17% of RTSWS students are Hispanic. We’re thrilled to have them among our cohorts and they are eager to learn about ways to save and invest.
Researchers at the University of Notre Dame, in a study funded by the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE®), say Latinas have a huge appetite for financial education and a strong desire to save, and their savings could provide a critical safety net to America’s largest minority group.
Pictured left is Kay G an alumna of RTSWS and of Latina and Filipino heritage. She is rocking it in her world as we knew she would the first day we met her during one of our NYC field trips to the  SIFMA offices on Lower Broadway. RTSWS showed her that it's not just men who enter our profession. Click to to see and hear more of what Kay had to say on the field trip that day back in 2018, (when she was 15). Tell us you wouldn't want this talented, insightful young woman among your staff. 
Pictured below is Jennifer R, also of Hispanic background

According to The White House, Hispanic Prosperity InitiativeNational Hispanic Heritage Month was first established in 1968. In 1988, it was extended to an entire month, and we now celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15th to Oct. 15th every year.

Despite the many cultural, business and economic contributions of Hispanics in the U.S., they have a very low representation in finance. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Hispanics represent only 8.1% of people working in the

finance sector. 

RTSWS is proud to be offering our Latina students exposure to the financial services industry that breaks the stereotypes, financial tools to a more secure future, one on one college counseling, and the social capital to scholarships, internships and jobs in the M of STEM. 

Latina Finance Influencers

Several Latina finance bloggers and influencers are stepping up to the plate by
educating and serving their communities and openly discussing various areas of
financial wellness including budgeting, saving for emergencies, investing, wealth-building, 
credit cards, homeownership and so much more. 

Please share these with your co-workers, students and anyone else you think
would be intersted in following along. 

Here are just a few:


On Wednesday, September 29th, our first Student CEO from Midtown Henry Grady High School in Atlanta will be taking over the RTSWS Instagram account!
Be sure you are following @rtsws_ and check out a Day In The Life of an RTSWS Student.
We can't wait!
We encourage our current students and alumnae, as well as our corporate sponsors to utilize our Scholarship/Internship/Job Board to find new opportunities and source emerging talent.  
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