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Woodinville High School | Care - Respect - Leadership

"One Falcon, One Family"

Public School Volunteer Week!
Many thanks to Woodinville's 
outstanding volunteers!
Woodinville High School is incredibly fortunate to have so many parents, guardians, and community volunteers who are making a difference in the lives of our students. Every day, their volunteerism contributes to the success of our Learning Community through their support of a wide variety of classes, activities, and events.

This week, April 17 – 21, is Public School Volunteer Week and we are honored to recognize and thank each and every volunteer, named and unnamed, who has generously given their time, creativity, and energy in support of our kids! 

A shout out to some of this year’s amazing volunteers!
Our wonderful PTSA continued to go above and beyond this year providing valuable opportunities and services both inside and outside of the classroom:

Our PTSA Executive Board: Co-Presidents Francine Sullivan and Shannon Dias, Co-Vice Presidents Candace Wenzel and Kim Norris, Treasurer Beth Grothen, and Secretary Amy Flinn and the Board of Directors/Committee Chairs: Debi Niemi and Lynn Smith (Emergency Prep), Kim Norris (Grants), Kelly Gentry and Anne Alecci (Hospitality), Amy Cast (Legislative), Austina DeBonte (HiCap), Krista Hines (Membership), Denise Need (Special Education), Kelly Locke (NSD Foundation), Jasmine Lee (Reflections), Amber Wendover (Scholarships), Seana Kromann and Theresa Shabro (Staff Appreciation), Audrey Kozel (Volunteer Coordinator and Communications), Amy Cast (Students Directory) and Allison Torgesen and Rob Larson (Website), deserve our praise and thanks for serving countless hours, providing outstanding support of our students and staff, and for keeping our PTSA invigorated with new ideas, while continuing to celebrate Falcon traditions we all enjoy. Thanks to all those named and unnamed who provided fabulous staff appreciation treats and lunches, as well! Our staff has felt valued and thanked! 

Main Office/Counseling Office:
  • Thank you to our wonderful Copy Brigade volunteers. All the staff at WHS truly appreciate the invaluable services you have provided through our in-house printing program! This includes the countless copies made and laminating projects supported, as well as organizing our Main Office Work Room and providing office support to numerous other projects. These ladies are amazing and we appreciate all of them greatly! Thank you to Stephanie Hennessy, Lynn Smith, Breane Brix, Karen Griffith, Jennifer Samdal, Wendy Armour, and Mark Davis!
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH to Lynn Smith, Debi Niemi, and Stephanie Hennessy who spent several hours and days organizing and preparing all the registration packets for next year! This would not have been able to happen without all of your wonderful help! 😊
    ~ Counseling Office
WHS Computer Science Program:
  • Rick Len has been an invaluable volunteer in Intro to Computer Science for many years. He brings his real-world industry experience into the classroom to help students write code. They know that the advice he gives draws from decades of lived experience. We want to express our sincere gratitude for all the hours Rick has spent squashing bugs in the 221 computer lab.
    ~ Paul Mulvaney
  • Mary Templeman-Smith is an outstanding volunteer in our classroom! She comes in once or twice a week to work with students individually or in groups on a variety of invaluable skills. Mary is a speech language pathologist and supports students in reaching their communication goals, often through fun and engaging learning experiences like games! When not working with students, Mary helps prepare materials and projects, cleans around the classroom, and has even baked cookies! There is not much she doesn't do. Mary is absolutely amazing!
    ~ Katherine Smith
Speech and Debate Team:
  • The Speech and Debate Club would not be able to exist and compete without the help of parent, staff, and student volunteers. For each tournament, we are expected to bring judges to tournaments, and if we don't have enough judges to cover our entries, we cannot compete. The volunteers that helped us this season gave up hours of their time on weekends to help us, and for that they deserve to be recognized. Thank you to everyone who helped judge this season!
    1. Diana Gerrish
    2. Abbas Kazmi
    3. Thomas Monahan
    4. Ming Xuan
    5. Tamara Kelly
    6. Anant Deval
    7. Rick Miller
    8. Arman Abdollmohammadi
    9. Shannon Buck
    10. Wesley Gerrish
    11. David Miller
    12. Christopher Obert
    13. Joel Wong
    14. Allan Xuan
    15. Apurva Chandra
    16. Noah Davidson
    17. Maddie Donahue
    18. Sanjay Gupta
    19. Gururajan Prabhu
    20. Tae Han
    21. Shann Kim
    22. Myla Munson
    23. Stefan Lande
    24. Hayden Reblitz
    25. Wes Ruemping
    26. Mrdula Yelamanchi
    27. Hyuna Hoo
    28. Vipul Kohli
    29. Dione Garcia

