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*This is a one-time message to all current and past student employees who have self-identified as graduating this semester. Please disregard this message if it is not applicable. 
Dear Graduating Student Employees,
Congratulations on your graduation and your many achievements while at GW. Please keep the following in mind regarding future employment processes.
  • Employment Verifications:   Be prepared to provide your future employers will with proof of your employment, GW uses a service called Work Number to provide this information. Give the person requesting the verification will need the following information:
    • Your Social Security Number
    • The George Washington University Employer Code: 14290
    • The Work Number access options for verifiers: The Work Number or  1-800-367-5690
  • Listing Your Position(s) at GW on a Resume or Application: Sometimes the start and end dates, and job titles that are listed in Banner are slightly different from what you may have on record. To avoid confusion in future with background checks and employment verifications, please consider:
    • Obtaining your employment history for GW (under “Employee Information”) now, make and retain a copy of all start and end dates, your official position title, your hourly rate, and the department’s name.
    • Note on your resume and/application this official information, this is what most background screenings are looking for in a verification. You can also list your “working job title” on your resume. For example, GW states that you were a “UV Student Assistant II” (your official title), but your department gave you the working title of “Student Communications Assistant,” you can indicate this by using “UV Student Assistant II – Student Communications Assistant.”
    • Off-campus FWS employees, please remember that you were an official GW employee and your off-campus site may be unable to verify your position in an official capacity. Your official information in Banner will list you as a “Student Tutor” or “Student Special Assistant.”  As discussed above, please list this on your resume and/or application. You can consider using the following: “Student Tutor – Jumpstart Tutor at ___ Site.”
  • Update Your Permanent Address on Your W4 (available on GW): Your W2 form for 2016 will not be available until at least January 31, 2016. Ensure that your W2 will be mailed to an address that remains the same throughout the next year. If this information changes, you can always contact Payroll Services ( after graduation to have your address changed.
  • Career Services is Here to Help: Now and in the future, the career coaches in the Center for Career Services , the F. David Fowler Career Center, and  school-based career service departments are here to assist you in your future career goals and job search.
The Student Employment team appreciates your commitment to succeeding as a student and an employee, and wishes you the best of luck in your future endeavors. 
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