Taxes are due April 18, 2022 - review resources to assist you with filing
Taxes are due April 18, 2022 - review resources to assist you with filing
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Tax season is here - the filing deadline is April 18, 2022! 
Here is some useful information to help you prepare:
  • Any international student who was present in the United States for any portion of 2021 is required to complete Form 8843 for this tax season. 
  • Miami provides access codes to students who received a form of income from Miami University in 2021 to cover the costs of the primary Non-Resident tax forms created in the Sprintax software. Students who received no income from Miami may still use Sprintax, but will have to pay for each tax form generated by Sprintax. This option may be useful for students who received income from sources outside of Miami via CPT or OPT. 
  • For students who received income from Miami in 2021, please wait to file your taxes until you have received your 1042-S and/or accompanying W-2 from the Miami Payroll Office. We expect the 1042-S forms to be mailed out by the end of February.  It is important that your current mailing address is accurate in BannerWeb, as that is the address to which the 1042-S forms will be mailed.
  • The Payroll Office will be providing information about how to access Sprintax once they have issued the 1042-S forms. Be sure to check your email!
  • Students whose home countries have a tax treaty with the U.S. may have an 8233 form to sign each calendar year in order to claim a tax treaty benefit. You may contact Holly Neill in Payroll Services with questions.
  • Do NOT use TurboTax, H&R Block, or other software unless Sprintax indicates that you are a "Resident Alien for Tax Purposes." These companies do not offer the forms that are required for non-resident aliens. Using these companies or their software will cause you to file your taxes incorrectly if you are a non-resident alien.
  • For students who have questions or concerns about filing taxes, there are a variety of resources you can utilize:
    • The ISSS website contains basic tax information
    • The Sprintax YouTube channel has a variety of helpful videos on a wide range of topics related to tax filing
    • The Sprintax blog contains a lot of useful articles on topics related to tax filing
    • Sprintax will be offering several live webinars that cover topics such as who must file a U.S. tax return, residency for tax purposes, FICA, amended returns, implications of misfiling, the stimulus check and much more:
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