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March 9, 2015   March 16, 2015
New Hybrid IUL Product: Value+ IUL
Value+ IUL combines many of the advantages of guaranteed universal life insurance with special features and crediting strategies that help reduce costs and deliver maximum value.
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 John Hancock
Introducing John Hancock’s Performance LTC
John Hancock is pleased to introduce Performance LTC™ - our newest long-term care insurance product.  Performance LTC offers the most competitively-priced premiums on the market today, along with flexible features and options that will give your clients greater control over their premiums and benefits.
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John Hancock to Suspend Sales of its Individual Long-Term Care Insurance product in New Hampshire
John Hancock has made the difficult decision to suspend sales of our individual long-term care insurance product portfolios, including Custom Care III and Performance LTC in the State of New Hampshire effective March 31, 2015 due to recent regulatory changes.
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New Premium Rates for CCIII featuring Benefit Builder in New York effective March 16, 2015
Effective March 16, 2015, there are several changes for all new business, including new rates and some changes to features on our Custom Care III featuring Benefit Builder product in New York.
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Rate Reduction Program Now Available!
The Prudential Rate Reduction program has been fully implemented. The program will be used for both formal applications and fully packaged informals, including Super Summaries.
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State Approval
The February 2015 version of PruLife Universal Protector has been approved in California and Missouri.
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Prudential Announces 4Q 2014 Earnings and 2014 Year End Results
Ron Herrmann, Executive Vice President, Distribution and Sales, discusses Prudential’s latest results.
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Video: Women and Chronic Illness
Prudential¹s new consumer video shares a candid conversation among women on the joys and challenges in caring for loved ones and its impact on planning for their future. Leverage this tool to help initiate dialogue with your female clients about preparing for the unexpected.
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Athene Ascent Now Available for Sale in 36 States
Athene Ascent is Athene’s Fixed Indexed Annuity with an Optional Income Rider.
Athene Ascent fixed indexed annuities offer:
  • Up to a 3% instant Premium Bonus
  • 5- and 10-year products, plus a 10-year Bonus product
  • Fixed strategy, plus four indexed strategies, inlcuding cap and no cap options
Athene Income AspectSM optional rider details:
  • 10% simple interest rate for 10 years, 5% for the next 10 years credited to the Income Base — guaranteed
  • Immediate Income Base Bonus of up to 3% when combined with Athene Ascent 10 or Ascent 10 Bonus products
  • Enhanced Income Benefit that doubles lifetime income
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Important Deadlines: Symetra’s Rapid Response Plan
As a leader in the GUL space, Symetra is pleased to have been one of the first carriers to present a comprehensive solution to the withdrawal of Transamerica’s TransACE products for new sales and their discontinuation of underwriting and new business application processing. 
Through our Rapid Response Plan, we offer two options for expediting the transfer of formal policies in process at Transamerica to Symetra (please note the important deadlines below): 
  • Formal applications with final offers received from Transamerica can be moved directly to Symetra and issued with no further review or underwriting. To be eligible for issue without additional underwriting please ensure that all requirements are provided to Symetra no later than April 10, 2015. 
  • Formal offers from Transamerica received after April 10 will receive expedited underwriting review, using files provided by Transamerica. Cases will be subject to Symetra underwriter review. 
Please review our Rapid Response Plan guidelines for additional information
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New IUL Accumulator & IUL Protector
On Monday, March 16th, Nationwide launched two new indexed universal life products, IUL Accumulator and IUL Protector. These products replace YourLife IUL.
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1040 Guide and Overlays Updated for 2014 Tax Return 
Reviewing your client's most recent tax return can be an effective way to identify his or her financial protection needs - needs that AXA may help you fulfill. In years when changes have been implemented in the tax system, as we have recently experienced, reviews can be even more significant. The information in this e-mail offers you background on items to look for when examining a tax return, as well as general information on planning options. AXA offers a wide range of additional support materials in many of these planning areas.
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New: Incentive Life Legacy III
On Monday, March 23rd, AXA will release their new Incentive Life Legacy III.  Details will be announced soon.
 Legal & General America
Life Choice UL Will Be Withdrawn for New Sales and Conversions on April 10, 2015.
New Banner or William Penn applications received no later than April 10, 2015 and applications currently pending, will be honored if approved. Applications received after April 10, 2015 will be returned.
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Life Value Term (our modified ART product) will also be withdrawn on April 10, 2015.
New Banner or William Penn applications received no later than April 10, 2015 and applications currently pending, will be honored if approved. Applications received after April 10, 2015 will be returned with email notification to the agency.
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Introducing SecureLiving Growth+ with IncomeChoice Rider, Now Available in New Jersey
We are pleased to announce the launch of SecureLiving® Growth+ with Income Choice rider in New Jersey, the newest addition to the SecureLiving® portfolio of index annuities designed to help clients prepare for the unpredictable in retirement.
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State Approval
Transamerica Secure TransCare III has been approved in New Jersey effective 3/12/2015.
 Minnesota Life
eParamed: It's like a two-for-one special every day
Minnesota Life and Securian Life, a New York authorized insurer, are committed to making continuous enhancements that will provide features and services to make your clients life insurance experience more delightful.
eParamed combines the tele-interview and paramedical exam steps of the application process, resulting in a faster, more customer-centric process.
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New Format for eForms EZ Search "Sell a New Policy"
We are committed to simplifying the user experience and know it is important to quickly get the forms and paperwork needed for Life New Business as soon as possible. The new eForms "Sell a New Policy" dropdown option now allows required and supplemental forms to surface at the point of display under new table headers and provide an easy starting point for users to find forms. 
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