    ~ Aneet Bains
  • Troy Landrum, Program Manager for KUOW's Radioactive Youth Radio
  • Rhea Beecher, Students Producer
    Troy and Rhea engaged my sophomores in a Story-telling workshop! Troy is charismatic, inclusive, knowledgeable and so much fun!
    ~ Christine Traxler
  • Wingspan, Yearbook, would like to share an extra thank you to the following photographers who graciously donated "volunteered" pictures to us for the 2023 Yearbook.
    o   Adam Lu
    o   Krystie Pilukas
    o   Katharina Bomers-Muller
    o   Carol Blaydon
    o   Janet Philip
    o   Rebecca Haefele
    o   Mark Hatlen
    o   Collene Colley
    o   Mark Myers
    o   Lynn Smith
    o   Randy Krause
    o   Allison Torgeson
    o   David and Diana Suzuki
    o   Aaron Smith

    ~ Sharon Alder and the Wingspan Staff (Yearbook)
Katy, Heidi, and Dione are so thankful for their library volunteers.
  • Sunaina Bahadur: We are grateful to Sunaina Bahadur for all the help with inventory, organization, and display making. Thank you, Sunaina
  • Connie Glass: We are grateful for all the help Connie Glass has given us! Connie has shelved thousands of books, inventoried thousands more, checked out hundreds of computers, and given us a million reasons to be grateful. Thank you, Connie!
  • Dale Hedden: Dale Hedden continues to help us organize and curate resources, including new book lists and resources for Classroom Connections. We're grateful for his help and expertise! Thank you, Dale!
  • Helga Langdon: We’re so thankful to Helga Langdon for shelf-reading, shelving, and repairing our books. Helga, your dedication to schools and the library is amazing. Thank you, Helga!
  • Stephanie Penoyer: Our library displays would not be nearly as cool without the expertise of Stephanie Penoyer, who helps us with design and construction. We're grateful to Stephanie for sharing her talents with us. Thank you, Stephanie.
    ~ Dione Garcia, Heidi Lundberg and Katy Pietraszak
Performing Arts Department:
  • DRAMA BOOSTER BOARD - fundraises, runs concessions and ticketing at our productions, helps with events and set building, and generally makes our department run.
    President - Jenny Webb
    Vice President - Laura Gillespie
    Secretary - Angela D'Ambrosio
    Treasurer - Courtney English-Neubauer
    Communications and Volunteers – Kathi Nicholas
    Fundraising - Kate Gutierrez
    Concessions - Bob Geise
    Meal planning - Kathy Nitsche
    Candy Grams - Mickey Bachler
    Webmasters - Dean Katsaros and Jeny De Figueiredo
    Greg Penoyer and the entire Gutierrez family who helps us build our sets!

    ~ Josh Butchart
World Language:
  • Roger Smith (Simon & Dakota's dad): He had a cooking class for Japanese 300 & AP class students. He provided an excellent class using his deep knowledge about Japanese cuisine.
    Rich Schlifer, April Savage, Kristina Hyde, Rebecca Elbaum, Tomoko O'Brien, and Naoko Lee - They did excellent job on the Bunkasai, Japaense Cultural Festival, in November. Some were the judges for the cosplay contest, and some were volunteers at the Kimono booth to assist putting on Kimono.
    ~ Mizue Sunahara and the Japanese Class
Emergency Cert:
  • Susanna Trimarco, Public Outreach and Education Coordinator, King County Office of Emergency Management - Susanna talks to the class about emergency preparedness procedures and supplies. She even hands out "goodie" bags that students can take home with them.
  • Mike Lasecki, Senior Resource Specialist, Forest Stewardship, King Conservation District - Michael teaches students about the Firewise program which involves fire prevention and safety during wildfires.
  • Tom Petersen, E-Prep TOSA, Safety and Security Team, Northshore School District - Tom teaches students the ACT program so they can help someone having an overdose, a cardiac arrest, or severe bleeding.
  • Lieutenant David Weed, Station 33, Eastside Fire and Rescue - Lt. Weed and his team have the students practice active fire suppression and search and rescue skills. They also support the course during our final Disaster Simulation.
  • Laurell Sprague, ACT Coordinator, South County Fire - Laurell demonstrates and instructs students in the art of moulage (fake wounds) so they can use the skill in our end of semester drills.
    ~ Danna Kapacinskas
Falcon Athletic Booster Club
  • Julie Soedel has continued to support our athletic programs through difficult times. She has almost single-handedly kept our Falcon Athletics Booster Club (FAB) afloat after struggling through the COVID years. Julie enthusiastically continues to recruit new volunteers and promote the club to in-coming families, while working towards building much needed fundraisers. Julie's main purpose in all of this is to ensure that FAB scholarships continue to be properly funded. She is truly driven by a selfless desire to support our student-athletes. Volunteers like Julie make our programs better and our connection to the community stronger. Thank you, Julie, for all your hard work.
    ~ Kurt Melton
  • Our volunteers play a key role in supporting our football program!  We are incredibly thankful for all the time and energy that all of our volunteers put in to help make our program to be the best it can be!  Thank You & Go Falcons!
    FGIC Board Members & Committees

