From the Camp Director:

I'm so glad that we are in March. I'm ready for Spring and to get rid of the snow. 
About the beginning of March, all of us who are weary of Winter start discussing how we can’t wait for Spring weather to get here. We get teased a bit by a few warm days that don’t stay for long. We struggle to accept that there could be plenty of days with cold winds, snow, and ice before Spring weather takes over.
I'm looking forward to buds, leaves, and blossoms to start popping out. In spite of today’s weather, I know one thing for sure – Spring weather is coming.
If you’ve read Ecclesiastes 3, you know it speaks of how there is a season for everything. These verses mention a time to plant and a time to harvest, but go on to include many other aspects of life. Just as sure as I am that Spring weather will finally be here, I am also sure that God’s promises are true. When I go through wintery seasons in my life, I hold on to those promises by faith.
Just like the Spring, we here at Hanging Rock are excited to see new things apear as well: things like a remodeled girls's dorm, a new and improved zipline, a new registration system, fresh paint on buildings and fresh gravel put on the driveway and parking lots. All of these things are exciting, but we do all of these things for the purpose of Changed Lives! This year as kids and students arrive to camp new relationships will be formed, the most important relationship will be established with Christ as their Savior. OH how I like the Spring! 
Spring is a great season to come and volunteer and help us get ready for a great Summer. Begin now by inviting kids and students to come to camp to experience Christ. 
Spring is Coming! Praise the Lord! 
Gary Baker,
Executive Director

Great is Thy Faithfulness Campaign: 

When we kicked off our campaign last June we needed to raise $215,000.00 for all 3 projects.
Girls Dorm Bathrooms: $40,000.00 (Raised)   - Current Balance left - $13,842.23
Zipline Re-Build: $55,000.00 (Raised) - Current Balance left - $14,000.00
Hilton Bathrooms Addition: Total projected cost - $120,000.00 - Raised $51,198.01 - We need to Raise $68,801.99 this year. 
We are still looking for Partners to help us accomplish this project. We plan to start construction October 1st of this year. 

NEW Online Registration:

We will be debuting a new registration system this week for Summer Camp. There will be links on the website and at the bottom of this article to take you to this new system. Below is a general set of instructions on how to operate the new system. 
Your first step will be to create a family profile. After creating the profile you will get an email link that will give you your username and a temporary password. You will be able to change the password once you log in using the temporary one. (One positive about the new system is that I will be able to go in an reset your password for you if you forget it.)
Next, you will add camper information for each of your children. You will have the abillity to upload a picture of the child for their profile page. (This is completely optional.)  (You will need to enter yourself as a camper if you plan to attend Mother/Daughter, Father/Son, Fishing or Family camp.)
Once a camper is added you will be asked to fill out the yearly forms that include: medical, allergy and church information. They are a combination of yes/no, short answer, date, and multiple choice questions. 
The next step will be to enroll in the chosen camp session(s). Once camps fill up you will automatically be put on the waitlist. You will be asked to fill out the coupon code for your church and put in your credit card information if there is a balance. (If you are waitlisted it will still have you enter the CC info but you will not be charged unless a spot opens for your child.)
Once all of that is complete you will get an automatic email confirmation to the email address you provided. Be sure to check your junk and spam folders if you don't see the email in your inbox.
Please be patient with the staff as we are learning the system along with all of you. If there are any questions or concerns along the way please reach out to me at 765-893-4581 or

Summer Camp Registration

Girl's Dorm Bathrooms Update:

We will be finishing up the girl's dorm bathrooms this month. A BIG SHOUT OUT to Drew Follmer, our Maintenance Director. WOW!! He has put in a lot of hours to make this happen and the bathrooms look great and the girls are going to enjoy these for years to come. Thanks also to the many volunteers and staff for jumping in and helping with this project. Our goal is that this project will be complete by March 9th.  Make sure you let Drew know how much you appreciate all of the work he put in on them.
New Zipline Project:
We are very thankful for Warren County REMC for getting the poles set for the zipline.  Gus Denzik with Pro Image and Associates will be building our zipline. They will be here March 7th and it should take 10 days to build and complete with training. 
The camp committee worked really hard to come up with our theme for this year. We are so excited to be using the text Acts 2:42 to encourage all those that come to camp to be devoted. We are really going to work hard at encouraging our young people to be ALL IN with the Body of Christ. So get ready to be ALL IN in 2022! 
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