New FAQ posted; the situation is still developing.
New FAQ posted; the situation is still developing.
Duke Graduate School
Dear graduate students,
I am writing to share more information about this week's new Immigration and Customs Enforcement policies affecting international students' ability to take online courses this fall.
The university has posted a new set of FAQs on the matter. The FAQs reflect Duke's understanding of the current situation, but that situation is still developing. There are multiple lawsuits challenging the implementation of the new policies, and DukeĀ is planning to join amicus (friend of the court) briefs in support of those lawsuits while also continuing its own advocacy efforts on behalf of international students.
As the situation changes, the FAQs will be updated, so please keep checking that page, and we will also email you if and when there is significant new guidance. If you have questions not addressed by the FAQs, please contact Our team will try to answer your questions to the best of our ability based on the information we have.
Take care, and please know that Duke is continuing to fight for our international students.
Paula D. McClain, Ph.D.
Dean of The Graduate School
Vice Provost for Graduate Education

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