    President - Michael Calozza
    Vice President - David Ratliff
    Treasurer - Dee Krivoshein
    Secretary - Kariann Bowles
    At Large Executive Member (Game Day Operations) - Jim Wenzel
    At Large Executive Member (Fundraising Ads/Sponsorship) - Steve Sanders
    At Large Executive Member (Events) - Dan Angellar
    At Large Executive Member (Support) - Alika Dias
    At Large Executive Member - Kristen Simpson
    FAB Rep - Class Reps
    EWU Coordinator - Michael Calozza
    Practice Packs - Kariann Bowles
    FanFund Fundraiser - Steve Sanders
    Live Stream, Video - Rob Larson
    Echo Sideline Video Replay - Steve Armstrong

    Offseason Coordinator - David Ratliff
    Risk, Compliance & Audit - David Ratliff
    Auction & Procurement, FunRaiser Chair, Sponsor & Ad Sales - Kelsey Henry
    Corporate Matching Coordinator - Dee Krivoshien
    Senior Class Rep - Krystie Pilukas
    Junior Class Rep - Margaret Rudin
    Sophomore Class Rep - Naomi Thompson
    Freshman Class Rep - Katie Morris
    Social Media - Michelle Verner / Rob Larson
    Webmaster - Michelle Verner / Rob Larson
    O365 Support - Michelle Verner
    Graphic Design - Beth Roberts
    Photography - Krystie Pilukas
    Chains Coordinator - Jim Wenzel
    Scoreboard Coordinator - Jim Wenzel
    Team Dinner Coordinator - Meg Krah
    Wayne Maxwell
  • Jeff SchrammHelps within booster club. Helped run parent meeting, field set-up (hanging signs, sound system, scoreboard) and anything else we need taken care of.
  • Jen Woodside - Helps within booster club and also helped with parent meeting, logistics of varsity travel to Wenatchee, program pictures, media guide, little league camp anything and everything that happens during the season.
  • Steve Woodside - Running the scoreboard during varsity games.
  • Tony Owens - Announcing varsity games.
  • Tyler and Stephanie Hennessy - Helps organize concessions along with inventory for concessions. Also ran the website.
  • Alika and Shannon Dias- Help organize banquet and Little League night. Also help with anything else that pops up.
  • Dan and Vicki Angellar- Fundraising and anything else that pops up with program needs.
  • Kyle Krekow - Helped organize little league night.
    Rob Larson - Pictures and videos along with running team twitter
  • Elana Miller - Fundraising
  • Candace Wenzel - Fundraising
  • Kari Lowe - Fundraisin
  • Jeannette Baerwald - Fundraising, and keeping JV book
    ~ Alan Dillman
Women’s Basketball:
  • Assistant coach Melissa Gilkey Benton - She graduated from Woodinville in 2011. She later became a D3 All-American at Washington University in St. Louis. She has now returned to Woodinville and is working for Amazon.   She has been a volunteer assistant coach for us the past two years. She has been incredible with her commitment and impact with the girls on our team. She lives in Woodinville with her husband Tim and daughter Harper.
  • Joleen Eggers - Joleen has been our booster club president and has been an amazing bridge for what we do as coaches with our parents and community. She is in her first year as booster club president. She lives here in Woodinville with husband Jeremy and daughters Jaela, Jaecy, and Jaemie. She has spent countless hours doing everything from helping us order new uniforms to planning the logistics for out of town tournaments.
  • Tushar Agarwal - He took amazing pictures of our girls team all year long and allowed us to freely use and distribute them.
  • Chris Ruff – He filmed every one of our basketball games and helped manage our HUDL account.
    ~ Scott Bullock
Men’s Basketball:
  • Jack Snedaker gave selflessly of his time and expertise in helping keep track of stats, edit film, and prepare game plans. He took an active interest in our student-athletes caring for each of them as individuals and assisting in their formation as students, athletes, and young adults.
    ~ Mike Kelly
  • All WHS Fastpitch parents that have helped with team dinners, field clean up, score keeping, little league events, seniors items and many hours of your time. Woodinville fastpitch is so lucky to have such willing helpers for all of the tasks at hand. Thank you!
  • Karen and Ryan Wilkerson - FAB softball representatives. Helps book team photographer, set up team store, getting visors for all the athletes, and manage off season fundraisers. There is so much more that they so for WHS to keep things running smoothly.  Thank you!
    ~ Kathyn Hatlan
  • A huge thanks to the following volleyball booster club members who put in a tremendous amount of hours this past year to help serve, support and promote the volleyball program this past year: Shawn Graves-MacLeod, Lynn Smith, Carol Blayden, Carrie Binek and the rest of the team parents who organized team bonding experiences.
    ~ Jessika Burrow
Girls Tennis:
  • Grant Sundstrom has been a team manager for 3 years. He helps train the girls on the courts and he has a positive impact on the team. He is very supportive and motivates the team at practices and matches. He does everything he can to make the girls tennis team a success. We are lucky to have him as our awesome team manager.
    ~ Betty Hummer
The foundation set for our students by the selfless actions of our Learning Community volunteers will bring them lifelong rewards. It is a marvel for them see the generosity, Falcon spirit, and remarkable example set for them by our volunteers throughout the school year.

