Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial
Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial
    Bi-Weekly Update from MVP Financial Services, Inc.               05/25/2021    
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It makes sense to protect it, but many do not

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DI Protection for Business
DI Protection for Business
Help safeguard the integrity, cash flow, and value of a business if an unexpected event like a disability occurs to a key person or business owner. Among business owners who have a plan in place to protect their business, key person disability insurance is among the most popular, with significant growth in disability overhead expense and key person disability insurance.
Important 7702 Update 
While the changes the IRS made to 7702 generally have a neutral or positive impact on policy performance and case design flexibility, there are some concerns on the impact to certain in-force policies. To accommodate these concerns Prudential is offering a backdating option for some placed CVAT policies. 
Accelerated Underwriting
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No Better Time for DI
No Better Time for DI 
This Disability Insurance Awareness Month, turn consumer awareness of the need for income protection into sales. Get what it takes to help guide your prospects all the way to a successful disability insurance sale.
Visit this site, then send MVP a note and we can help you get started with your next DI sale.
Expanded Account Options
Expanded Account Options
For clients looking for growth potential, but with longer-term, guaranteed death benefit protection, Lincoln has added a second Fidelity AIM® Dividend Indexed Account to its IUL policies. This new uncapped Fidelity account, in addition to the return clients can earn from the market, the fixed bonus provides guaranteed growth whether the market is up or down. For concerns with market volatility, the new account also provides a 0% floor to protect against market loss.

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