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Dear Friends,
A year ago today, many of us woke up to the smell of smoke, a hazy sky, and ash on the ground. Our neighbors in the North Bay woke up to devastation. Over the next few days, the fires would take homes from families, jobs from parents, and schools from students.
As an organization focused on fighting poverty in the Bay Area, we knew low-income communities would face the steepest climb to recovery. We also knew that Tipping Point was in a position to help.
We launched the Tipping Point Emergency Relief Fund four days after the fires started. Many of you made contributions or attended one of the Band Together benefit concerts, helping us raise $33.8 million. Today, I am pleased to announce we have fully allocated the Fund to 48 organizations working on the front lines in the North Bay. Watch the film above to learn more about the recovery efforts, see some of the press coverage below, and click here for details on our investments.
Thank you again for your contribution and for joining the Tipping Point family. We hope you'll continue to stand with us in the fight against poverty in the Bay Area.
All my best,
Daniel Lurie, CEO + Founder, Tipping Point Community

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