Every moment does make a difference! Again, we extend a tremendous thanks to all of our volunteers. It is a pleasure to celebrate those who have offered their time, encouragement, and meaningful interactions with our students.
Go Falcons!
Kurt Criscione, Richard Brown, Madeline Mason and Ron Taylor
WHS Administrative Team

Theatre Tickets - Spring Play: Rumors
WHS Spring Play: Rumors,
 April 26-29, 7:00p

Woodinville High School Theatre Company presents Rumors - A Comedy by playwright Neil Simon! Rumors is a side-splitting farce! To quote the playwright himself, “This play has no socially redeeming qualities, but you will laugh the whole way through!” Rumors is set in a large, tastefully appointed townhouse, where a group of four affluent couples have all been invited to the 10th wedding anniversary dinner party for the Deputy Mayor of New York, Charley Brock, and his wife Myra. Upon arrival, the first guests discover the hostess is missing, the servants have vanished, and the host has shot himself through the earlobe. Though it is only a flesh wound, the self-inflicted injury sets off a series of comic complications as the guests try to conceal the truth of the events from each other, the local police, and the media. As the confusion and miscommunications mount, the evening spins off into classic farcical hilarity.  

Due to its adult content (prolific adult language and innuendo), this show is not recommended for audiences under 14 years old, or playgoers who are sensitive to swearing. See the press release for further details!

Performances are April 26-29, 7:00p at the Woodinville High School Theatre.

Ticket Sales

Reserved seating only! Tickets are available for purchase first come, first serve starting Monday, April 3:
  • Online through GOFan: (Processing fee per ticket is $1.45)
  • In person at the WHS Main or Cashier's Office (no processing fee, M-F, 7:50a-3:50p)
Ticket prices are as follows*:
  • General Admission $15
  • Students w/ASB $12
  • Seniors 65+ $12
*In order to receive a qualified fee waiver for spring play tickets, the ticket(s) must be purchased through the InTouch Point of Sale system at the WHS Main or Cashier's office. (Student free, immediate family member(s) 50% discount.) 

Other Details
  • Online GOFan ticket sales for that day's performance will close at 4:00p each night.
  • Tickets will be available on a first come, first serve basis at the box office if that performance is not yet sold out.
  • Tickets purchased at the box office are cash or check only.
  • The box office opens at 6:15p each show night.
  • For tickets purchased on GoFan, be sure to bring your mobile device for entry at the door.
  • Please note there is no food and only water allowed in the theater.
  • No photography at any time.
  • Event is subject to change according to guidance by the Northshore School District, King County Dept. of Health, and/or the State of WA
  • Masks are optional.
Purchase tickets on GOFan!*

For tickets purchased on GoFan, be sure to bring your mobile device for entry at the door.

*In order to receive a qualified fee waiver for spring play tickets, the ticket(s) must be purchased through the InTouch Point of Sale system at the WHS Main or Cashier's office.

Message from your WHS Counselors

Spring, Seniors, and SBAC, oh my!
We are excited to see the return of sunshine and warmer weather!  While we welcome all that spring brings, these elements are not always helpful, especially for seniors who are fighting with symptoms of Senioritis or for students struggling with school avoidance. Graduation and the end of the school year are right around the corner, and we encourage students to stay the course. Connecting with teachers, attending classes on a regular basis, and practicing those strong student skills are strategies needed now more than ever. 

Spring is also the time for SBAC and AP testing. Students might feel an increased amount of stress as they prepare to do their best on these tests. We encourage students to be well rested, practicing healthy habits (i.e.: eating and exercising) and utilizing strategies to minimize their stress (i.e.: listening to music, going for a walk, talking with friends/family/counselors). This is an exciting time to shine and celebrate knowledge! 

College Planning Resources: Juniors, spring is a great time to start planning for life after high school. While we don't expect you to have your plans set in stone, we do encourage you to start thinking about what your path might look like after graduation.
  • Check out our website for college planning resources.
  • Log into your Naviance account to utilize the Super-Match College Search engine to research colleges.
  • Check out some college campuses (in person or virtually:
  • Use Naviance to organize colleges you're interested in using the "Colleges I am Thinking About" tool.
  • Research college admission requirements, for example: will you need to ask a teacher to write a letter of recommendation for you? 
  • While some colleges are waiving the testing expectation for admission, you still may want to sign up to take the ACT or SAT.
  • Counselors are looking forward to collaborating more with you around the college admission process this spring, but do not hesitate to reach out with any questions in the meantime!
We hope that all our Falcon students and their families enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing spring break! Thank you for the opportunity to work with you, it's going to be a great rest of the school year!

WHS Counseling Team
Amy Strandy, Kat Lamb, Scott Churchill, Nate Hirsch, Sarah Brenner, My Tang

College and Career News

Ms. Tang, College & Career and Running Start Counselor created the College & Career Center Scoop to inform all students, families, and staff about all things related to college and career. 
Check out the first issue of the 2022-23 school year by clicking here!

Looking for Falcon
Spirit Gear?

WHS ASB has partnered with Jostens to bring an online spirit wear store to the Falcon community!  A percentage of all sales go to Woodinville High School ASB in support of student-driven cultural, athletic, recreational, and social activities at WHS!!
There are t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, jerseys, bags, backpacks, and other accessories in stock--something for the entire family! 

