FMCA Newsletter: RVing with Pets
FMCA Newsletter: RVing with Pets
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On the Road with FMCA
Dear RV Friend,
Last month we covered trip planning tips to kick-start your spring travel. This month, we want to make sure your furry friends can enjoy the ride, too.
We hear it all the time: One of the main reasons FMCA members love RVing is the convenience of being able to bring ALL family members along – cuddly or otherwise.
Our friends at, C13529, specialize in this sort of thing!  Before you “em-bark” on your next adventure, check out their Tips for RVing with Pets.
And download FMCA's printable pet travel checklists:
Pet Travel Records
Pet Packing Checklist

As you hit the road for spring adventures with your pets, now is the perfect time to join FMCA.
Happy RVing!
The FMCA Team

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Jeff Schwartz
I cannot thank FMCA enough for the help and direction that FMCAssist provided to us during our hour of need. 
—Jeff Schwartz, F418884
FMCA Keeps You Covered  
FMCA can help with all your insurance needs. Members automatically are covered by FMCAssist and can get special rates on insurance for their RV, auto and home. Plus, discounted pet insurance and international travel insurance are available.

Flag Tips

Many RVers add a patriotic or fun flag to their campsite setup. Watch this video, and check out these tips for U.S. flag and Canadian flag etiquette. 

FMCA Adventure
Horsing Around  

And they’re off! The “greatest two minutes in sports” takes place each year on the first Saturday in May at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. If you’ve watched the tradition-steeped Kentucky Derby on television and thought how much fun you could have sitting in the stands, wearing your favorite hat and sipping mint juleps, FMCA can help make that happen. Reservations currently are being accepted for the 2019 FMCA-member-only Kentucky Derby Tour. 

FMCA Clubhouse
Stay & Save With FMCA

Did you know campgrounds can join FMCA, too? These parks often offer special discounts to FMCA members. Search FMCA Campground Connections to find a park.
But that’s not all! FMCA gives members other ways to save on campground fees:
Winnebago Class B Van FMCA Roadside Rescue 10 Questions to Ask About Service and Support Before Buying an RV - Spartan
Meet RVers

FMCA members have access to 400+ chapters – think of them as small clubs you can join to enhance your FMCA membership! These chapter groups bring together folks with a common interest – geography, hobby, or RV type or brand. Many meet throughout the year for campouts, picnics, and group trips. They are a great way to learn more about RVing and have fun! Explore FMCA Chapters. 
Get TV for Your RV Wholesale Warranties Tech Connect Plus
Wish you could take a class to learn how to take care of your RV? Consider FMCA's RV Basics, a 2.5-day workshop taking place July 15-17.
Get Your Dog Camp-Ready!
Whether it's playtime or going for a hike, maximize your adventures by being prepared. Check out How To Go Camping with Your Dog in 7 Easy Steps by 
Adapting Cats to RV Life 
Do you camp with kitties? Get advice from WheelingIt's post on 5 Tips for RVing and Camping with Cats.

The Dog Is Driving
Ane and Tommi love how RV life allows them to go on adventures with their rescue dogs. Full-timers since 2016, they share their experiences and review campsites through a pet-friendly lens on Instagram and
Along the Way
Tobby and Ty
Tobby & Ty 
Frank Martinez, F470886
Chigee Cloninger, F426575
Click here to see more pet photos!
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Hot Dogs
RVers Delight
Hot Diggity Dog!

Gather your family and friends for an outdoor hot dog buffet. Arrange a mix of traditional and unusual items in an appealing and delicious spread. Click here for all the tips and hints for hosting this fun buffet.

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