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Watch Now!
That's a wrap on our first-ever virtual STEM speaker series! Over the course of five days, we reached over 67,000 students, parents, and teachers from all 50 states and 60 countries with X-STEM All Access, presented by AstraZeneca! Moderated by Justin Shaifer, attendees tuned in virtually to learn from a variety of STEM visionaries! 
If you didn't have a chance to tune in, X-STEM All Access is now available to view on-demand on our website and on YouTube. View the full video lineup below. 
We were thrilled to reach so many students during this time of staying at home, and we look forward to bringing you more virtual STEM programs and events! Stay tuned for updates on our USA SciFest All Access coming to you soon!

X-STEM All Access Video Lineup: 
Shattering STEM Stereotypes
This Biomedical Scientist and Social Entrepreneur is changing the STEM Narrative

Google Software Engineer and former actress breaks apart STEM myths

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Ambassadors of Conservation and the Climate
Primatologist, Explorer, Author, TV Host and often called "the Female Indiana Jones"

Discover why climate change matters to us with this Atmospheric Scientist

Former Vice President Al Gore made a special guest appearance 

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Exploring Our Planet
Discover the mysteries of the deep blue with this Underwater Cave Explorer

Hear about discoveries that shape our view of planet earth from this world-renowned Oceanographer

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Science That Saves Lives
Medical Oncologist and Drug Discoverer, Dr. Mika Sovak wants to eliminate cancer

Inspiring tomorrow’s Neuroscientists the “Backyard Brains’ way

Dr. Anthony Fauci 

Hear from Dr. Fauci about his career as an Infectious Disease Researcher and Director of the NIAID 

Dr. Francis Collins

Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the National Institutes of Health, made a couple of guest appearances

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Life Beyond Our World
This NASA Astronaut and Engineer made history as a participant in the All-Female Spacewalk in 2019

NASA Systems Engineer who was part of history when the Curiosity Rover landed on Mars

Dr. Jessica Meir 

Dr. Jessica Meir joined Astronaut Christina Koch in the All-Female Spacewalk in 2019 and made a special guest appearance

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