February 2022 Email Newsletter 

From the Camp Director,

Isn't God good? While we live in challenging times, we must also remember that God is not bound by times or seasons, and He is STILL a good God!

Praise is something that we ALL can do and shouldn't be held back just because we aren't on the “victory side” of things yet.

Often, our problem as human beings is that we ONLY praise when we see the answer, but quite often in the Bible, we see how Praise should go first!

Sometime read 2 Chronicles 20:21-23 - In this portion of scripture, the army was poised and ready, but Jehoshaphat said, “hold on” because there's something far more critical than swords and spears, horses and chariots, and it's called Praise!

I would encourage you to stop waiting until every prayer is answered the way you feel it should be, and begin to walk and praise God in ADVANCE of the answer! Pray and Praise in Faith!

The Bible lets us know that without Faith it is impossible to please God! Hebrews 11:1 & 6. My favorite scripture verse. 
We give praise for the way God has been working here at Hanging Rock and we have Faith that God will continue to work here at Hanging Rock. 
For example:
  • We give praise for the volunteers God will bring to help us finish the Girl's dorm bathrooms. 
  • We give praise for those that will support us financially to help with our Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign.
  • We give praise for our Event Coordinators recruiting faculty and developing schedules for the camp sessions they plan.
I could go on an on with exapmles of how God is going to work here at Hanging Rock this year just like he has done the last 75 years. Our God is Faithful and we give him praise! AMEN
We hope you will take time to read this newsletter and sign your students up for retreats in February and find ways you can serve and give through this month. We give PRAISE for you in advance! 
Serving Christ through Christian Camping, 
Gary Baker 


Most camps have been updated on the website, so mark your calendars for the camps you want to attend this year. The camp committee has come up with a GREAT theme for the year. Remember registration for Summer Camp starts on March 1st with a brand new registration system. 

The camp committee worked really hard to come up with our theme for this year. We are so excited to be using the text Acts 2:42 to encourage all those that come to camp to be devoted. We are really going to work hard at encouraging our young people to be ALL IN with the Body of Christ. So get ready to be ALL IN in 2022! 

Now Hiring:
Here is an update of what we need: 
4 dishwashers - Must be at least 14 and have transportation to and from camp. 
1- Girl Dorm RA/Faculty - Must be at least 18- $300 per week 

4 - Guy Dorm RA's/Faculty - Must beat least 18- $300 per week
1- Maintenance Assistant - Must have a driver's license- $300 a week 

We are very close to filling all of the positions for this summer. If you are inetersted, fill out an application online and we will be in contact with you. 

Girl's Dorm Bathroom Update: 

Drew has been working so hard to remodel the bathrooms for the girls and get them ready for retreats and camp. We are very close to finishing Dorm # 3 and making good progress on Dorm 4. We are really in need of volunteers to help us make these happen in a timely fashion. Here is a list of volunteer opportunities we have available:
  • Cleaning - Both bathrooms & dorms. Construction is very messy and dusty. Our dorms need a deep clean and the bathrooms are going to need to be wiped down and mopped over and over. 
  • Building walls - We still have walls in Dorms #1 & #2 that need to be built and installed. 
  • Tile -  Don't be intimidated by the fact that you have never layed tile. Todd, Gary & Caleb had never either and Drew was able to teach them. You can do it. Drew will take time to teach you. 
  • Garbage - We have a lot of garbage that needs to be loaded up and hauled off. 
We believe we have a project for everyone. Please if you can find some time to volunteer and help us that would be awesome. You can email Drew or call or text him when you can be available. 
Below is Dorm # 3 and it is 95% finished.  
Drew Follmer,

New Zipline Project:

We are very thankful for Warren County REMC for getting our poles set for the zipline.  Gus Denzik with Pro Image and Associates will be building our zipline. They will be here March 1st and it should take 10 days to build and complete with training. 
We are needing some volunteers for this project as well:
  • Trim trees and cut down trees
  • Grind down stumps
  • Clear away brush 

Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign Update: 

When we kicked off our campaign last June we needed to raise $215,000.00 for all 3 projects.
Girls dorm Bathrooms - $40,000.00 - Raised.   - Current Balance - $16,703.12 
Zipline Re-Build - - $55,000.00 - Raised. - Current Balance - $25,000.00
Hilton Bathrooms Addition: Total projected cost - $120,000.00 - Raised $51,198.01 - We need to Raise $68,801.99 this year. 
We are still looking for Partners to help us accomplish this project. We are wanting to start construction October 1st of this year. 

Youth Minister Gathering:

Once a month we have a gathering for our Youth Ministers here at Hanging Rock. We meet around the fire in the dining hall for a time of Worship and then break up for some solitude time and then gather for a lunch that Hanging Rock provides. After lunch have round table discussion on the state of youth ministry in our churches. We hope you will join us this month: February 17th at 10:00 a.m. 

Needs List for Summer Camp: 

If you would like to donate to one of these needs you can either donate the rescources for us to buy these or you could buy the item and bring it to camp. If you donate please let us know which item you are donating for. 
  • 10 - Kayaks 
  • New vaccuums for dorms
  • Mattresses for dorms 
  • Basketballs, gaga balls, nine square balls
  • 4 - 10 gallon drink coolers

Mission Crossfire:

We are so excited to start Mission Crossfire back up. We are starting back up in March. Mission Crossfire is the last Saturday of each month. It runs from 9:30am - 1:00p.m.  This is for the whole family. There will be opportunities to fish, do some skill shooting, Skeet shooting and Archery. 
The next event is March 26, 2022.   If you have questions, call Jim Morgan at 765-585-3240.

Terry Evans Memorial Project:

Terry Evans was a big part of building our Horse camp program to where it is today. Terry had  BIG dreams when it came to reaching kids through horses. When Terry passed away, we started a project to raise money to put a shelter over one of our riding arenas. This will be a big deal for our horse camp program. Right now, when it rains our horse program comes to a stop.  The curernt arenas are also in full sun during teaching time, which makes it almost unbearable for horse, rider and teachers. We also know with a roof over the arena it opens up many other opportunities for year round programs, something Terry invisionsed. We are expected this to cost $40,000-$60,000. As of right now we have $7,241.60 on hand for this project. If you would like to help with this project you can donate online and just let us know it is for Terry Evans Memorial Fund. 
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