September 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
September 2021 Edition of the Mass Golf Monthly Newsletter for Women
Jenna Walkiewicz Talks Health and Wellness
WATCH: What does health and wellness mean to you? Our new friend at Mass Golf, Jenna Walkiewicz, shares her personal views on the topic and how she continues to make it an important part of her lifestyle.
5 Ways To Get Your Friends To Play Golf
READ: Tired of being the only golfer in your friend group? Here are some tips to convince others to get out on the course with you.
Sal and Val go to the Solheim Cup!
WATCH: Sal and Val took a golf road trip! Check out this fun video of their adventure to one of golf's biggest events.
It's time to get schooled on the Rules of Golf, Course Rating and Slope, World Handicap System, and lots of other information you may need to retain.
Rules of Golf
READ: Christine Veator, Rules Official and Board Member for Mass Golf, goes through the options for an "embedded ball".
Make the time to work on your physical fitness and to feed your mind. You deserve it and there are plenty of studies that show that you need it.
Shoulder Separation Drills for More Coil and Power
WATCH: Kathy Ekdahl discusses the "X-Factor" most golfers are missing when it comes to their golf swing, separating shoulder movement from hip movement.
Easy Egg Bites Recipe
TRY: Prepare for those early morning rounds by baking these easy egg bites the night before. You even get to pick your own toppings!
Titleist Golf Tips
WATCH: Struggling with thin iron shots? It is a common problem that can gradually creep into anyone's swing. Titleist staff member Jennifer Hudson seeks some help from her fellow Titleist instructor and PGA 2020 Teacher of the Year, Mark Blackburn to help get out of bad swing pattern.
100 Hole Hike Training Videos
DONATE: Team Mass Golf is training for the 100 Hole Hike, enjoy these funny promo videos as they prepare to play 100 holes of golf in one day... and don't forget to donate!
Naomi's Post of the Month
READ: Check out Naomi's Post of the Month with topics ranging from goal setting to the female golf experience and so much more.
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