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Harry Laub, Ph.D., Director
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June 19, 2017         Vol. 12  Issue 39
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Harry's Corner
A letter to Diane Sasso on the occasion of her retirement.
Dear Diane,
First and foremost -- congratulations.  Congratulations on your imminent grandparenthood.  (Does such a word exist?)  I hope that this brings you the joy that you so richly deserve...and what a blessing for the baby and your daughter and son-in-law to have the wisdom of your experience and your insight into the process of children growing up.
But also, congratulations on the successful culmination of your time at Elysian.  As the director, I always sought out your insights and advice.  So many times, you have made predictions that have been borne out, so many times you have given advice that has worked perfectly.  But more than that, you have been a warm-hearted soul whom everyone in the school could turn to -- children, parents and staff.  So many of the students, parents and staff have stopped me to tell me how much you will be missed.
But more than your support of people in the building, you are responsible for the focus on social emotional learning.  Starting in kindergarten the children talk about and learn to be respectful of others' feelings. They understand that they need to problem-solve issues and that they can reach out to the adults in the community for support.  They also learn that their own feelings are important and that they need to communicate these feelings so that others can understand their motivations.  The result of all of your work was demonstrated in the Climate Surveys done by Dr. Paul Rodriquez Rust.  Overwhelmingly, our students love coming to school.  I will never forget the first tie Dr. Rust presented us with the results -- she said she had never seen those high ratings, especially with older children.  Congratulations to you!
All the best! You will be sorely missed.

Important Info About the Last Week of School and Elysian's Summer Hours
The last day of school is this Friday.  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will be 12:30 dismissals.  Report cards will be distributed at dismissal on Friday.  Report cards may not be given out early.  Any report card not picked up will be mailed home.
During the sumer, the school office is open from 9:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., Monday to Thursday.  We are closed on July 3rd and 4th.  Class assignments will be mailed out during the last week in August.  The first day of school is Thursday, September 7th.
Rugby News
On Saturday, June 17, Elysian's elementary and middle school rugby teams participated in the NYC Rugby Cup on Randall's Island.  Wow, what a day....so many ups and downs...not to mention soaking rain for the ENTIRE afternoon,.  Both teams, though, played fantastic rugby.
Our elementary team consisting of 5th graders Colin, Gavin, Jared, Max, Alex, Nico, and Sergio, as well as our 4th graders, Evan, Anthony and Jacob  made it all the way to the Cup semi-finals as the #1 overall seed!!  Unfortunately, they lost a heart-breaker 4-3.
Our middle school team, consisting of 6th graders Christian and Mason; 7th graders Ty, Jack, Donato and Frankie; and 8th graders Sean, Luc, Vincent and Eli played outstanding rugby as well, earning the #2 seed overall heading into the playoffs, after a dominating performance in the morning.   They made it all the way to the Platte finals where they lost a tough match, 3-2, in overtime.
Thanks to all of the parents that braved the elements Saturday (I can't express just how soaking wet EVERYONE was) and to all of you for supporting our rugby program.
A special shout out to Mike Blumenfeld for all his assistance Saturday and for helping out the entire season.  He is a true asset to our program!  Also, congratulationsto our 8th graders (Sean, Luc, Vincent, and Eli) for their hard work and dedication to rugby throughout their Elysian rugby careers.
Until next season....
John Rutledge
Stop By Student Art Exhibition at City Hall, Up Through June
Every year we asked the parents to provide feedback on their experience as members of our Elysian Community.  This is an opportunity for your voices to be heard as the Board of Trustees, the administration and the staff plan for next year.  It is quick and easy to complete.  The grade with the highest participation rate will receive a return to school treat in September.  Please click on this link to complete the survey before the last day of school on June 23rd.   
Reminder: RETURN THE GLOCKENSPIELS!!  They MUST be returned by the LAST DAY of school!
Aftercare Info
**Reminder:  Aftercare will end at 3:00 sharp on Thursday, June 22.  There is no aftercare on Friday. 
Thank you all for a really great year!  We look forward to seeing you again next year!
PTSO Corner 
Thank YOU! -  We would like to give a big thanks to the PTSO officers - Michele Linder, Michele McCue, Jennifer Weiss Vassallo and Pam Gorode for their hard work, great ideas, hours spent volunteering and supporting Elysian.  We also want to thank those who chaired a PTSO event - Jenn Napolitani, Cecilia Bejar, Ted Mauseth, Regan Michaels, Michael Granit, Jay Savulich, Nina Blake, Sara Green, Meredith Hayes, Malin Kallberg Shroff, Anne Marie Schreiber and Eileen O'Brien.  Thank you to all the Elysian staff who supported us in our endeavors and to all the volunteers who made donations or signed up or just stepped in to help at our events - we wish we could list you all but it it a really long list.  Please know that these events could not happen without you and your support.  So, thank you all for another wonderful year helping to make our school the extra special place that it is!
Campaign For Elysian:

