Calf Feeding, Hay Market Report, White Mold, Corn Disease, Drought Impacts
Calf Feeding, Hay Market Report, White Mold, Corn Disease, Drought Impacts
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Week of July 12, 2021
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Five Minute Farm Focus Video: Accelerated Calf Feeding Program

Accelerated calf feeding programs intensify feeding routines resulting in big gains and healthier calves, but it also increases the cost of raising a wet calf. Learn how Synergy Family Dairy in Pulaski, WI benefits from their accelerated calf feeding program.
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Hay Market Report: July 13, 2021

In Wisconsin, prices are steady for dairy quality hay. Lower quality or higher moisture hay is being discounted. The next Hay Market Demand and Price Report for the Upper Midwest will be posted by Tuesday, July 27, 2021.

If you have excess straw, hay, or forages to sell or are looking to buy forage, connect to the Farmer-to-Farmer webpage to place an ad. Contact us if you need help placing an ad. There is no charge for the service.
Center for Dairy Profitability Dairy Situation and Outlook Podcast
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Video: White Mold on Soybean

UW-Madison & Extension Field Crops Pathologist Damon Smith explains the white mold life cycle and the impact of the fungus on soybean. Management recommendations, both chemical and cultural, for white mold control are also discussed.

Insights on In-Season Corn Disease 

Corn is approaching the V6-V10 range of growth stages in much of Wisconsin. With this, comes many questions about applying fungicide to control disease and preserve yield. What diseases are out there? What disease(s) should I focus on in-season? When should I spray? What should I spray? On top of these questions, we are also confronted with corn prices, which are notably optimistic this year, making folks think more about fungicide applications. So what should we consider for in-season disease management? In this article Extension Crops Pathologist, Damon Smith discusses considering the diseases first, then the management decisions. Continue Reading

Drought Impacts on Insects and Mites

How is this drought going to impact insect and mite pests on field crops? Well, there is an old adage that only fools try to predict the weather. I do not know of a similar saying about people predicting insect populations based on weather, but if there were, I don’t think it would be flattering. Continue Reading
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Badger Crop Connect: Legumes in Cover Crops and Climate Change

July 14 | 12:30-1:30PM

This series provides agronomists, crop consultants, and farmers timely crop updates for Wisconsin. Badger Crop Connect is hosted by Extension Crops and Soils educators.
The July 14 Agenda includes: The Value of Legumes in Cover Cropping Systems After Short Season Crops, New Normals Reflect a Changing Climate in Wisconsin, and Local Update. CCA CEUs available: 0.5 SW and 0.5 CM.
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