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Visit St. Thomas' newest location on the Westbank
Visit St. Thomas' newest location on the Westbank
Stay cool and healthy in New Orleans this summer

New Clinic Open on General DeGaulle Dr.

St. Thomas Community Health Center is proud to announce the opening of a brand new clinic. Located at 3221 General DeGaulle on the Westbank, this clinic is a full-service medical facility that is prepared to serve your needs. We offer adult primary care services, regular check-ups, and same-day appointments. Walk-ins are welcome!
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July in New Orleans: Tips on Staying Cool

July in New Orleans can be extraordinarily hot. With temperatures reaching above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, spending too much time outside can actually be dangerous to your health. Those who are overweight, over 65 years old, or have prior medical conditions are the most at risk. Here are some tips to staying cool this summer:
  • Stay inside
  • Avoid overexerting yourself
  • Drink plenty of water
Keeping cool this summer could be the difference between staying relaxed and taking a trip to the emergency room. It's important to check in on friends and neighbors who may be at risk.

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Thank You to Our Partners

St. Thomas Community Health Center would not be possible without the generous support of our community partners. Our partners enable us to work every day to provide affordable, high-quality health care to all those in need, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay. A few of our partners are listed below. 

The Latest in New Orleans Health News

"Temperature Rising: Louisiana's Health and Environment Threatened by Global Warming"

Rapidly rising temperatures in Louisiana in the last 30 years, driven by human-caused global warming, have been linked to a number of health, safety and environmental threats, according to data from the National Centers for Environmental Information compiled by the Associated Press, and to interviews with a number of scientists conducting research in the state.

Louisiana's average monthly temperatures increased by 1.57 degrees between 1988 and 2017, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information data. That places the state smack-dab in the middle, 24th, among the 48 states in the continental U.S., plus Alaska, for temperature increases during that period. -

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