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! We are so VERY CLOSE to our goal of $125,000, but we are still short by $4,595. And so we need your help, especially for participation! (Yes, YOU!)

                       GOAL: $125,000
     CURRENT TOTAL: $120,405

Every little bit—$5, $10, $25, etc.—makes a difference! 

YOU can help put us over the top!

Why is class participation so important? The higher the percentage of families who donate, the more persuasive our case is when we ask for larger donations from businesses or even a possible loan, if need be, since it demonstrates interest and commitment on behalf of our families. We're "all in" this together!
Funds raised this year go towards utilities like air-conditioning, which, on days like today, makes the difference for students, faculty and staff being able to have a productive day. We're also looking to fund a public address system, which is a vital security measure if a lockdown is ever needed.
Thank you very much for your support!

ONLINE: You may make a secure on-line donation by going to:
BY CHECK: If you'd like to donate by check, please download a pledge form at this link: www.ecsnj.org/CFE-Year3-PledgeForm.pdf

You may be able to double your giving. A number of companies match employee gifts, so be sure to check whether your company will match your donation. We will provide any information needed to complete your request form. (Any questions, please email friends@ecsnj.org.) Company matching has been a huge part of the Campaign’s success, so please keep it in mind!

Our thanks to the following donors, recapping from last week too, for their generosity (as of 6/18/17):
Maria and Sebastian Badali
Paul and Trina Ballantyne
Suzan and David Best
Lumi and Mike Castlen
Blanca Duran and Robert Noskiewicz
John, Stephanie and Liam Carroll
Maria Fazio and Michael Hofmann
Debi and Lance Fieldman
The Filipps family
Courtney and Michael Gazaleh
Janet and Rob Jenkins
Mitzi and Jeff Joss
Abra Kessler and Aldo Coppelli
Shana and Andrew Lee
Regan and Stephen Michaels
Etsuko and Manabu Nakayama
Debra Pelto and David Naumann
Jennifer and Ken Nilsen
Andrea and Rick Ramsey
Sally and John Rutledge
The Shaytin family
Lisa and Mark Spear
The Touzalin Family
The Whelton/Lasaga Family
Marcia and Drew Wholf
Cecile and Shai Zorea


* To Deb and Susan for all their assistance with the Appeal as well as for distributing the Elysian sports bag! Thank you so much!

* Kickball Appreciation: Our thanks to…
> To Jen O’Callaghan for coordinating the event, which raised $3,500 for the Campaign!
> To John Rutledge for his energy, leadership and on-field organization!
> To Jen Giattino for helping us secure the field!
> To Jimmy McCue for literally delivering all that delicious pizza from Venti!
Elysian Collects Box Tops and LABELS for Education: 
Look for the container near Deb's desk in the office!  Thank you! 
As per state law, we no longer publish the exact location of trips for security reasons.
Please read the calendar weekly, as changes are updated regularly.
    Monday, June 19
    • 8th grade trip is postponed until Tuesday.
    • Board of Trustees meeting, 7:00 PM
    Tuesday, June 20
    • 8th grade trip.
    Wednesday, June 21
    • Half Day of School, 12:30 dismissal.  Afterschool Program as usual.
    • 8th Grade Graduation, 7:00 PM, DeBaun Auditorium, Stevens Institute of Technology
    Thursday, June 22
    • Half Day of School. 12:30 dismissal.  Afterschool Program ends at 3:00 PM 
    Friday, June 23
    • Half Day of School.  12:30 dismissal. No Afterschool Program today.
    • Last day of school
    • Report Card distribution
    1460 Garden Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
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