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We are still recovering from Hurricane Michael but the worst is definitely behind us thanks to the assistance of SPCA Tampa Bay and Pinellas Humane Society.  
After the storm passed and the shelter and all animals were safe, we knew we had to try to get all our pets to another shelter as we had no electricity or water and didn't know how long it would be before they would be restored.  We reached out to our partners and they responded without hesitation.  Yes, they would be there to transport all of our animals to their facilities and place them for adoption.
On the Saturday after the storm, 4 vans drove up from the Tampa area to transfer all 35 cats and 14 dogs we were housing at the time. The round trip took them 16 hrs due to road closures.  In addition to transfering animals, they brought us much needed medical supplies and food. 
Most of our pets have already found their forever homes in the area because  many people were eager to give our hurricane survivors the love and security they needed so badly after such a tramatic experience.
We want to thank everyone involved with SPCA Tampa Bay and Pinellas Humane Society. Your help and support were truly invaluable to a rural shelter caught in very big storm.  Thank you for helping us weather it all.
Below are pictures of the SPCATB and PHS transport teams.
DUKE Energy responded very quickly to this areas  power needs after Hurricane Michael.  They had us up and running in 6 days.  Very impressive considering the destruction the storm had caused.  The speed in whch they accomplished this was truly remarkable.
We were just greatful to have power and water again but then we received a call from the DUKE Energy Foundation offering us a disaster relief grant for $1,000.00.  When asked what our greatest need would be following the storm, we replied help with the medical costs that will be incurred helpling hurt and displaced animals.  
Between their grant, and donations from the community, we have been able to care for and treat every single animal that has come through our door since the storm.  Above is a picture of a kitten that was brought to us with nerve damage to her left front leg.  An injury likely sustained during the hurricane.  She is scheduled to be spayed and have that leg removed.  She will then be going to her forever home to recuperate and live a full and happy life with a wonderful adopter who will give this little girl the life she deserves.
Thank you DUKE Energy Foundation and everyone who has donated during this time.  
On the eve of the hurricane we had completed securing the shelter.  All pets were fed, watered and bedded down.  Hurricane shutters were closed and sandbags were in place.  Our plan was to meet back at the shelter as soon as conditions would allow.  We all left to ride out the storm.
One of our staff had to return to the shelter for a crate and upon her arrival, she found Michaela, an 8 week old Lab mix puppy left in our drop pen.  If not for the return of this person, Michaela would have been left outside during the storm.  Instead, she was brought inside, fed, watered and placed in a warm, soft bed.
This same employee was weathering the storm at her church with her family.  When she stepped out of the church that evening, she heard the soft mew of a kitten.  She searched until she found Michael, a little 6 week old Siamese kitten all alone in the church shed.  Although he put on his tough guy act, he was scooped up, spitting and hissing, and taken into the church for safe keeping.
Both were evacutated to Tampa and have been adopted.  Two lucky survivors rescued by the same angel.
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