Checkout what the online store has to offer!

GO Falcons!

Student Celebrations!

2023-24 ASB Executive Board Officers

Congratulations to Woodinville High School's 2023-24 ASB Executive Board Officers! GO Falcons!
ASB President                       ASB Vice President             ASB Secretary
Riley Hager                             Ethan Millar                          Anna Hampton
ASB Treasurer                                                            ASB Activities Promoter
Oliver Ingebretsen                                                     Ainsley Mann
C.P. & Dorothy Johnson Humanitarian Award

The award was established in honor of two educators who dedicated their lives to improving the lives of all children in our community. As part of this honor, we recognize two students from each school who display the characteristics of a humanitarian in their school and community.

Recommendations for the award are made by faculty and staff at WHS and we had many nominations submitted.
Congratulations to the two winners of this award who will be recognized at a district celebration on May 18th!
  • Emma McKay, 12th grade
  • Ethan Mejia, 10th grade
Here is a little of what teacher nominators had to say about Emma and Ethan.

Emma is an advocate, not just for people with disabilities, but for all people. She goes above and beyond each day to make her classmates feel seen, heard, and valued. Even when it means more work for her, Emma will happily partner with students who struggle academically—students her classmates don't want to work with. She is a kind, joyful presence, and I know she will leave this world better than she found it.

Ethan is kind to everyone, is always ensuring that everyone is included and puts other people’s needs before his own. In class, if a student at his table has arrived late or missed, he is thoughtful and always volunteers to send them what they missed or help them. He also volunteered for a daily role to help kids with disabilities get to their bus. It is so refreshing to see a young man with these attributes!


Ongoing: Fee Waiver Consent Form available for families who qualify for Free & Reduced Lunch

04/01-30: Arab American Heritage Month
04/03-05/03: Senior Survey & Cover Art Submissions
04/17-20: ELA SBAC Testing (Make Ups April 21 & 24)
04/17-21: Student Recognition Week
04/17-21: Public School Volunteer Week
04/17-21: National Student Leadership Week
04/18: National Anthem & Moving Up Assembly Auditions, Room 409, 3:30p
04/19-22: FBLA State Conference, Spokane, WA
04/19-22: Robotics World Championship, Houston, TX
04/20-26: DECA Internationals, Orlando, FL
04/23-26: Music Department Disneyland Trip
04/24-28: Mental Health Week
04/24-28: Senior Survey & Scholarship Notification Week
04/26-29: Spring Play, WHS Theatre, 7p
04/28: Class Officer Elections & Senior Class Meeting (Activity Friday)
04/28: Senior Class Meeting during Activity Friday
04/28-29: WIAA/WMEA State Solo & Ensemble, CWU
04/29: Theatre Booster Goodwill Fundraiser
04/01-30: Arab American Heritage Month
05/01-31: Jewish American Heritage Month
05/03: Senior Survey & Scholarship Notification Due
05/03: Senior Awards Cover Art Due
05/13: Senior Prom, MoPop, 7-11p
06/01-30: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Pride Month
06/01: Senior Awards Night and Cap & Gown, Yearbook, & Commencement Ticket Distribution, WHS Main Gym, 6:30p (Seniors arrive by 6p to the Aux Gym to line up)
06/08: Senior Class Meeting prior to the Moving Up Assembly
06/08: Moving Up Assembly
06/08: Class of 2023 Senior Breakfast, WHS Commons
06/09: Class of 2023 Commencement Rehearsal, MANDATORY, 9a-12p
06/13: Class of 2023 Commencement Ceremony, Pop Keeney Stadium, 6p
06/20: Last Day of School

Upcoming Bell Schedules: May 1-5 and May 8-12!!

We will be on 7-Period Schedule #2 during the exam window, with the exception of 7-Period Schedule #5 on Wednesdays for early release. 
Spring State Testing 2022-23:
ELA this Week, 4/17-4/23

Current 10th-grade students are scheduled to participate in Smarter Balanced ELA and math state testing as an avenue of fulfilling the state's ELA and math graduation pathway requirement.  Additionally, any 11th-grade or 12th-grade students who have not yet fulfilled the state ELA and/or math graduation pathway requirement will have the opportunity to re-take the ELA and/or math Smarter Balanced test. Juniors will also participate in the state WCAS science exam for federal accountability purposes.

Students must be present on each designated testing day or will need to participate in a make-up session for the missed section of the exam.

Students must bring their fully-charged district-device when participating in state testing, along with compatible earbuds/headsets. (Headsets will be provided for students who do not bring personal earbuds/headsets).
Testing for Woodinville High School students is administered during the student's typical English, math, or science class period.

When are the tests? Who takes which test?

