Director's Message, "H2O -What do you Know?" Video, Candidate Presentations
Director's Message,

August 20, 2019
Edition Topics

  1. Message from Dr. Silvertooth
  2. "H2O-What do you Know?" Video: 
    Graham County 4-Hers Learn about Water, Weather & Climate
  3. Educational Communication - Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel
  4. 4-H Youth Foundation Seeks Executive Director
  5. 4-H Assistant in Extension Candidate Presentations

Message from the Associate Dean and Extension Director  

My vision for the Cooperative Extension System (CES) in Arizona is to focus on the fundamentals consistent with the land grant mission of bringing the university to the people of the State of Arizona and bringing science to bear on practical problems. 

The formal or complete Arizona CES mission is stated very directly as:

To engage with people through applied research and education to improve lives, families, communities, environment, and economies in Arizona and beyond.

Our programs in all areas of the CES are doing well when we are working to accomplish this mission and document that fact.

This translates to four fundamental points for us all to follow, starting with myself every day that include:

1)         Do your job.
2)         Be a professional
3)         Be a good teammate with your colleagues.
4)         Do the right thing.
            a. Check with the following three questions: 1) Is it legal? 2) Is it ethical? and 3) Is it morally correct?

Sounds simple enough and it is certainly within our capacity.


"H2O - What do you Know?" Video - 4-Hers learn about weather, water & climate in Graham County

'H2O - What do you Know?': Graham County 4-Hers learn about Water, Weather & Climate

Arizona 4-H is the youth outreach program from the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension.

We take the science of the University - to the people of Arizona - in *every* County.

Recently, 4-Hers in Graham County learned about the importance of water, weather, and climate, as part of "H2O - What do you Know?"

Educational Communcation:

Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel 

Cooperative Extension YouTube Channel

In the "digital age" - with the quest for information, but shorter attention spans - educational organizations are communicating more and more via social media, websites, and using digital communications, like Zoom.

Arizona Cooperative Extension is working to be at the forefront of this trend, in communicating with short, to-the-point videos.

Check out Cooperative Extension's YouTube Channel:

Please make sure you're helping us advance the Cooperative Extension message.  Please like, share and link through your social media channels, and help us do all we can to share with all stakeholders and communities.

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation seeking full-time Executive Director 

Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation seeks an Executive Director

The Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation is excited to share we're seeking a full-time Executive Director. Everyone in the Arizona 4-H team is acutely aware of the strategic importance of this position.

Please share this position widely.

Thank you goes to the search committee for their important service, which is comprised of Jimmy Wojcek (AZ4-HYF, President 2019-2020), Dr. Julie Adamcin (Past President), Renee Carstens, Nick Morris, Adam Yarnes, Carolyne Greeno, Jeremy Elliott-Engel, Phil Bashaw (CEO, AZ Farm Bureau), Cindy Hanson (Branch Manager, Oro Valley One AZ Credit Union), Mary Ciricillo (CA 4-H Foundation Director), and Stuart Shephard (NE 4-H Foundation Executive Director).

Job Title: Executive Director, Arizona 4-H Youth Foundation

To view the posting go to:

Posting Number: A23932

Candidate Presentations 4-H Youth Development Assistant in Extension Coconino County

If you missed them "live", here are links to the candidates' presentations:
Click here to see the presentation by Abigail Morris 
Click here to see the presentation by Joshua Farella 

For candidate resumes, please contact Hattie Braun
Click here for the evaluation form 4-H_Candidate_Evaluation_Coconino.pdf

Please return evaluation form by August 27 to Hattie Braun

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