Dear Neighbors,
I write as the Council Member you voted in to help keep our police accountable and all of our residents safe. I write as your friend and neighbor. Like you, I'm experiencing a range of emotions on the heels of the Hennepin County Attorney’s decision to charge Minneapolis Police Officer Noor with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

I feel for Justine’s family. My sincere and heartfelt condolences go out to Don Damond, her beloved fiance and to Justine’s family and neighbors - from here to her home country of Australia. The tragic loss of her life has touched the people of our city in ways we could not have imagined or desired. Our only hope is that perhaps her family’s quest for justice has begun to be answered today.

I feel for the many that have come before Justine. Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, and many more across the nation. No amount of protests or public statements will ever make up for the pain, trauma, and tears. We have so much more to address.

I feel for Officer Noor and his family. I extend my hand to the East African community. Should anything of concern come up, please know you can call and count on me.

I'm committed to ending the painful officer involved shootings our communities have endured for decades. I want to work with you, our Mayor, our Chief of Police, our Council Members, and cities across the country to achieve the change we need. Let's dig deep, let's unpack, let's see what's working, what we can do better. Let's continue to fix what we have now, and dream about what can be possible. I would like to hear from you at our Public Safety Community Forum next week. 
As the Chair of the Public Safety and Emergency Management Committee one of my top priorities is ensuring that the committee is accessible and responsive to the community.
Join us to build what's needed,


Sign up for a paid 13 week training and get on the path to a good job with the Minneapolis Fire Department as an Emergency Medical Technician. The fire department seeks to reflect the communities that they serve- Indigenous people, people of color, and women are encouraged 
This group will serve as an advisory board to the City Council, Mayor and City Departments on City policies, practices, budget and other matters that it determines to be appropriate, related to addressing racism and racial inequities and promoting racial justice and racial equity in the City enterprise and in the City as a whole. It will also advise the Racial Equity Steering Committee on the creation and implementation of the Racial Equity Action Plan, and provide an annual evaluation report to the community on the City’s progress addressing racial inequities and closing racial disparities. 
Deadline to apply is March 30th.

The City has been awarded grant funding from the Minnesota Historical Society to complete a study on the history of music in Minneapolis. The project will identify the places that have defined Minneapolis music. The City needs your help! We know that there are lots of places that we have not yet identified.

Since the 2016 presidential elections, the Twin Cities based City as Commons group has been meeting to discuss, learn and find out more about municipalism, a form of political organization gaining popularity around the world, based on assemblies of neighborhoods, practicing direct democracy, as an alternative to the centralized state. A goal of the group has been to develop collaboration among academics, activists, and artists interested in urban governance and social reproduction in the Twin Cities and to put them in conversation with colleagues across North America, Europe, and South America who are studying, and/or experimenting with, municipalist forms of governance.

In a two day series of talks, panel discussions and workshops, learn more from local artists, academics, activists, and thinkers, along with three international and rural activists and scholars whose work has explored these issues.
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Alondra Cano represents the Ninth Ward on the Minneapolis City Council. The Ninth Ward consists of the Central, Corcoran, East Phillips, Midtown Phillips, and Powderhorn Park neighborhoods along with a sliver of Longfellow. Our diverse and vibrant communities boast beautiful parks, a number of thriving small business corridors, the Midtown Exchange, world class hospitals, and an informed and engaged community of changemakers, artists, and activists.
Join more than 30 local nonprofits and businesses in an  effort to extend the Midtown Greenway over the river and through Saint Paul.

The meeting agenda will include outlining the goals and upcoming projects, and announcing a crowd-funding campaign to fund the effort.

The first big project will be to raise funds to do a new engineering study of the railroad bridge, to see how much it would cost to rehab it for bicycle and pedestrian use.

This meeting is free and open to the public, but please sign up using eventbrite.

Thursday, April 5
6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Anne Sullivan School, 3100 East 28th Street
Cultivating Community Wellness
Join The Alliance to think about the following questions: What does it look like to actualize equity in our neighborhoods and the Twin Cities region? In policy, in the workplace, and in our everyday lives? How can we cultivate wellness for our community and every one of our neighbors?

Hear from the group on:
- Work you’re doing right now! (Where do you need support? How can we celebrate your success?)
- Work that needs to begin now.
- Policy change you’d like to see.
- Your vision for a truly equitable Twin Cities community! 
After this open space conversation, we will choose 5-10 topics to explore more deeply in a series of events throughout 2018.
Tuesday, March 27 
11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Franklin Library
The Twin Cities Transit Riders Union is proud to announce a forum addressing the State of Transit. Come learn and discuss service frequency, transit infrastructure, future transit projects, policing, and fare policy.

Wednesday, March 28 
6:00 p.m. to  8:00 p.m.
CTUL, 3715 Chicago Ave. S.
Learn effective communication skills that support parents in talking with their children about various sexuality topics. Parents learn typical stages of sexual development for children and adolescents, also gain strategies for navigating challenging conversations with youth.
Thursday, March 29 
6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Longfellow Alternative High School, 3017 East 31st Street
The City of Minneapolis is hiring for multiple positions including a Senior Advisor on Human Trafficking. 
Take Action MN is hiring for several positions.
The Central Neighborhood (CANDO) is hiring an Organizer and an Administrator.
Call (612) 673-2209
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