May 6, 2018
May 6, 2018
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Create Awareness Where You Live!

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Create Your Own Event

You can order your own Awareness Day kit! Included in the $25 kit, that is available for purchase by clicking here, is an Awareness Day packet of information, an Ependymoma Guide, 5 buttons, 2 temporary tattoos, 10 butterfly balloons, and 5 stickers!

You can also create your own fundraising campaign or event and encourage others to donate by sharing your custom page with your family and friends!

Awareness Day Guide

You can download the 
Awareness Day Guide
as a guide to help you promote greater awareness of ependymoma both internationally and in your local community!

Now in its seventh year, this campaign is an international effort from the CERN Foundation in partnership with medical professionals, patients and caregivers from around the world. Together, we have designated May 6, 2018, as Ependymoma Awareness Day!
On a local level, we urge you to participate in an ependymoma awareness activity, helping to create a greater understanding of the disease.
You could support awareness in the following ways:
  • Create your own Awareness Day event!
  • Raise funds to help with research!
  • Share information on ependymoma with another person who has never heard of it!
  • Tell your healthcare providers about Ependymoma Awareness Day!
  • Document your awareness efforts on your Facebook page, Twitter account or blog and use the hashtag #CERNbutterfly!
  • Educate colleagues, co-workers, school groups and congregations!
  • Order and wear an ependymoma awareness lapel pin or CERN hat!
  • Display or release CERN awareness balloons! 
  • Seek recognition from your local government or ministry of health!
For more ideas, read how others around the world have commemorated Ependymoma Awareness Day. For more information, contact us.

Contact Your Local Officials and Media!

You can create awareness of ependymoma where you live! Ask your local officials to recognize Ependymoma Awareness Day. You can download a sample proclamation and sample letter to send to your local officials. 

You may also want to contact your local media to let them know about your efforts. You can download our sample press release asking your local media to run a featured story!

Show Your Support!

We ask that you encourage those you know to donate to support our mission. For every $25 raised, a butterfly will be released during the awareness day ceremony!
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