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STS Wire 10/21/2016

In this Issue
  • Walter Vincenti recognized with the Daniel Guggenheim Medal
  • BOSP Overseas Seminar-St. Petersburg and Russia: City, Empire, and Culture
  • Sensing and Tracking for 3D Narratives
  • Tech Inclusion 2016: Conference, Career Fair & Startup Showcase
  • Why are some STEM fields less gender balanced than others?
  • Technology Writer
  • Intuit Product Management Internship
  • The Triple Helix Inc  Stanford Chapter
Walter Vincenti recognized with the Daniel Guggenheim Medal
STS founding father, Walter Vincenti, was recently recognized with the Daniel Guggenheim Medal for lifetime achievements in the advancement of aeronautics. 
The Daniel Guggenheim Medal is an American engineering award, established by Daniel and Harry Guggenheim. The medal is considered to be one of the greatest honors that can be presented for a lifetime of work in aeronautics.Vincenti
is the sixth Guggenheim Medal award winner from the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at Stanford School of Engineering.
Read more about the life and times of Walter Vincente.
BOSP Overseas Seminar -  St. Petersburg and Russia: City, Empire, and Culture
Spend three weeks in an immersive exposure to Russian history through the lens of St. Petersburg. We focus on themes of urban planning, Russia as empire and cultural history as we visit this stunning eighteenth-century imperial capital. We also travel to two other capital cities of the Russian empire – the ancient town of Novgorod, exemplifying old Russia, and the medieval Baltic town of Tallinn, Estonia, exemplifying imperial conquests and governance. Throughout the seminar we look at city planning, urban architecture, art and museums, war and revolution, and St. Petersburg’s particular identity in Russian history. Students select a research theme to explore on site: it might include St. Petersburg’s rivers, canals and water systems; St. Petersburg as planned city; Soviet transformations of the urban environment, dendochronological analysis of ancient Novgorod, particular styles of architecture (baroque, classical, style moderne), the works of leading St. Petersburg architects and artists, St. Petersburg in WWII, tensions between preservation and development in these major cities. Read more.
Required for participation: enrollment in one-unit course, Spring Quarter. History 22 St Petersburg Overseas Seminar Preparation. Background lectures and student preparation of research project. 
Email Nancy Kollmann or Jack Kollmann for more details.
Tech Inclusion
Tech Inclusion 2016: Conference, Career Fair & Startup Showcase
Conference: Join us for this inclusive tech event, where you’ll experience inclusive and accessible design, find diverse talent, learn new solutions to diversity and inclusion, meet underrepresented entrepreneurs and investors, speak with policy makers and educators, and network with other people who care about creating change in the tech ecosystem.
Career Fair: On October 27th, our unique career fair will connect talent with tech companies who care about diversity. Companies come meet diverse, talented engineers, data scientists, marketers, project managers and more. Candidates come meet leading tech companies, investment firms, schools and support organizations.
Startup Showcase & Mentor Office Hours: Showcasing ten outstanding early stage entrepreneurs. The startups will pitch to investors on stage and host demo booths during the evening happy hour.
Read more here and register today!

Wednesday/Thursday, October 26/27, 2016 | 8:00AM-7:00PM | Palace of Fine Arts, SF
Sensing and Tracking for 3D Narratives
Great storytellers track the attention and responsiveness of their listeners, adapting the story – its context, plot, pace, voice and imagery – to acquire and hold audience engagement. Tracking and sensing technologies open new opportunities to create stories in ways that not only include the audience but adapt to it. Augmented reality, virtual reality, machine learning, and data-driven algorithms open new opportunities for creating and experiencing narratives. Immersive experiences for business, art, education, and entertainment stories leverage insights from Stanford research to forge the partnerships between storytellers and the audiences. 

Read more.

Monday, October 24, 2016 | 1:00PM-5:00PM | Tresidder, Oak Lounge West

Why are some STEM fields less gender balanced than others?
Women obtain about half of U.S. undergraduate degrees in biology, chemistry, and mathematics, yet they earn less than 20% of computer science, engineering, and physics undergraduate degrees (National Science Foundation, 2014). Gender differences in interest in computer science, engineering, and physics appear even before college. Why are women represented in some science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields more than others? Math performance and discrimination influence who enters STEM, but there is little evidence to date that these factors explain why women’s underrepresentation is relatively worse in some STEM fields. Dr. Cheryan will present a model with three overarching factors to explain the larger gender gaps in participation in computer science, engineering, and physics than in biology, chemistry, and mathematics: (a) masculine cultures that signal a lower sense of belonging to women than men, (b) a lack of sufficient early experience with these fields, and (c) gender gaps in self-efficacy. Efforts to increase women’s participation in computer science, engineering, and physics may benefit from changing their masculine cultures and providing students with early experiences that signal to both girls and boys that they belong and can succeed in these fields. Read more.

  Wednesday, October 26, 2016 | 4:30PM-5:50PM | 
201 Hewlett Teaching Center
Technology Writer

Quantumrun is the bleeding edge. We write about how your life will change because of the revolutions happening today in technology, science, health, and culture (but without the jargon filled, science speak). While you might think the future is a scary place, we’re on a mission to make it accessible to everyone. We believe in being educated about the trends shaping our future. We believe being informed about future developments in technology, science, health, and culture is empowering. We believe that knowing what's coming allows us to contribute to the future and not become a victim of it. At Quantumrun, we want to spark a conversation, engage with our readers and ultimately help shape a better future, together.
As a Quantumrun (QR) Technology Writer, your position will involve working closely with the various QR divisions to bring together all elements needed for a successful publication. While you will be supervised, trained, and mentored by experienced QR staffers, most work will be done virtually over the course of the year. Read more.
Applications due October 31st
Intuit Product Management Internship
The primary objective of our summer internship program is to bring highly talented and innovative future product managers into the organization.  Our internship program is truly an 'early identification' program, focusing on identifying and investing in high potential university students early to encourage them to bring their talent back to Intuit after graduation. 

During Intuit's summer internship program, interns should be prepared for high impact/high visibility roles that will stretch, challenge and reward. You will directly interact with our senior leaders, learn and collaborate with our business partners, and leverage our processes all while making fast decisions, bringing your recommendations to life, and changing the trajectory of our business. Read more.
Applications due November 1st
The Triple Helix Inc  Stanford Chapter
The Triple Helix, Inc. (TTH) is an international organization promoting discussion of science and technology in society. We have over 15 chapters in colleges and universities across the U.S. and Europe. At the chapter level, dedicated students lead peers in composing articles analyzing the impact of issues, news, experiences, and more which are published in our Science in Society Review, and our online publication site. We hope to start a chapter at Stanford University, and are looking for interested students who wish to be involved. Please contact jai@thetriplehelix.org for more information.
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