August 21, 2018
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. Welcome Anthony Bertero
  3. ANR/Urban Horticulture Candidate Presentations
  4. You Asked...We Answered:  A few "FAQs"
  5. IEAC 
  6. Save the Date - Employee Engagement Survey
  7. WRRC Brown Bag
  8. UA Back-to-School
Photo of Dr. Silvertooth

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director

The Cooperative Extension System (CES) conducted the 2018 Extension Conference in Tucson on 7-8 August.  In the panel discussion on Teamwork, Coach Sean Duffy provided an interesting quote from Admiral Grace Hopper: “We’ve always done it this way.” Admiral Hopper described this as being “the most dangerous phrase in the language”.
Despite the fact that change is an inherent part of all our lives, people have a natural tendency to resist it.  We find this consistently in our personal lives, in communities, and in our working environment.
One of our challenges in the CES is to not only embrace the necessary changes that we encounter in our organization, but we have the mission of facilitating change in the communities we work with through the applied research and education programs that we conduct.
I think we can all appreciate the truth in this quote “We’ve always done it this way.” as a signal from someone that change is not going to come in an easy manner.   Nevertheless, change is inevitable and the real challenge for us is how we handle it.

Welcome Anthony Bertero

The Cooperative Extension Team welcomes Anthony Bertero to our main campus office.

Anthony is our new Administrative Associate - and you'll see him at the front desk, managing various tasks.  From helping with 'Promotion and Continuing Status' processes, working with the University's "Vitae" system, adding to the website, as well as working on and managing other projects.

Anthony is a graduate of the University of Arizona, with a B.S. in Care, Health and Society, and is a Tucson Native.

Anthony says he's excited to be here, and looks forward to learning all about UA Cooperative Extension.

Welcome, Anthony!

Presentation: A Vision for an Engaging Horticulture Program in  Maricopa County

Join us for the next two presentations by the candidates for the Assistant/Associate Agent, ANR/Urban Horticulture position in Maricopa County. 

Michael Chamberland - September 5, 2018 - 2:00 pm  Join with Zoom

James Underwood - September 6, 2018 - 10:30 am   Join with Zoom

For more information - contact Ed Martin

You Asked....We Answered.....

“Did you catch that?”
“Where do I find that form, again?”
“Will you remind me, one more time, who I talk to about that particular issue?”
What do people need to hear, and how often, in order to get and understand a message and to act on it?”**

According to scientific research - when it comes to communication – in order for people to be familiar with a message – we need to hear it a few times. It’s called the ‘mere-exposure effect’ (see references below, for more).
That’s why repeated messages work best.  Even when we think we may have said something a few times, or to a few people.
Tuesday Morning Notes is our consistent form of internal communication across the state – that you can count on every Tuesday.
Look for You Asked…We Answered…  to have Frequently Asked Questions, or ‘FAQs’ from employees, around the state:
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It’s Not Nagging:  Repetition is Effective Communication
Mere Exposure: A Gateway to the Subliminal
First Published December 1, 2001 Research Article, Current Directions in Psychological Science
Exposure and affect:  Overview and meta-analysis of research, 1968-1987 
Bornstein, R. F. (1989). Exposure and affect: Overview and meta-analysis of research, 1968–1987. Psychological Bulletin, 106(2), 265-289.

 How Managers Use Multiple Media: Discrepant Events, Power, and Timing in Redundant Communication     Published Online:11 Apr 2011

The IEAC - or, Intra-Extension Advisory Council - is looking for *your* good ideas to improve internal communications

The Intra Extension Advisory Council, or the ‘IEAC’ – is a committee created, thanks to employee feedback, to help improve internal communications within Arizona Cooperative Extension.
Committee members are coming together to come up with inclusive, do-able, sensible and common-sense solutions to make internal communications BETTER.
Do *you* have an internal communications idea or solution to make internal communications better, across the Extension system in Arizona?
Convey your ideas to your IEAC representative.
“It takes a village” – So the IEAC is a team, sharing the workload, rolling up our sleeves, working together, trying to come up with doable, workable SOLUTIONS.
Reach out to us….
Here’s a list of your IEAC members, below:
Adonis Alamban
Hattie Braun
Kim Christman
Tamara Floyd
Connie Forsyth
Betsy Greene
Kay Hongu
Ayman Mostafa
Paula Rivadeneira
Faith Schwartz
Natalie Shepp
Joshua Sherman
Russ Tronstad
Michele Walsh
Evelyn Whitmer
Ashley Wright

Save the Date: 2019 Employee Engagement Survey Coming!

On 6/26 you received an email from Dean Burgess announcing our 2019 Employee Engagement survey and received additional details in an email from Heather Roberts-Wrenn and Dominic Rodriguez.  Mark your calendars for the survey opening on Monday, September 10th!

We want as many people as possible to participate to ensure the information gleaned from the survey is an accurate representation of your thoughts and what we’re doing well, and where we can make improvements to continue to make ALVSCE the most sought-after place to be. 

WRRC Fall Brown Bag Series Kick-Off:  The Santa Cruz River Heritage Project - Reviving an Urban River

Date:  Tuesday, August 28
Time:  12:00 p.m.-1:15p.m.

Speaker:  Tim Thomure, Director, Tucson Water

Location:  WRRC, Sol Resnick Conference Room, 350 N. Campbell

The WRRC offers remote access to this seminar via GoToWebinar:

UA Students Head Back to School

It's the first week of school, and all of us from Cooperative Extension across the state, join with everyone at the University of Arizona, welcoming students back to campus.
Welcome Back, Wildcats!

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