News from FMCA's technical experts
News from FMCA's technical experts
Tech Talk
Cheers To Spring Travel!
Spring has sprung, and if you’re a seasonal RVer, you’re likely itching to hit the road. Slow your roll, though. Before you head for the nearest campground, spend some time with your RV and make sure it’s prepped for the busy travel season ahead. This includes taking steps to “dewinterize” the plumbing system and so forth. It’s also a great time to perform general maintenance tasks, including a close inspection of the exterior and a check of all on-board systems.

Read on for information about water purification, new products, RV innovations, and a new FMCA member benefit that will introduce you to camping in some intriguing places.

Here’s to a fun-filled spring RV season!

The FMCA Team
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Tech Topic
By Steve Froese, F276276
What's In My Water?
For many of us, travel season is just around the corner, and whether you are thinking about regular spring travel or just contemplating your first shakedown trip of the year, it is important to make sure your plumbing system is ready. Regardless of whether your RV has been in winter storage, periodic water system maintenance is very important.

It’s not just about “dewinterizing,” either. I have written articles about winterizing, dewinterizing, and even spring shakedowns (see “Our Picks” below), but this month I want to discuss some tips specific to the fresh-water system.

Many RV owners use filtration systems to keep their water fresh and safe to drink. Here in Vancouver, British Columbia, we have some of the cleanest and best-tasting water in the world, so we don’t use any sort of filtration or bottled water at our home. However, when we are traveling, we do use a “whole house” water filtration system.

Many types of water filtration arrangements exist, from single-cartridge to multi-element systems. Filters are available with inline, internal, and external mounting. Many single-cartridge carbon systems filter to 5 microns, while dual-cartridge systems commonly are rated at 5 microns for the first filter and 0.5 microns for the second. The first-stage filter removes larger particles, while the finer element removes tiny particles such as bacteria, cysts, giardia, chlorine, and volatile and organic compounds (VOC). Filters rated at 20 microns also are available and are commonly found in inline filtration cartridges. Conventional filtration media includes granulated active carbon (GAC) and carbon block.

If you are concerned about water quality and want the cleanest possible drinking water, dual-filter systems are your best bet, but your needs also will depend on the quality of water in the areas where you will be traveling. It is not within the scope of this article to describe filtration systems in detail, so do your research and source a filtration system that works best for you. Many RVs come with factory-installed water filtration systems, and these generally are adequate for most needs, unless you are very particular about your water particulates.

Another important way to freshen your water supply is to periodically disinfect your potable water system.

Alex Blooom Hughes FMCA Brick
RV Video

DIY Water Purifier Install

Join Brian Pursel of RVing with Tito as he adds an Acuva ArrowMAX 2.0 water purification system and an Acuva Smart Faucet to his motorhome. The ArrowMAX 2.0 is a UV-LED system that is said to eliminate up to 99.9999 percent of bacteria and viruses from drinking water. With the included Acuva Advanced prefilter, the unit also will remove lead, heavy metals, chlorine, mercury, carcinogens, and other contaminants, as well as turbidity and unpleasant odors and tastes. The system provides a flow rate of 2 liters per minute (0.52 gallons) and can dispense 120,000 liters of water in its lifetime. The optional Acuva Smart Faucet glows blue when the unit is activated.

Bonus: Brian also includes tips about swapping out an existing kitchen faucet for a newer model.

New Tech

A discussion of new products on the market to enhance your RV lifestyle. 

The Shadow Knows...
Supplemental braking is a must for motorhome owners who tow a vehicle. RViBrake has developed a solution for those who want to hook up the vehicle and tow without the need to set up a braking system each time. The RViBrake Shadow requires a one-time installation that should take less than two hours. This permanently installed braking system incorporates technology called Tow-Mode Detection that recognizes when you’re towing. So, it’s always ready, with no user setup required.
Go-Anywhere Wireless Boombox
This is not your daddy’s boombox. The new Monster Blaster 3.0 wireless boombox/speaker is said to offer phenomenal sound and bass at both low and high volumes, plus extraordinary battery life. Seven speakers combine with an independently powered subwoofer to offer 120 watts of sound. The push of a button toggles between indoor and outdoor modes. The Blaster 3.0 is designed to be easy to pair with a phone or computer, and its rugged build means you can take it just about anywhere you go.
Our Picks

FMCA's picks for tips you need now.

The Future Of RVing
EVs in the RV world? Yes, according to a couple of major RV manufacturers, who introduced electrified RV concept vehicles at the Florida RV SuperShow in January. Check out what Thor Industries is “e-magining” for both motorized and towable RVs here. And learn more about the Winnebago e-RV here.
RV Geeks: Five Best Solar Camping Lights
Why not harness the sun to provide nighttime illumination at the campsite and save battery power? RV Geeks Peter Knize and John Sullivan tell what to look for when shopping for solar lights and share their choices for the top five solar lights for camping. Learn more here.
Spring Shakedown Tips
Eager to hit the road but confused about where to start when it comes to ensuring that your home on wheels is ready to roll? RV writer Steve Froese shares reminders about what to check when preparing an RV for spring travel.
Benefits Spotlight

Harvest Hosts 

Wineries, breweries, distilleries, farms, museums, and other attractions . . . Harvest Hosts membership offers owners of self-contained RVs fun-filled, engaging options when it comes to overnight camping. The Harvest Hosts network includes more than 2,700 locations across the United States where RV owners can enjoy a one-night stay. No camping fees are collected, but RVing guests are asked to support the business in some way. And, good news: FMCA’s partnership with Harvests Hosts provides members who are new to the system a discounted rate on the annual membership fee.

Click here to learn more about Harvest Hosts and FMCA’s new partnership.

Harvest Hosts
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