ELLMA Roadmap Report, PD opportunities, and more!
ELLMA Roadmap Report, PD opportunities, and more!
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Tuesday September 3, 2019
Dear Educators and Friends,   
We hope you had a joyous summer and have had a wonderful beginning of the 2019-20 school year! ELLMA team members have spent most of our first 3 weeks at sites to support the school year launch. We loved seeing the excitement (and some nervousness) of our students as they jump into another year of learning and friendships. Thank you for all that you do to create a welcoming environment for our beautiful students and families. 
In our first newsletter of the year, we would like to share our ELL Roadmap End-of-Year report and some upcoming Sanctuary events and PDs you won't want to miss!  ELL Ambassadors, be sure to scroll down to the very end for some important and timely info!
Progress on our ELL ROADMAP!
The Roadmap to ELL Achievement is our strategic plan to improve the outcomes and experiences of all our multilingual learners. Here we present an End-of-Year Report that takes stock of our progress and lays out the work to come. 
The Roadmap's four priorities  grounds our work.  See below for some highlights and click on the image to the right to see more detail!
1. Advance Quality Instruction. In 2018-19 alone, we provided over 700 hours of PD, including Foundational PD (ALLAS and GLAD) and Differentiated PD Pathways for a diversity of teaching contexts and levels of teacher experience. 
2. Meet the Needs of the Whole Child. Our grant-funded Newcomer Wellness Initiative is well underway at the 13 secondary schools with specialized  newcomer programming. Additionally, we support the district's Sanctuary work to ensure our schools are equipped to create welcoming and safe environments for all students. 
3. Enhance and Enrich Language Programs. (Multilingual Pathways, Newcomer Programs and LTEL Supports). 
  • Multilingual Programs: 2018-19 saw huge progress in our systems-level work including investment in a Dual Language Arts curriculum, use of a multilingual assessment system, and the first year operationalizing the new Dual Language enrollment policy. Our years-long efforts are showing results:  We awarded 134 students the Seal of Biliteracy, up from 87 the previous year!
  • Newcomer Programs: We continue to focus on quality instruction and program design for our growing newcomer population - now over 3000 students! We are especially proud of efforts to build capacity of elementary educators to serve newcomers and to provide foundational literacy to high school newcomers with interrupted schooling. 
  • LTEL supports: Close to half of our middle and high schools are using ELL Shadowing to take a close look at the experience of the LTEL student experience, and we launched a design team to develop home-grown LTEL units focused on communication and debate. 
4. Align Central Office Practices & Policies. We continue to align our work to the shifting landscape at the state, such as new reclassification criteria, and to strive to be in better service to schools. This includes the refinement and implementation of language-equity focused protocols and tools such as ELL Shadowing, the ELL Review, and ELL Snapshots.
We are excited to continue to partner with each of you to improve this critical and rewarding equity work. The full Roadmap and reports from past years can be found here!

Professional Development Opportunities

We are excited to continue to provide quality, inquiry-based PD for educators at all grade-levels and years of experience. For the full scope of offerings, please see the PD Pathways for elementary and for secondary.  Sign up for upcoming opportunities below!
PD for elementary teachers 
Mills Teacher Scholars:  Teachers of elementary newcomers who have participated in the NICE PD series or previously participated in Mills Teacher Scholars are invited to apply for this year’s Mills Teacher Scholars newcomer cohort. Sessions will be held monthly after school with one sub release day in the Fall. Please see this flyer for more information and link to application. To learn more about all elementary newcomer PD offerings, see this flyer (displayed to the right), or contact James Kindle for more information.
GLADiator Training #1: For leaders of GLAD implementation at your site. 10/5/19, 10:30 to 3:30, location TBD. You must be the nominated GLADiator for your site. See details on how the GLADiator supports GLAD implementation here, and ask your principal  if you would like to be nominated. 

PD for secondary teachers

Newcomer Lesson Design Collaborative - Deadline to Apply Today, 9/3!  Newcomer teachers in middle and high school looking to strengthen student writing and talk while integrating language development into content instruction are encouraged to participate. Please see flyer for more information and link to application form. Contact Holly Darling for more information.

ALLAS Inquiry Group: Secondary teachers who participated in ALLAS at Oakland Tech in June 2019 are encouraged to participate in this short-cycle inquiry group to reconnect with what you learned and grapple with making it live in your classroom. Please submit an application today, the first session is scheduled for October 4. Please see flyer for more information and link to application form. Contact Amy Stauffer (MS) or Sonia Hansra (HS) for more information.

Join us for our first

Sanctuary event of the year 

Rapid Response Training and Family Preparedness Plans. Come to all or part of the day,  as your schedule permits!   See flyer and agenda below. 

ELL Ambassador Corner
ELL Ambassadors are site-based liaisons who hold the reclassification process and bring an ELL-lens to instruction. A few reminders for our amazing ambassadors: 
  • ELL Ambassador Meeting #1 on 9/17/19: So looking forward to seeing all of you at our first meeting of the ELL Ambassadors is on Tuesday, 9/17/19, 4:00 to 5:30, location TBD.  Mike will share the agenda soon. 
  • 4 Overall on ELPAC Required for Reclassification: As you probably know, starting last spring, the state mandated a cut score of 4 overall for the ELPAC. This resulted in a drop in reclassification rates across the state. You can read the full memo here.  See the OUSD Reclassification Overview for 2019-20
  • List of ELLs who Reclassified on 5/30/19:  Please e-mail Mike for a list of ELLs reclassified during Spring 2018-19 Reclassification. The Reclassification Letters will be available in your 2019-20 Reclassification Google Folder on 9/20/19. Stay tuned for an email!
  • SNAPSHOTS:  This year we are providing THREE sets of ELL and RFEP snapshots. The first set will be available in your Snapshot folders by end of day on 9/6/19 and can help drive goal-setting with students in anticipation of Winter and Spring Reclassification.  
  • Reclassification Reminders: The only students who are eligible for Winter 2019-20 Reclassification are 2nd through 12th grade ELLs who attained an ELPAC 4 in spring 2018-19 but still needed to meet SRI cut points last spring.
    2nd grade ELLs who scored an ELPAC 4 MUST be tested in SRI this fall.
We'd love to hear from you! Please contact Nicole with communications inquiries.
Meet the ELLMA Team!
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