Read Your Newsletter: you’re only a few minutes away from being informed…
Read Your Newsletter: you’re only a few minutes away from being informed…
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Dear Member,
August - and Europe is basking in the sun.
I hope everyone reading this finds a little bit of time for personal basking this month!
It is hard to think of wintry October at the moment BUT we have something to brighten up that month in the shape of the ATM & Payments Innovation Summit, which ATMIA Europe is staging in Rome.
I have put together a great line-up of speakers for the event, A-list presenters from around the planet. To find out more about the Summit, click here.
I am sure you won’t want to miss 3 wonderful days in Italy’s wonderful Capital City, shared with 400 of the brightest and best-informed people in the ATM, cash and payment industries.
Tickets for the Summit can be booked with Mary Lawrence at
To discuss the remaining sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at the Summit, please contact Reena Kaur right away at
Moving on, we have two new members to welcome this month. A very warm welcome to both RXL2020 and Sonect AG. You can read more about these companies later in this newsletter.
Final news for August - from later this month, it is going to be even easier for you to support ATMIA Europe’s vital advocacy work. When you get your ATMIA membership renewal invoice, you will find a supplementary amount has been included to cover your contribution to the European Advocacy Fund. I urge you to authorise this contribution, to ensure our advocacy work can continue to help deliver the outcomes our members - and industry - need.
That’s all for this month!
Enjoy basking! 
Best wishes,

P.S. to sponsor this Newsletter for a mere $500 per month or $5000 for a year, contact me by phone on +44 (0) 7973210154.
Ron Delnevo, Executive Director, ATMIA Europe
+44 (0) 7973210154
Twitter: @Europe

What Gunnebo, our Member of the Month for August, thinks of the ATMIA

What is the key value you and your company want to get out of ATMIA in the year ahead?
Bearing in mind the escalation and severity of attacks on ATM machines in many countries over the past few years, Gunnebo is seeking to promote the adoption of essential physical security protection of ATM machines. ATMIA is a key ally in this work. 
What does your company feel are the key benefits of your ATMIA Membership?
ATMIA looks after the interests of our industry and is a channel to share knowledge and promote new ideas. Gunnebo’s physical security experts across the world benefit from keeping abreast of industry news and developments through their membership. The relationships we forge with colleagues from other companies and organisations through ATMIA make a valuable contribution to strengthening Gunnebo’s business, as does ATMIA’s dedicated flow of specialist information.
Do you attend our Events?
Gunnebo’s experts always seek to contribute to ATMIA events and to raise our company’s profile within the global ATM community.
How would you sum up in one sentence the value of belonging to ATMIA?
Being part of a community that represents the bulk of companies and organisations active in our industry and seeks to defend our interests.


This section covers only the most up to date news on Europe’s Advocacy. For further background, see the Europe page of the ATMIA website here and previous issues of this Newsletter on the website here.

Six key issues for ATMIA Europe Advocacy in the next months - and, in some cases, years - as we support all aspects of Payment Choice around Europe:

  • Ensuring changes to payment scheme rules do not damage the interests of ATM operators, endangering access to cash for all.
  • Ensuring Dynamic Currency Conversion at ATMs remains an option for customers and a profitable transaction for ATM operators.
  • Supporting the implementation of a transparent European model for the calculation of ATM interchange.
  • Supporting the implementation of a Universal ATM Cash Deposit, allowing ATM users to deposit cash at any ATM.
  • Ensuring the UK LINK ATM Network survives to provide cash access that is conveniently accessible for all members of the public and businesses.
  • Supporting the introduction of legal safeguards in every European market, to legally protect both access to cash and the acceptance of cash for in-person payments.
We shall update on some of these key issues each month.

Changes in Payment Scheme Rules Which Can Impact The Economics of ATMs

Around Europe, there are Payment right Scheme Rule changes in prospect which can impact the economics of ATMs. 
Read more here.

Universal Cash Deposits at UK ATMs

This wonderful and intensely practical innovation will allow cardholders with bank accounts to deposit cash at ANY enabled ATM in the UK, rather than having to search for a branch or ATM of their own bank.
Read more here.

Dynamic Currency Conversion at ATMs

The European Commission announced in 2018 that new transparency proposals for DCC will NOT include a cap on margins.
This is an important matter, with new transparent measures being introduced in early 2020.
Read more here.

