July 6, 2021
Edition Topics

  1. Message from the Interim Director of Extension
  2.  Welcome Kai Umeda - Interim Maricopa County Director
  3. The EFNEP Bite
  4. Yuma Online On Demand Education
  5. Freeze-Dried Grape Powder Study
  6. When the Smoke Clears - The Road to Recovery Following Large-Scale Wildfire Webinar
  7. New Extension Publications
  8. Recharge the Rain Summer Externship Position


Message from the Interim Director of Extension

Cooperative Extension plays a unique role within the Land Grant system.  In many instances, it is the first, and often only, contact our clientele have with the University.  In Arizona, many of the participants of our Extension Programs may never visit the campus in Tucson, but nonetheless, they have engaged with the University.  This has always been a source of pride for me when interacting with people from communities through our state.  I know all of us in Cooperative Extension take pride in being UA representatives.  To help improve our name recognition, I ask that you remind audiences during your presentations that you are part of the Division of Agriculture, Life, & Veterinarian Sciences and Cooperative Extension at the University of Arizona. In the coming months, we will be coordinating with the ALVSCE marketing team to help improve Extension branding.  I look forward to the innovations this collaboration will bring.

Welcome Kai Umeda - Interim Maricopa County Director

We are excited to announce that Kai Umeda, area agent for Ag and Natural Resources with Arizona Cooperative Extension, has accepted the role of Interim County Extension Director (CED) of Maricopa County.

Kai fills the role recently vacated by Dr. Ed Martin who was named Interim Director of Arizona Cooperative Extension in June.

As an area agent for Extension, Kai has been successfully active in developing and conducting applied research and programming to assist professional turfgrass managers in solving priority problems using scientific-based information and technology.  In addition to his extensive work in turfgrass science, Kai plays a significant role in creating and disseminating resources in the areas of weed control and pest management.

"Kai's vast experience in Extension, especially in Maricopa County, will help him lead our efforts in Arizona's largest county," said Dr. Ed Martin, interim director of Arizona Cooperative Extension.  "He has very strong partnerships with various industry outlets in the county as well as local, state, and federal agencies that will make him successful in this role."

Kai will begin service as the interim CED on July 06, 2021.

The EFNEP Bite - July 2021

Welcome to summer in Pima County Arizona! The EFNEP Bite newsletter will give you some insights into staying hydrated, keeping your food safe in our warm temperatures, while enjoying outside grilling with lean protein and heart-healthy veggies.

Yuma Online On Demand Education

Yuma County Extension group has created online, on demand, workshops approved by the CA-DPR, AZDA, and CCA for CEUs. This would allow the PCA or CCA license holders to earn renewal credits differently than the traditional live workshops. Students may access the previously recorded video lessons 24/7 and earn a certificate at their own pace. The current offerings are the recorded workshops from 2021 Southwest Ag Summit, which are available for 20-45 dollars a course. All proceeds from this initial offering will go towards supporting Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association, but fees for future workshops will go towards supporting a CEU Specialist position, which will organize in person workshops, create CEU video content, and attend to administrative needs of the program. As the program expands, we would like to show other extension agents how to convert their previously made ‘YouTube’ video content into the approved CEU format, and develop novel methods of sharing information with the public (gamification, interactive videos, fireside chats, and panel discussions). Please check out our offerings using the link below and send masson@arizona.edu a request for a free admission key for closer inspection.


Freeze-Dried Grape Powder Study

Healthy, non-smoking men and women are needed for a research study examining the effects of a freeze-dried grape powder on markers of metabolic and vascular health, including blood pressure and cholesterol. We are seeking participants 30 - 65 years of age with a BMI of 25-36 kg/m2.  Subjects must be healthy and not taking medications for high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, or inflammatory conditions.  Participants FBHlab@email.arizona.edu, mention the Grape Study and leave your name and a contact number. This study is being conducted by Dr. Ann Skulas-Ray, Department of Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona and has been approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) of the University of Arizona 

When the Smoke Clears - The Road to Recovery Following Large-Scale Wildfire Webinar

Event Date: July 08, 2021 11:00am, AZ/Pacific; 12:00pm CO/Mountain

Speaker: Carol Ekarius is CEO of Coalitions & Collaboratives (COCO), a nonprofit that supports place-based groups working in the natural resource realm, and in the emergency response realm to natural disasters. She has extensive experience around wildland fire recovery, working with federal agencies, state agencies, local governments, and community members on fires across the West over the last 20 years. Recognizing a lack of shared learning on post-fire response and recovery, COCO sponsored the first national conference on post-fire recovery in 2019, After the Flames. The 2020 conference was canceled due to COVID19, but COCO is continuing the dialog through a series of webinars, and also provides a post-fire resource page at the website www.aftertheflames.com.

Overview: Carol presented with us last year after the Bush Fire. Aware of the devasting Telegraph, Mescal and Backbone Fires, she will be back to discuss some of the first-steps toward recovery, such as anticipating flood conditions and debris flows, working collaboratively on response by forming a recovery committee, figuring out how to pay for it, and thinking about long-term recovery.

Facilitator: Chris Jones, Extension Agent, University of Arizona Gila County Cooperative Extension

Zoom Link: https://arizona.zoom.us/j/89908523915
Please log in up to 10 minutes prior to the webinar.

Cost: Free
Registration: Not required

New Extension Publications

Kai Umeda, Shaku Nair and Michael Chamberland
Selecting an appropriate herbicide for a weed problem can be a confusing task. Hoeing weeds would have been a simpler task than a baffling experience trying to select an herbicide off the shelf loaded with pesticides. This University of Arizona Cooperative Extension bulletin will provide information describing how to determine which herbicide to use against weeds in different landscapes. 

Isaac K. Mpanga
Interest in the use of poultry manure as a soil amendment has grown along with increased concern of sustainable resource use and recycling on Arizona farms, particularly in organic production systems.

Recharge the Rain Summer Externship Position

Are you a student who loves the summer monsoon season? Applications are now open for an externship position with Pima County Cooperative Extension and AZ Project WET. University of Arizona students with at least sophomore standing can apply for the Recharge the Rain Externship in Sustainability. Externs will work with staff to evaluate Tucson K-12 school rain gardens and perform heat monitoring to understand the effectiveness of green infrastructure in mitigating heat. Qualified externs will be paid minimum wage ($12) for up to 10 weeks and 35 hours per week of work. This externship will provide a student with unique opportunities to develop and use their ‘in-demand’ knowledge and skills about local sustainability, as well as engaging with local stakeholders to meet the needs of a community.

Learn more and Apply today

Contact Betsy Wilkening ewilkening1@arizona.edu 

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Please submit your news by 4:00pm Monday to TMN [tmn@cals.arizona.edu].

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