News and events at Houston Audubon
News and events at Houston Audubon
  • Houston Audubon at Discovery Green
  • Our Very Own Mixed Flock
  • Spring Migration 2020 Preview
  • RV Volunteer Caretakers at High Island
  • Golden Anniversary Gala Raises Over $355,000
  • Summer Camps
  • Digital Class Reaches Virginia
  • Bird Profile: Blue-headed Vireo
The season ends Jan 5. Our website contains all the counts in Texas.
Order the 2020 patch, which features a Pine Warbler.
Non-members may sign up starting Jan 6.
Get excited for Birdathon 2020!
Focusing on the people and places of Houston Audubon.
  • Faces of Houston Audubon: Coastal Conservation Team, Natives Nursery Volunteers, Tuesday Trail Crew
  • What is a Raptor Shoot?
  • December Volunteer E-News
  • Birds Aplenty at November Fiorenza Bird Survey
  • Beak of the Week Profiles: Golden-crowned Kinglet, Virginia Rail, Fox Sparrow, Piping Plover
  • Fun Facts about Woodpecker Pecks, Birds Standing on One Leg, Burrowing Owls, Wild Turkeys
Check the website bird survey calendar for all dates, times and locations.
Join us for activities including a walk in the woods, a scavenger hunt, hot beverages, cookies, and crafts.
Come hear what it takes to manage High Island. Coastal Sanctuaries Manager Pete Deichmann will talk about what goes on behind the scenes with projects and plans for the future.
Winter Birds - Woods & Prairie: Jan 7 & 11
Learn about the variety of species that winter in our woodlands and grasslands. 
Tis the season to look for owls.
Edith Moore: Jan 11 & 12
Meet the raptors up close and discover what it takes to run a raptor center.
Two teams will compete for 2 hours for the first to see 54 species.

Check the website for the most up-to-date information.
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