Supporting Payment Choice in the UK

An arbitrary 10% cut to LINK interchange in 2018 has seen 10% of UK ATMs disappear and thousands more free-to-use ATMs switch to pay-to-use in 2019.
In the next 12 months, the number of free-to-use ATMs could reduce to around 40,000, a loss of more than 20% of the free ATM estate from peak levels of convenience to the UK public.
Read more here.
Ron Delnevo Speaking to the Scottish Affairs Committee, in the UK Parliament
Ron Delnevo Speaking to the Scottish Affairs Committee, in the UK Parliament

Payment Choice in Sweden

Sweden has been the source of boring and inaccurate stories about “cashless” for years.
You can find out the truth here, including up to the minute news on the bill the government is working on to compel bank branches to handle cash - both deposits and withdrawals - at the counters.
STOP PRESS: it was announced on 1 August that cash in circulation in Sweden increased by over 7% last year. This shows that cash IS able to make a comeback in the country!


New Members

RXL2020.EU provide services to get you and your company's products & services to Next Gen ATM.
RXL2020.EU, ATMIA Technical Advisor for the Next Gen ATM program since 2018, ATMIA approved consultant, Next Gen ATM Champion, giving workshops, presentations and webinars at ATMIA events around the world.
Do you want to become Next Gen ATMIA ready?
We developed a Next Gen ATM Quickscan Model, which will deliver you a Next Gen ATMIA Report to guide your company towards Next Gen ATM.
This report will guide you, your company and customer proposition towards Next Gen ATM. Where to leverage on Next Gen ATM benefits and where to differentiate, provide direction to all ATM channel projects on your company roadmap to become efficient and effective Next Gen ATM through bundling cases, including the financial business case.
Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019
View the 3 minutes videoclip to get up-to-speed with the latest Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019, Architecture Basics created by RXL2020.
Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019, version 1.5 Public Draft is available now for public consultation.
Connect and meet us
  • Join the ATMIA webinar “UNSTOPPABLE, The Next Gen ATM Wave of Innovation” on August 8th, where Marcel Ficken of RXL2020 will talk about the latest Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019 version, the progress of the Implementation Guide version 0.5 and the Next Gen ATM Quickscan Model.
  • Looking forward to meet you during our ATMIA Europe 2019 workshop in Rome (October 15th), “All roads lead to Next Gen ATMIA”. This workshop will show possible roads to Next Gen ATMIA from different stakeholder backgrounds like FI/Deployers, IAD/Processors and Software & Hardware vendors. It will get you up-to-date about the latest Next Gen ATM Blueprint 2019, Implementation Guide version 0.5 and the Quickscan Model.
Visit the RXL2020 ATMIA showroom, ATMIA approved consultant page of Marcel Ficken or just send an email to or whatsapp message / call to +31 610 687 605.
SONECT, the “Virtual ATM”™ - reinventing the way you withdraw cash today
SONECT, the fastest growing cash dispensing network in Switzerland, democratizes the process of cash distribution via ATMs. Leveraging Open Banking, Instant Payments and Machine Learning, the Swiss company has developed a unique business model built on an algorithm that monitors real-time cash availability and its demand in a particular geography and connects those who want to withdraw cash with those who want to deposit it in real time. The platform reduces cost of cash distribution for banks and simplifies in store cash management for even the smallest retailers via a location based on-demand service that allows its users to withdraw cash everywhere using just a smartphone. It builds a community around local businesses and help them generate physical leads. Touted as Cashback 2.0 or “Virtual ATM”™, SONECT incentivizes the merchants and elevates the customer experience around cash withdrawal at the point of sale significantly. Could this be an alternate low-cost cash distribution channel for the future?
The “Virtual ATM”™ network started in the summer of 2017 in Switzerland and in just 18 months, became the single largest ATM network provider in the country. The phenomenal growth brought strong industry players like Loomis as investors while multiple global core banking and POS software providers signed up as partners. The platform is now gearing up for a pan European expansion during the coming months.

News From ATMIA Members Worldwide

Extreme Remote Banking: How and Why Banks Should Make Investing a Priority?
Why? There are potential ramifications of new legislation on banks, as well as ethical debates around the accessibility of financial services in small communities.
Banks should therefore invest in and maintain remote banking to avoid damaging the customer experience and missing out on not just revenue opportunities, but more importantly, on valuable relationships with their customers.
Download the white paper to find out what banks should be doing to improve access to financial services in extremely remote areas. 
Who holds Cash and Why? A New Zealand example.
A recent report from New Zealand indicates that increases in cash holding are not related to cash transaction numbers (Reserve Bank of New Zealand Issue Paper - The future of cash use). But if this is the case how do we explain the fact that cash holdings in New Zealand continue to increase? Who holds this cash and why? To what extent is cash held as a store of value and how is tourism a factor?
ING tests software that turns mobile phones into POS terminals
Dutch bank ING has piloted a software-based 'tap on phone' app, which transforms mobile devices into point-of-sale terminals.
The app, which poses a threat to the dongle-dependent mPOS technology of firms like Square as it requires no additional hardware plug ins to accept payments, is currently undergoing testing with 200 small businesses in Istanbul.

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