Join our Partners over at PocketLab!
Join our Partners over at PocketLab!

Summer STEM At-Home!

Engage your kids' minds throughout the summer with these FUN weekly at-home STEM projects! 

Make A Candy DNA Model! 

Ever wondered how DNA, the genetic blueprint of a life-form, can encode and pass on the information on how to grow and maintain that life-form? Just like a cookbook contains a complete recipe for a dish, DNA stores the recipe for the life of an organism. Although each human has a unique DNA sequence, the DNA in all of us is about 99.9% identical! In this activity, you will use pieces of candy to make a model for a short section of DNA—enough to get a sense of what DNA is like and how it encodes life.
What you will need
  • Soft candy that comes in four different colors such as gummy bears, gum drops, or mini marshmallows (10 of each color)
  • Twizzlers (2) (or similar rope-like candy)
  • Toothpicks (5)
  • Paper
  • Pen (or marker)
  • Paper towel 
Try This Experiment at Home!
Check out this SciFest Performer's
YouTube Channel
Get a more in-depth view into DNA with Harrison Ngue! Harrison Ngue is a fourth-year student at Harvard College studying biomedical engineering. Ever since his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when he was in middle school, Harrison has developed a strong fascination for medicine and scientific research. As an undergraduate, he’s putting that fascination to work as a research fellow at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital where he studies cancer cells. Additionally, Harrison uses animation to assist students and educate others about biological and chemical processes through his YouTube channel Powerhouse of the Cell
Check out his Essence of Biology series which teaches foundational concepts in biology and is perfect for high school students looking to get a head start on their fall biology courses!
Watch Harrison's SciFest All Access video here

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Join us in the fall for X-STEM All Access to hear from scientist, explorer, and storyteller Albert Yu-Min Lin, Ph.D.! Also joing us in the fall, is NASA climate scientist and Elvis impersonator Josh Willis! You do not want to miss out on these two larger than life personailites AND more! 
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