1818 rendition of Harrison Hall (formally called Old Main) and Harrison Hall now
1818 rendition of Harrison Hall (formally called Old Main) and Harrison Hall now
Greetings from the Chair
Bryan Marshall
Dear Alumni and Friends:
Spring renewal brings a bounty of blossoms and greenery to our campus—what a delight! With the season of renewal comes some perspective on both where we’ve been but more so on what’s coming down the road. And I’m excited to report that we’ve had a great semester in Harrison Hall, and our outlook is bright especially with our students, more on that below. The many on-going construction projects (including geothermal infrastructure) around Harrison Hall are nearly complete. Just a stone’s through away from us, Ogden Hall and Bell Tower will be back on-line in August. And to enhance the dining experience, you will be able to enjoy Bell Tower cuisine anywhere on campus with its newly equipped meal delivery robots!
100th Anniversary badge
The Department of Political Science is celebrating its 100th year here at Miami University. Originally, we began as the Department of Government in 1922 with Howard White chairing the department for over three decades (until 1958). In 1969, along with the behavioral revolution shaping the discipline at that time, the department changed its name to the Department of Political Science.
We will be kicking off the department’s Centennial Celebration with programming this fall, including some webinars around important topics surrounding the 2024 Presidential Campaign (more on that coming soon).
Our students remain the heart and soul of our mission here at Miami. In order to deliver on that mission, we need the helping hand of our alumni more than ever. We have a growing diversity of students, with a variety of backgrounds, many include first-generation college students. So the needs of our students remains an ongoing challenge. And I’m asking all of our alumni to consider how they might create opportunities for the next generation of Miami students, and how we might begin to secure a future foundation for our students together, one that can last the next 100 years!
As you see throughout all of our newsletters, we have incredible students and much of what we do is directly the result of your passion and generosity—our alumni that give back to students through opportunities and/or funding made possible by all of you. This is why I have established the Political Science Centennial Scholarship Fund. The POL Centennial Fund will help us serve and recruit students through scholarships and to open doors of opportunity through experiential learning experiences such as helping with internships, study away/abroad programs, and research with faculty, to name just a few.
The POL Centennial Fund button is directly below and also at the end of the newsletter — we've got a good start toward our goal of $100,000, so please consider helping us meet that giving goal.
Give to the POL Centennial Fund
And if you want to share your time and talents in other ways, we need your help placing students in internships, mentoring, networking & career advice, or returning to campus to see us. There are so many ways we can work together to make a difference in the lives of our students, please just reach out to me if you have other ideas or passions in mind to help our students.
Before I get into some of this spring’s student highlights, I do have some sad news to share.
I think some of you knew former professor and chair of the Department of Political Science, Herbert Waltzer. Professor Waltzer passed away in January. Professor Waltzer had a renowned career at Miami spanning over four decades (1957-1998). He was one of a kind, and his impact on students and the Miami community were immeasurable. Our sincere condolences go out to his family. Read more on Professor Waltzer’s incredible life (1930-2023).
Cameron Tiefenthaler
Cameron Tiefenthaler
Our students continue to shine bright, and they’ve been busy this season “bringing home the hardware.” One of our students, Cameron Tiefenthaler (Political Science and Business Analytics), received the prestigious Truman Scholar Award this year—one of just 62 students nationally to be designated with this high honor. Cameron is simply an outstanding young woman and citizen of Miami.
We also had three of our seniors receive the President’s Distinguished Service Award, Amitoj Kaur (Student Body President & served on MU Board of Trustees), Khenadi Grubb (Student Body Vice-President), and Jazmine Williams.
Amitoj Kaur
Amitoj Kaur
Khenadi Grubb
Khenadi Grubb
Jazmine Williams
Jazmine Williams
These students have been outstanding leaders, and through their dedication to service have significantly impacted Miami and the University community.
We had great turnout with students, faculty, and family members for our Spring 2023 Political Science Awards and Banquet event. CAS Alumni Advisory Board member Darius Scott '06 (Political Science), now Vice President/Corporate Banking Director at Fifth Third Bank, gave an inspirational keynote to students on the necessity of adaptability.
Spring 2023 POL Awards & Banquet—Howard White Award Recipients
It was a great night of food, fun, and celebration. We honored the achievements of nearly 80 political science students with a variety of departmental and university-wide awards. We are incredibly proud of all the achievements of our students.
We launched our Law and Policy in London program in January with great success. We had 17 students join this Political Science led study abroad program. Many of our students were able to participate because of alumni support—thanks to you. You have made a transformative impact on the lives of these students, so help me help more of them!
The Law & Policy in London program January 2023
Political Science students and professors at the Roman Baths in Bath, England.  Upper left, back: Professors Neal Schuett and Matt Arbuckle.
Several of our political science students participated in the Annual National Model Arab League Conference hosted at the Elliott School of International Affairs at George Washington University. Miami’s Model Arab League Team prepared during the fall and early spring semesters to tackle a variety of possible international scenarios.
