Innovative online programming and social connection in a time of distance
Innovative online programming and social connection in a time of distance
Dear Friend, 
Hello.  Breath in. Breath out.  We are here, virtually.
All of Upstream Arts' in-person classes and trainings have been cancelled,  and we are moving to the virtual world.
In this time of physical distancing, we recognize the continued importance of social connection. We will be rolling out free daily interactive videos with Upstream Arts activities for you and your loved ones to practice together at home, as individuals, and as part of a web of virtually connected community. Together we will practice calming emotions, engaging our bodies, and activating our imaginations.
In addition, we are in the midst of testing and conducting live-streaming online classes so that our school and organizational partners can continue to access high-quality arts learning and safely connect. As we actively practice social distancing and transition to distance-learning, we will continue to be a resource in digital classrooms, day programs, and our community at large.  
Stay tuned for Upstream Arts' videos starting next week and encourage your friends and neighbors to access this resource by signing up for our email list.
We look forward to Acting, Writing, Painting, Creating, Communicating and Connecting virtually with you very soon. 

Julie, Matt, Bree, and everyone at Upstream Arts
As we pivot to meet the emerging needs of our community during this rapidly evolving time, we're deeply grateful for any amount you can contribute towards making Upstream Arts even more accessible in the digital realm --- now, and for years to come.
A red and purple detail from an abstract painting.
You can be part of this creative, expansive work by investing in Upstream Arts!
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