SBAC English Language Arts (ELA) Testing
All 10th graders and any 11th / 12th graders still needing to meet the state's ELA graduation pathway requirement will test during their English class period:
  • Periods 2/4/6: April 17 (CAT) & April 19 (PT)
  • Periods 1/3/5/7: April 18 (CAT) & April 20 (PT)

SBAC Math Testing 
All 10th-graders and any 11th- / 12th-graders still needing to meet the state's math graduation pathway requirement will test during their math class period:
  • Periods 2/4/6: May 15 (CAT) & May 17 (PT)
  • Periods 1/3/5/7:  May 16 (CAT) & May 18 (PT)

WCAS Science Testing
All 11th-graders will take the WCAS (Washington Comprehensive Assessment of Science) for federal accountability purposes:
  • Periods 2/4/6:  May 24 (WCAS)
  • Periods 1/3/5/7: May 25 (WCAS)
Please note that 9th-graders do not participate in spring state testing

If an 11th- or 12th-grade student has already met standard in English Language Arts or Math, then the student not need to test again. 

If you have a specific question at this time regarding State testing, please contact your student's counselor or Assessment Coordinator Mike Kelly at
WHS Cheer Tryouts
Tryouts for the 2023-2024 cheer squad will take place April 17-20! Interested in trying out? Get a head start by registering in FinalForms under Coed Cheer Tryouts for Spring 2023.

Register on the Woodinville Athletics Webiste by clicking on the FinalForms link.
Register for Athletics!

Questions? Email Coach Laura Frost and Coach Kayla Hoffman

Go Falcons!

May 1-5 & May 8-12: AP Exam Window - Bell Schedule, Missed Class Work, & Attendance 

AP testing begins Monday, May 1 and continues through Friday, May 12. Thank you for your support and encouragement of our AP test-taking students. 
  • We will be on 7-Period Schedule #2 during the exam window, with the exception of 7-Period Schedule #5 on Wednesdays for early release. 
  • Students should talk with their teachers regarding the work missed on the day of their exam and are welcome to attend all classes that are outside of their testing window.   
  • Naturally, if a teacher requests a student to attend class outside of the testing window, the student should honor that request (this could be due to academic progress). 
  • Parents/guardians do not need to call to excuse AP Exam testing. 
    • The Attendance Office will be provided with a list of students who are testing and who do not show up for testing. 
  • Students that do not return to classes after their exam or do not attend classes prior to their exam, the absence will be marked as school-related. 
  • Testing students who do attend classes must sign in and out at the Attendance Office. 
    • Parents/Guardians of testing students who do choose to attend classes on their testing day must email the Attendance Office (or their absence will continue to be marked as school-related). 
  • This will allow students the flexibility to prepare and recover from the exam and attend the classes that cannot be missed. 

Questions about AP Testing? Email AP Coordinator Paul Cho at

Woodinville High School 

Senior Timeline - Class of 2023
All seniors need to pay particular attention to the dates in the Senior Timeline and are encouraged to mark their calendars. Please continue to check the WHS Class of 2023 webpage found under Activities, for ongoing and updated news and information, as well check here for any updates to the Senior Timeline as we proceed through second semester and graduation.

Senior Survey & Scholarship Reporting - Final Transcript Requests
Due May 3 from all seniors

The Senior Survey and Scholarship Reporting window runs through May 3 at which time the process must be completed by all seniors.

Information collected from the Senior Survey and the Scholarship Reporting process is used for following reasons:
  • Recognition in the Senior Awards publication
  • Request (and consent to release) your final official high school transcript to the college/university you are attending in Fall 2023.
  • Data for the WHS School Profile sent to colleges and universities for college admissions.
It is vital that seniors complete the Senior Survey and the Scholarship Reporting process on time due to printing deadlines.
Class of 2023 Grad Night Sign Ups: Now thru May 15

Class of 2023 Grad Night Event tickets are on sale for $195 by 3/31/23, or $210 by 4/30/23, or $225 after 5/1/23.
  • Grad Night takes place on June 13 from 9:30pm – 5:30am and is sponsored by the parents of graduating seniors. It is not affiliated or sponsored by WHS or the Northshore School District. 
    Learn More Here!  —> Grad Night Flyer 2023
  • Need-based scholarships are available. Please contact your WHS counselor for information and criteria qualifications
  • Sign up and learn more here:
  • Grad Night Event questions can be answered by emailing

Falcons! Are you interested in showcasing your musical abilities?

The WHS Graduation Committee is seeking seniors to sing the National Anthem at the Commencement Ceremony, as well as the Senior Awards Ceremony, or the Moving Up Assembly

Additionally, are you a senior, junior, sophomore, or freshman interested in performing at the Moving Up Assembly? We are also looking for soloists or groups that would like to perform a song of their choice

Auditions are Tuesday, April 18 at 3:30 p.m. in the Choir Room (409)

Learn more and students must register here by April 17 (the link is also on the WHS Class of 2023 website under Activities)
Contact Mr. Mikkelson, Assistant Principal Taylor, or Mrs. Schwans (Office 716)!

Summer School 2023
** All classes will be virtual**
June 26 - July 28, 2023
All Summer School 2023 classes will be held virtually.

Offering courses in:
  • Accelerated Courses
    • Accelerated Math 
    • Chemistry 
    • Drawing/Design
  • Credit Retrieval Courses 
  • First-Time Credit Core Courses
  • Additional Courses
    • Online Health
    • Life Fitness
    • Physical Education (PE)
    • WA State History
For more information and registration for Summer School click here.

