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Mabel is a 9-year-old elementary school student. Since September, our artists have come weekly to her Special Education classroom to lead painting, dance, theatre, poetry and art activities. 

Normally, her teacher told us, Mabel is disengaged and has trouble paying attention to her school assignments, instead paying attention to everything else around her. 

But that’s not the student we see each week. We see an active, curious, engaged student with the heart of an artist. And over the course of the last year, her teacher has gotten a chance to see her in this way too. At a recent meeting, Mabel’s teacher reflected, 
“In Upstream Arts, everything else around Mabel is what she is supposed to be paying attention to. That full immersion experience is impossible to ignore.” 
Participants and Teaching Artists in an Upstream Arts class
This reflection from Mabel’s teacher has really stuck with me. Because it doesn’t just speak to how the arts have engaged Mabel; it also shows how her teacher gained a totally new way to understand Mabel and how she learns.
Mabel’s teacher went on to say that because of the Upstream Arts program, she is now better equipped to create a learning environment that is relevant and engaging to Mabel and every other student with whom she interacts.  
And for me, that’s the most important impact. Our programs offer a vision, a model of what it looks like to integrate creativity and play into learning. It shows that this work is resetting mindsets about disability and ability, about arts and education, and about what individuals can and cannot do. 
We have only $21,058 left to raise of the nearly one million dollars it takes to bring our transformative work to teachers like Mabel’s. Invest today to close that gap by the end of our fiscal year on June 30, 2018.
Join us in resetting mindsets about and ability and disability and moving towards a richer, more inclusive world.
Invest in a more inclusive world
You can also contribute by calling 612-331-4584 or sending a check to
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A student engaging in an Upstream Arts class Students drumming with Teaching Artists in an Upstream Arts class A student participating in an Upstream Arts class
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