How BetterBNC Can Improve Your Contest
How BetterBNC Can Improve Your Contest
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April 16, 2015

Marketing Manager offers dynamic communication with your contestants and judges

Need to make contact with your contestants and judges? What about contestants who entered last year, but haven't done so this year? Now you can contact specific audiences directly from within your contest. Use this BetterBNC exclusive for:
  • Call for Entries
  • Stimulate additional entries as deadline approaches
  • Contact last year's contestants
  • Thank you messages
  • Deadlines approaching
  • Judging reminders
This is not your average blanket email system.
Marketing Manager's exclusive campaign features give you direct, targeted communication with contestants from both the current and previous contest year - and judges - right from your administrator dashboard. Check out these features:
  • Send campaigns to specific target audiences (including last year's contestants)
  • Monitor progress of Sent, Received, Opened and Bounced
  • Include your logos, graphics and images
  • Fully format typeface and fonts
  • Include links to your Customized Homepage or any other webpage
  • Create and save campaign email templates
Marketing Manager is included with your
BetterBNC renewal at no additional cost!

Use Marketing Manager to stimulate additional entries, make contact with former contestants, prod judges to complete their assignments, and even send thank you notes.
There are 6 powerful campaign types included.
For Contestants:
  • Campaign Type 1
    Send an email to everyone who HAS NOT made entries in your CURRENT contest but that has an account in your CURRENT contest.
  • Campaign Type 2
    Send an email to everyone who HAS made entries in your CURRENT contest.
  • Campaign Type 3
    Send an email to everyone who HAS made entries in your LAST year's contest.
  • Campaign Type 4
    Send an email to everyone who HAS made entries in your LAST year's contest but HAS NOT made entries in your CURRENT contest.
For Judges:
  • Campaign Type 5
    Send an email to all judges in your CURRENT contest.
  • Campaign Type 6
    Send an email to all judges in your CURRENT contest who HAVE NOT completed their assignments.
No additional cost.  No per-email charges.
BetterBNC is continually adding new features and benefits that make your contest better and better, year after year! Marketing Manager is included with your sign up or contest renewal at no additional cost. While common sense should be employed in determining how often to send your messaging, you can rest easy knowing there is no additional cost to use the feature or per-email charges. As with all BetterBNC features, the set-up is logical and intuitive so you can begin sending campaigns right away.
Customized Homepage Feature
Another great feature available to you with your BetterBNC sign up or renewal is the Customized Homepage which allows you to easily create your own branded contest landing page with your organization's logo, color palette, images, content, links and more. With a customized page, you direct contestants straight to your own branded landing page to log in rather than sending them to BetterBNC's homepage. (If you have a customized homepage, your contest will also be accessible via 
It's easy to create your customized contest page using one of the BetterBNC-provided templates or you can design your own page with the built-in page builder. Organizations using the feature say they like that it has created a more seamless experience for contestants and judges. Like Marketing Manager, the Customized Homepage feature is available with your sign up or renewal at no additional charge.
BetterBNC is the only platform designed specifically for today's media, creative and PR awards programs.
  • It operates on the most powerful cloud servers to ensure smooth operation even during the busiest of contest seasons.
  • It includes robust security features to ensure unauthorized individuals cannot make bogus entries in your contest.
  • Encourages industry best-practices for fairness, transparency and ethical behavior.
  • Features designed to help your contestants and judges manage their work efficiently.
  • It has been built to accomodate contests of all sizes and complexities. Some of our contests are small and very straightforward while others have thousands of entries and a sophisticated judging structure.  
  • It is designed to be an affordable and efficient contest solution for organizations across the country. New customers often tell us they learned the hard way that "you get what you pay for" when it comes to platforms.
  • BetterBNC is repeatedly recognized for its outstanding customer & technical support which is always available to you.
  • BetterBNC's Advisor Group, made up of contest executives and senior administrators, provides valuable oversight and gives you a voice in new features and benefits.
BetterBNC is an independent, media trades support organization focused on the success of your contest & awards program.
Selected by nearly 200 organizations across North America, BetterBNC is the original online contest platform dedicated to print and broadcast journalism, creative and public relations awards programs.
Your contest deserves success!  
BetterBNC gives you the best!
*Judge preferred
*Used annually by tens of thousands of media professionals
*Serves media trades exclusively
*Free 24/7 in-house support
*Stable pricing
*No surprise bills
Never a fee for support!
Other pop-up contest platforms pile on fees including for providing technical assistance to contestants, judges and admins. You will never receive a "surprise bill" from BetterBNC. We deliver comprehensive, on-demand contest administrator training and judge & contestant technical support - including telephone support - all at no additional cost.
The LinkedIn Group for BetterBNC Admins allows you to share information and ask questions of other contest admins using the platform. Customers can click the icon above to join the group.
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