Several of our students pictured below include Head Delegate Megan Foster, Vice President Sydney Sharp, and Treasurer Eli Levsky, who were all returning for their second national conference. They worked with teammates Omar Abaas, Micah Ball, Nolan Boyea, Jacquie Linden, and Julianna Oditt to study in-depth challenges facing Oman and the region.
Our students led the charge in learning about and creating solutions to some of the most significant international problems and conflicts around the globe. Their participation at the conference, like so many other student opportunities was possible because of POL alumni support—thank you.
In February 2023, Miami’s Nicolas Hollander (pictured below) was one of 500 students who attended Pi Sigma Alpha’s National Student Research Conference at George Washington University in Washington D.C.
Nicholas Hollander BA/MA Political Science 2023
Nicholas Hollander
Teryn Scott
Teryn Scott
Nicholas presented his research titled, “American and Chinese Free Trade: A Chilean Case Study” on a research panel alongside students from the University of Richmond, Columbia University and Stanford University. In addition to sitting in on other research panels, he was able to visit the Smithsonian’s African American Museum, attend a keynote address from Dr. Yesim Sayin from the D.C. Policy Center, and participate in a networking session with industry professionals, graduate school and law school representatives, and the other student researchers.
It was an enriching experience to share his research on a national level and expand his network in D.C. He is thankful for the financial support he received from the Political Science Department and alumni to travel to D.C. as well as for giving him the academic and research tools to prepare and attend such a conference.
Our Inside Washington program continues to impact the lives of our students in so many different ways. Teryn Scott, a Diplomacy & Global Politics and Sustainable Development double major, is pictured to the right in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Hearing Room. Teryn’s experience benefited from alumni support and networking to help land the internship. In her own words,
“Inside Washington was a phenomenal experience. I learned a lot about myself as a young professional. I met the most interesting people that work such fascinating jobs. My internship with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was an invaluable opportunity to build my network and explore careers in diplomacy. Inside Washington made the world my classroom and I encourage anyone interested to apply."
Mike Sommers '97 (center)
Sommers '97 (center)
Debra DeLaet '90
DeLaet '90
Beyond these student highlights, we had several alumni back on campus. For example, we enjoyed having Mike Sommers '97, President & CEO of American Petroleum Institute (API), as well as Professor Debra DeLaet '90. We had fantastic days with both Mike and Deb, with each leading Career Roundtables and visiting classes.
In addition, we celebrated the 10th Annual Darrell West Lecture in American Politics with no other than our very own Darrell West!
Darrell West at the 10th Annual Darrell West Lecture
It was a packed room with spirited conversation and insights from Darrell West '76 about the future of American democracy.
As the legendary House Speaker Tip O’Neil (1977-87) used to like to say, “all politics is local." So, we also work to immerse student experiences in local/state politics. For instance, we placed seven students with fellowships as part of our Ohio Public Leaders (OPL) program this winter term. The students worked with alumni mentors all across the state in local and state government roles. And for decades, the department’s Dr. Phil Russo led a group of faculty and students to participate in the Ohio Township Association (OTA) Annual Conference held in Columbus, OH. 
At OTA, our students meet a vast array of Ohio’s local politicians and learn about the role of local governance and the many challenges facing local communities. We’ve kept that tradition of engaging our students at the OTA Conference alive and well.
Jack Humenay and Katy Fischer at the OTA Conference with Ed Huff (OTA First Vice President and Brown Township Trustee (Darke County), Bryan Marshall
Students, Jack Humenay and Katy Fischer, at the OTA Conference with some local royalty, Ed Huff, OTA First Vice President and Brown Township Trustee (Darke County) — and yours truly in the background!
Center is Aubrey Hale (MU 2014, Public Administration), Aubrey is Director of Administration Grandview Heights, OH. And bookend (left) Emeritus Professors Phil Russo and Mark Morris (right).
L to R: Emeritus professor Phil Russo; Aubrey Hale '14 (Public Administration), Director of Administration Grandview Heights, OH; emeritus professor Mark Morris.
Professor emeritus Phil Russo (left), Professor Patick Haney (center) and Professor Matt Arbuckle at Jan 2023 OTA Conference
L to R: Emeritus professor Phil Russo, Professor Patrick Haney, Professor Matt Arbuckle at the January 2023 OTA Conference. 
We have much to be thankful for when it comes to our students and all of you — our Miami alumni. I say it often, but I see the impact you have on our students all the time. And I think I’ve been able to share just a little bit of that impact you have on students in this newsletter. Help us open up more opportunities for our students.
The Political Science Centennial Fund is a great way to do just that. The student scholarships will support transformative experiential learning experiences like the ones highlighted in this letter but also help us recruit great students that may not otherwise be able to come to Miami. But whether it's scholarship support or your time and talent as mentors, placing internships, or careers and networking, your help makes a world of difference in their futures. I hope you will join us in celebrating the 100-year life of the Department of Political Science.
Stay tuned there’s more to come. Thank you for all you do.
Love and Honor,
Bryan Marshall
Professor and Chair
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