2023-24 School Year Calendar Now Available

The 2023-24 school year calendar is available on the District website. Be sure to mark your calendar with important dates. 
View the calendar.
Hi Falcon Families!

WHS PTSA supports academic needs, is an active voice on decisions that impact your child’s health, safety and quality of education, and builds a stronger, more inclusive school community.  Join WHS PTSA for your child because increasing our membership, even by one, makes it possible to provide important educational resources, speak up on important issues and create a stronger school community.  

We invite you to join because we can do more together than apart!
Woodinville High School PTSA is now on Instagram! Give us a follow @WoodinvillePTSA to stay current on how our PTSA is helping support our WHS community. 

WHS PTSA Scholarships Due Fri, April 21!

Woodinville High School PTSA is pleased to offer scholarships to THREE graduating seniors from the Class of 2023. The goal of these scholarships is to acknowledge academic achievements and contributions to the school and support within the community through work or volunteer activities. The three scholarship categories are:
  • Academic Achievement
  • Financial Consideration
  • Falcon Spirit - "The Liza Yore Award" 
Award Amount: $2000 each award category
Eligibility: Applicant must be a WHS graduating senior, Class of 2023. 
Application Process: Review instructions and submit application and other materials to
Entries Due By: Friday April 21, 2023 by midnight!

Go Falcons!

Families of students with Special Needs are invited to join the PTSA's SpEd Community group, to 1) offer community for each other, and 2) share information for families in middle and high school. April will be a meet up for both Timbercrest and Woodinville HS families. Please join us for at Moeida Asian Bistro (between Mod Pizza and Cold Stone, downtown Woodinville) on Thursday, April 20th, 6:30-8pm. Contact Denise for more information.
WHS Music Boosters News & Fundraiser
We appreciate the continued support and generosity of our community! We are getting close to our Disneyland Trip and final preparations and planning are underway. Due to our amazing community, Music Boosters was able to reduce the cost of the trip, provide complimentary t-shirts, and pay for instrument rentals and baggage checks. Thanks for helping to make these things possible!

We hosted our last Dine Out for the school year on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who participated and helped us earn $242 which will go toward replenishing our budget for next year’s students and families. Our community is incredible!

Our next Music Booster meeting will be Monday, May 8th from 6-7 p.m. in the WHS Library. We will be reviewing the trip, discussing the Pops Concert, and finalizing business for the school year. In June, we will be electing our board members for 2023-2024. We hope to see you there!

Take care,
Your Music Booster Committee

WHS Music Booster Donations

The WHS Music Boosters gladly accepts donations through PayPal at the QR code below!
Visiting WHS? Sign in at the Main Office

In our continued commitment to provide a safe and productive school environment, visitor procedures are in place at all Northshore high schools. We ask all visitors to follow these procedures:
  • Visitors and volunteers MUST sign in at the Main Office upon their arrival and wear a visitor badge while on campus.
  • Unfamiliar persons and/or persons not wearing a visitor’s badge will be directed to the Main Office. Visitors may also be asked for identification.
  • In respect for the learning environment, visits to observe a classroom and/or visits to see students in a classroom during the day must be arranged through administration.
  • School-age visitors and graduates are not allowed on campus at any time during the school day. Special requests must be cleared through administration in advance.
For more information, please visit the WHS website.

Thank you for your support and help with these procedures that promote a safe and productive school environment at Woodinville High School!
Women of Influence Club seeking donations for May Conference!

Women of Influence Club is hosting their 4th annual Women of Influence Leadership Conference in May. This conference will connect aspiring Woodinville High School students to influential female leaders. The conference will include a panel discussion of eight highly accomplished women in diverse occupations, followed by small round table discussions accompanied by a catered meal.

The goal of this conference is to empower young leaders by giving them an opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations with professional women in a variety of industries.

In order to stay true to our values of equity and inclusivity, and to give our attendees the best experience possible, our goal is to make this conference free of any cost.

The easiest way to sponsor is by giving a non-refundable monetary donation so we can cover the cost of the conference.
Please click here to view more information on how to donate!

Thank you for supporting the WHS Women of Influence Club!

WHS Journalism Club
Seeking Donations to Fund website hosting and future field trips!

The WHS ASB Journalism Club is seeking donations to fund website hosting and future field trips. Journlaism members would very much appreciate the help of your generous donation to reach their goal!

Donate at TouchBase Lite:

A username/password are not needed.

Questions about the steps to donate on TouchBase Lite? Visit the WHS ASB Journalism website.

Thank you for supporting the WHS Journalism Club!
Weather & Emergency Information

Emergencies and weather-related problems can alter school schedules and affect bus transportation for students. Families will receive a telephone message from the district if there is a change to the school schedule. If no schedule change information is posted, schools and buses are on their regular schedules.
Please visit the 
NSDWeather & Emergency Information website to learn more.

Questions about student meals? 

Learn more about student breakfast and lunch options on the district food services webpage.

