Wellness and Fitness-December 2015
Wellness and Fitness-December 2015
Stay Healthy in December and
End the Year Right! 
The holidays are here, which means celebrations with our family and friends. Too often these festive gatherings include tempting food and drink. But don’t despair; there are ways to keep the holiday fun from becoming unwanted pounds.

6 Tips to Avoid Over-indulging
This time of year it is easy to let extra calories sneak in and not even give them a second thought. Here aresix  tips we share with our clients at the UAMS Fitness Center.
  1. Always eat before going to a party with finger foods. It’s easy to get wrapped up in conversation and accidentally overeat. Also, try not to stand near the food. The closer you are, the easier it is to refill your plate.

  2. If going to a potluck, try to bring a dish that you know is a healthy (but delicious) option. This can be your safe go-to dish for your main course, and you can make choices as to what sides are best for you.

  3. No one ever gained 5 pounds from eating one meal, but at the same time it’s a combination of not-so- good meals that adds to holiday weight gain. Remember, the holidays are usually riddled with lots of meals. If you choose to over-indulge at all of them, you will lose the battle of the bulge. Pick and choose where you want to splurge and do it sparingly.

  4. Don’t give up and throw in the towel because you messed up on one meal. Too often  people use one bad meal to justify giving up and eating whatever they please for the next week. If you mess up, just get right back on track your next meal and don’t sweat it! Unless that sweat is in the gym, then go for it.

  5. Try not to drink your calories. If you plan to eat not-so-healthy, try to stick with water. We usually forget that beverages have calories and don’t take them into consideration. Be careful, those add up quick!

  6. Try your best to stick to your workout schedule. If you find yourself 50 miles away from the closest gym, do something active anyway. Go for a walk after your meal. Exercise will help you releive stress  and burn some calories. Even a short body weight workout is effective. See our example below.

5 Quick Exercises for a Holiday Burn:
To start, set a timer for 20 minutes. Perform this workout as a circuit; go from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible between exercises. Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes. All exercises are to be performed using only body weight as resistance.
Place the feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the torso upright and the back flat with the shoulders back. Begin the squat by moving the hips backwards. Pretend there is an open door behind the body. Close the door by pushing it with the gluteal muscles and then bend the knees and lower towards the ground until the thighs are parallel to the floor. Return to the standing position and repeat.
Lie down on the floor so that the body is up on the toes and hands. Place the hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and point the elbows in towards the rib cage. This position protects the rotator cuff muscles throughout the motion. Begin the motion by bending the elbow and lowering the torso to the floor. Reverse the motion and extend the arms back to the starting position and repeat.
Begin by standing with the feet shoulder-width apart. Keep the torso upright throughout the motion. Step backward with one leg. Take step 6-12 inches longer than normal walking stride. Drop the knee of the backward leg as close as possible to the floor without making contact with it. Reverse the motion back to a standing position and repeat.
Lie down on the side of the body on the mat and raise the body up on to the side of the foot and the right elbow. Keep the elbow and forearm flat on the ground throughout the exercise. Shift the body weight so that it is positioned over the elbow. Create tension throughout the abdominals, lower back, and glutes to create a straight line from the head to the toes.
Repeat on opposite side.
Get into the push up position on the floor so that the body is up on the toes and hands. Place the hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and point the elbows in towards the rib cage. Begin the motion by bringing one knee up towards the elbow on the same side of the body. Bring the knee as close to the elbow as possible while keeping the back flat. Reverse the motion and extend the leg back to the starting position. Now do this with the other leg and repeat.

Have a safe and happy holiday season!
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