From the WHS Health Room

COVID Updates: 

The Washington State Department of Health has provided new guidance for schools this fall. Please review the Symptom and Exposure Flowchart for Schools and learn about the Northshore School District's COVID information on our Health Room website so you are prepared for the school year.  You'll find details about what to do if your child has:
  • Symptoms,
  • If your child is exposed to COVID,
  • What kind of test your child should have,
  • What to do if your child tests positive, and
  • How you will be notified of COVID cases at school.

Other Illnesses: 

To avoid the spread of illness other than COVID, follow these guidelines when deciding whether your child is healthy enough for school.  In addition to the COVID guidelines, if your child has any of the symptoms below, please keep him/her at home until the symptoms subside: 
  • APPEARANCE/BEHAVIOR: unusually tired, difficult to wake, pale, skin rash, lack of appetite; these are often signs of underlying illness.
  • FEVER: temperature of 100 degrees or higher in the past 24 hours
  • VOMITING/DIARRHEA: within the past 24 hours.
  • RASH: Any rash of unknown cause should be considered contagious. Please have your child examined by a health care provider to determine the cause and communicability of the rash before sending him/her to school. The school may require a note from the health care provider stating that the rash is not contagious.
  • Other: For other specific diseases or health difficulties it is always a good idea to contact the school nurse. We are happy to share information and resources anytime! 

Students must be fever-free without fever reducing medication and other symptoms improving before returning to school. 

Medications at School:

If your student will be taking any medication at school, please contact the school nurse.  The Northshore School District recommends that medication be taken at home whenever possible.  We recognize, however, that in some cases it is essential that medication be administered during the school day. Learn about the procedures for the handling of ALL medications in the schools, as well as find the authorization form, on our Health Room website.

Please do not put any kind of medicine, including Tylenol, vitamins, and cough drops in your child's lunch box, backpack or pockets.  Unidentified medicine can never be given at school.  

Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss health concerns about your student.  

Christie Callahan RN, BSN 
Jennifer Gardner RN, BSN 
(425) 408-7406

Reduced or Waived Fees 2022-23

Available by logging into ParentVue and completing the steps in the Student Information Updates module

***Step-by-step instructions on how to submit the consent form in ParentVUE can be found in .pdf HERE.  An electronic step-by-step guide is also available on the district website.***

Please note: Part of the process when completing the consent form is families will first verify their information (address, phone, emergency contacts, etc.). The Consent form will appear after the race and preferred language questions. Parents/Guardians need to go through each page and verify information before reaching the consent form. The ParentVUE app on cell phones looks nearly identical to the computer version of ParentVUE for completing the online consent form.

If you qualify for free or reduced price meals, also apply for reduced or waived extra-curricular school fees pursuant to House Bill 1660 (that you may be eligible for) by completing that section of the Student Information Updates in ParentVue* on or after August 15 (see House Bill 1660 details below). 

Completing the fee waiver form in ParentVUE* will allow your student's free and reduced status to be shared with those administering extra-curricular activities at our school or within the district, thus being able to waive or reduce certain fees. 

Consent must be given each school year and does not carry forward from last school year. Instructions on how to submit the consent form in ParentVUE can be found on the district website.

Once the Consent is submitted through the Student Information Updates portal in ParentVUE, it takes a minimum of 24 hours for the waived fees to show up in TouchBase.

Visit the District website to learn how to apply for free or reduced price meals.

Betsy Black, Account Specialist
Phone: 425-408-7657
Fax: 425-408-7645

ParentVUE: *If you need your username/password, email

COVID-19 Update

The Department of Health (DOH) requires schools to  inform families and students of  COVID-19 cases and potential outbreaks.
  • The accuracy of our data depends on self-reporting.
  • Thank you for continuing to let the Nurse Callahan and Nurse Gardner know if your child tests positive for COVID-19.
  • To view information, including school and district trends, visit the District’s COVID-19 data dashboard. The dashboard is updated weekly on Monday evenings
If your child is exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 please keep them home and test for COVID-19.
Families can order free COVID-19 tests from the state
Together, we can keep our schools healthy and safe.

Transportation 2022-23

Please click this LINK for bus information 2022-23. 
Please click HERE for Daily Bus Passes and Activity Bus Passes routes and information! 
WHS E-News from the Principal
"One Falcon, One Family"

April 17, 2023
Volume 12, Issue 23
Office Hours
Monday – Friday 7:50 A.M. – 3:50 P.M. 

Our Office Team is here to help you:
Carolyn Moriarty, Office Manager, Ext. 7401
Kim Benedict, Main Office Secretary, Ext. 7403
Denise Schwans, ASB/Assessments/Graduation Coordination, Ext. 7515
Jenn Diaz, Student Info Specialist/Registrar, Ext. 7512
Shaina Bloomquist, Attendance Secretary, Ext. 7410
Roberta Porter, Counseling Office Manager, Ext. 7418
Nicki Kongkarat, ASB/Bookkeeping, Fine/Fee Payment, Ext. 7504
Renae Hector, Athletics Secretary, Ext. 7491

The mission of Woodinville High School is to become a community of learners, providing a safe and encouraging environment for developing the mind, body, and spirit.
GO Falcons!

19819 136th Avenue NE | Woodinville, WA 98072 US

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